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It does scern ío us Ihat the Demócrata (!) ofthc West must be inore stupid thtm brules, il' they cnnnot rcad their shnmeful degradation in the settlemcnt of theTexns and Oregon qucstions. As the paws of the cat were used by the monkcy to aid in pulling his chesnuts out of the firc when he was afrald of using his own paws, so the slaveholders have used the Western Democrats to annex Texas. True, both questions wcre placed by the Baltimore Democratie Convention in 1844 upon the sanie apparent footing. Southern Slavcholders & Western Democrats unitcd apparently in heartyconcord fojr the acquisition of both. But the Soufh was vtry urgent that Teas shoul'd bcannexed ƒ', and itwas done. Thcn the West set up a great shout so that the hoavens rang with it - "all of Oregon or none!" - FlKTY FOUR FORTY Olt FiGMt!" This was teri'ibly alanning to some, but our readers will recollect that we assured them the noise was perfeetly harmléss. A few leading spirits down south could eurb and handlc these wild animáis with the same case nnd skill with whidi Vnn Amburgh and Hérr Driesbach liandle and control the roaring lions. And so it proved. The treaty with England has been coniirmed by the Senatc by a vote of three fourlhs of the whole' in its favor 11 to 14. W ell, what say the boislerous partizans of war of the result? Those who we re ready to denouncê evéïy 19 man as a "British Tory" "and an' énemy of his country," are now loud in pralsing Mr. Polk for securing the very rcsult they so much dreaded. If Mr. Poík had not talked pretty big to the British, they argue that we should have obtained nö'part of Oregon, althougli the present basis has been before substantially offered by Uhe British, and rcjected by us. Truly raie somorsets of th.ese politicians exceed all the performances of Sam Pntch. But the most marvéllous part of this exhibition is the wonderful celerity and open mouthedness with which the rank and file swallow down cvery thing that is told them by their leaders. The Ann Arbor Jounal and Signal of Liberty are out upon the editor of the Patriot for his impiety in attacking a minister of the Gospel for what he took the liberty to say in attending upon the solernn dutiesofhis oflice upon the Sabbath. - Jackscn Gazettc. Notexactly true, so faras the Signal is concerned. We did not deern it U'myicl;' in the editor of the Patriot to "altack a minister of the Gospel." Ministers and cditors are on a level wilh each other, as othcr men are, and may properly discuss and attack each others assertions and doctrines in all cases where they esteem them to bc erroncous. Wedo not hold to the existence of any class so highly exalted that it is "irnpiety" to puestion their infallibility.03 We mcniion to the credit of the Liberty jmpcre. that only two of them- tho Bangor Gnzeite, and the American Citizen of 1'hilacJclphin - are supporters of the present villainous wnr witli Mexico.