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Celebration Of American Independence, At Ann Arbor, July 4, ...

Celebration Of American Independence, At Ann Arbor, July 4, ... image
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The 70ih Annivéraary of Amorican Inclepence will bo celebrated at Ann Arbor in tbc rramier recomrnended by a distiuguishcd RövoUitioriary Patriot. Tbu day will be u-hercd in by a Nationul Saluta' and the Ringing of Bolls. The Proceesion will form' in the Coürt' Houso Square, at 11 o'clock', A. Mi., and proceed lo the grove selected for the occasion, where thö Throne of Grnce will be addrossed by REV.C.C. TAYLOtt. Tho Declaration of Independonco wiH bc re ad by DWIGHT KELLOGG' Eaj. An Oration will bu delivcreJ By EDWIN LAWRENCE, Esq. Aiter which, the Proccssion will again bo formcd and maroh to tho Public Diuner Tobles. Tbc Washtonaw Guards and tho several Firc Companiea areexppc ctl to appear on the occasion. OFPICERS OF THE DAY. HON. E. MUNDY, President, Hon. E. Rumscy, YVm. S. iVfaynard, " O. While, S. P. Jewett, Esq. Filch Hill, Dr. C. N. Ormsby, 41 J. Geddes, H. Ticknor, Esq. E. L. Fuller. W. M.Sinclair.Esq. Col. D. B. Brown, Gapt. S. Goodrich, Col. G. W. Jcwcit, Vice P;esident8. G. D. HILL, Marshall of tho Day, E Clark, E W Morgan, S G Southorland, P Slingerland, G W Gilbert, G D Hill, N R Ramsdell, O Hawkins.C H Cavil.DTylor.J Peek, M Parker, C Hatch, J DIrish, C N Ormsby, II Partridge, H Church, G Shattuck, E Lesucr, S Abel, S Cook, E T Williams, Wm S Maynard, C J Garland, J Joncs,S P Jewett, E Thomson, E G Wildt, Committce of Arrangement?. Du. Edson, broiher of Calvin Edson, now deceased, formorly tho great living ske!eton, who exhibiled himself in this country and Euiope somo twelvo yeara since, is now traveling through tho country, a skeleton counterpart of his deceased brother. Ho is now 42 year of age, fi.vQ feet six inches in hcight, and weighs onty 00 lbs. - a moro mass of human bones. A