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The stenmcr New York has a rr ved at New Orleans, bringing adv ices from Púiot Isabel lo the 9th uit., and Gul vesmu papers to the llth. News is anxouslv expected from Col. Wilson. He left Matnmoras on the 7th, for the purpose of taking possession f Reynoso, wilh 500 men. ít s statedthat Canales and all his force, consisting of from 12 to 1800 cavalry, are concent rating there, and wold no doubt show fight. Col. W. had been subsequently reinforced, increa sing his force to 800 men. The news of Gen. Taylor's promotion to the grade of Brevet Major General, lias diflused joy through all ranks in the army and in the State of Texas. The delegation from the Louisano. logblature, was to leave Point Isabel on the 7th instant, on thoir way to Matamonis, to present the thanksof that bodyto old " Uough and Ready." There was a little sickness among tho volunteers, arising from the change of lood, and condilion of life. They will soon get inured. A letter was received in town yesterday, which stated that Gen. Arista had sent proposals to Gen Taylor for ah armistice, and that he had' established his headtjuarters at Montefey with 15,000 meii. Gen. Taylbr" is said tb have sent back an nnswer that u he would meet Gen. Arisla at Montercy.' The Americana have established a neAspnper at Matamoros, printed in both the Spanish and English languages. All the principal citi.ens had returned to Matamoras, and business had been rasumed wilh incrensed activity and