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Constitution: Of The Ladies Anti-slavery And Benevolent Asso...

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[Wc are reguested to pnblitU tlic foúowjng i'orin ut a Consliiutiou, which wc are iiilurmcil Bas been geneiully ustd ly tlie ladica in i!u State]Aktkii:. 1. We d he.'cliy agrce to associutc oursclves tngcihcr undcr ilie nbove nanic lor ihc purposc of dissctniniiting Ami s.'avery priuci pies. ami o) devising wnys aiul meiiiti lo sustain Ilenry Bibb tlje fugitivo Klaye as on Atüislavcry leciurer in tlie SttUc, and to l.uu lo ju!i!isli the Narrativo oí imi.stK, a-id lita wiíc, and Jiis L'liUd while in Slavcry, and Cor sucli oiher Ami slavery objcc.s as our Assoi i;.tio: iu;iy Irom time lo tiinc deern be.-t. Aht. 2. The oiïicers ofour Association sha!) consist of a Presidenij Prejd&ni, Seereia ry, Treasurcr. and an Ex. Coniniitlce of iivt nioinliers. AiiT. 8. Tlic Presii'ci-t eluill nosido at ali our raeeffnga when prtsen1.. lu n iut. die Vice Prèsidörtt, nd wlu-n ik ■itlu-r sliall lic pivseni to AöSocititiuii ehall gp'point uüe ol its inenibers to preside al i ii:nc. Aki. 1. Il shuU le ilie s-pecial l)usiriissol ihc Exeoutivo Contniittèe to prepare ;il! büiiwsé io be briiuylit beioi'C l!iü A.-j-uciaiiii L: k-;illion, and lp div .-o w;is mcans 10 prumbte the oijcct of iltu Asepciationt Ai;t. ö. Il s!:r.!i bo ilie (iuty of t!io K.xecuuve Cvnmutiee lp me,el lor this iirposj irom time u ú iic at ilie cal! of its Ciiairman, and ilie meinbers prcsffpi after Buch c.ill. s'i :ill be uiaclc pon the Coinniittee- ehall be tainpeient lo doi biismev;. Akt. ü. lt sball be t!ic spccii! duty of tlie Secietary tu iecord in a book prepared lor ih;.i puipose, an aocuraio accmint o( all ns poeêednigs. anci to ro.ul ihoui at eveiy inceuui:, and also to keep lip a coiresponJenco wuli the laditï. in the oihcr towns of üc eounty tëttCi'né lo the bost Wiiys anti liieafiB u proniote :iie object ofour i Ilion, arrd tè sohcit tlieir co-opeiaiion m enrrymg thern out by vvay of couniy fairs mui otlierwse. and to cause noticesof all our meetings to bo yivtíii in iho Chi:rclies: and iavitihg the totdial co-operation of a!l our sisters, in tliis imjiortant departinfint ol chrisiian phtlanthropy. and to do nl! other uriting ind correspondenco in behalf of our Aesociatiün- calculated topromotc und accomplish its philanthropie design, the ultímate and entire obolition oi slavery in our country by sl liWlüj a-id peaceful mean?.Ai... 7. ic sliull be itic Uuty ol ü;e Treasurcr of our Aesodation. 10 ceyi ill ita lumia and to píy tlicm üUt Iruin time lo lime by ;i voto of Assuciulioii, :míl u inakc au nccurntu ïtjiort of tliu sute of ihc Tn-asury, ni tvery meeting. Aht. 8. Al evrry mci-tint; of thc Associntion i privilege for coiiiributipn lo iis funda m moriuy 'r íifíícltfB for s-ilu símil Ix: giyen lo all 18 tnen.rSj añil it Shhll lie ttic spocí il iliiiy f iLe Tfcasiror tö record iho finuio oí' cohitibuíórs with huir ciniril)Utions, and rciJ ilitiin ovcr froin une itoejing to nnoiher, losciliur wiili ilie ataio oí hu trc.'ia'iry. Aht. 9. Ever.v aáy on bccomiflga nicniler of tliid Associntion f'üil! p iy iuto iis tic.isury iho utn of twctity-fivi; cents. Aar. 10. Olw Associalion shall tncel li'pctiir once a weck, al sucli placea ae uur As-otiaiion hall Irom tune to time determine. Aut. II. Tlus Assoclation svill co-opernte villi otber Kin'dred ttfwn Aoeaiions n oar vninty lo jHt u) nnnnol couniv fairs to le onliutcd trictly ipuf. Chríítiart principies, to pronoto the.object ol' our Aesociation. Aut. 12. Tliia Associatiou will circuíate a!l ncli valuaóle antislavcry docitriicma as inotf froin inie to time bü in its posseasiou. and vtú cause orno í-uch docuinciits to bo ruad ot eacli of iis iccüiiiís wbeu nu speakers sliould bü rt-8Ciit to dd:es3 the AsdJci;i:M]. Art. 13. Thís Assbpialiöh pl riges itbclfiltni t its first coüríly fair it will unite wiili other ï'-ndi e I totcn Associations in our cjtirity to oranize a ounty Assoclaiion. to wliicli tlo lown i Aüsociuiions may become au.ilia:y thi bctlcr to carry out ihís antislavery oiíject. Akt. 14. All ihe meetings oí our Asaoctation 8ball be opened and cloíed witb p-oyer iñ be latí of tbe enalaved iniilions in our rottiitryj mi 1 especially for tbe unslavcd moilmrs, wives r.nd daúghters. Aut. 15. Tbe ofliccrs of our Associaiion shall be elected an'hualfy nnd sh;i!l n. 1 I íhrír of licea and continue fai-lituüy to dVscliargo tbeir respective duties uuiil new ones shall be elected lo íHl üieir place. Akt. 16. The Constitutitín of tbis AjssQciation may be altercd or amendeU by a vote o I' two tliirds of iis members present, at a:;y regular meeting, by a noiüce being jjiven nt a previous ineeung;