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Communications: For The Signal Of Liberty: Letter From S. B....

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( KNTitrvii.t.i:. July'Jd. 18 in.['o the Fricnds of Liberty fn Michigan : r Friciid I5ib! and inyscll' hive juat relamed om the greal Western Lihcriy Convention licl' Chicago on the IMih, 2}ih and (iih of lasi a uiiiii. We ïiavc reentered upon our arduous t boM in cnir own State with gready renewed ' ;il and oncourngement in consequente (1 our i icikI.iiicc al ibis Convention, whieh was c cdly i'ie lnrgest and most cnthusiastie ono ever cforc held in the United Statea by the frierais oí iloriy. Thcrc wcre 10 sessions of lilis arce , dy, nnd evcry Micceeding onc fiotn the { er.ccmcnt Jo the close, continued to ncTMSO in t'.-nsity of iriic-ost. Delégales were in i ice, .md intcrcsiing coinrntüiiciiiois read frotr. most of ihtffrcc Strüe. and froni a niimbcrof ie Slnvc Smtcs. A fier a long and ablediscussin. the Conveniion determiiied by a stronr vote linst the expedinncy of nui'tiplying new and Migurona ic-ts of mcmbersliip in the Liberty irty. The deep Fcctiff! thnt secmed to pervade ie soul. of that vost nuüieiue w;is still lo "cry oud and spare not and lo lift up thcir voicc lilc truiiifH-t for the spnedy delivcrance of ilie cip- ve. The reporta írom all the States wereol the Kist cheering diameter - that ourcauso was nevr in a inore encourairigcondiiion than now npn its present basis alune of delivofing' lh"c Slrtve roin hisbondagp. Ourfriends all secmed deermincd to rciurn to their ropretivo homes nnd _;i to vork for .his single onjeel as they had ncvr worked bcfore. Let Michigan nroiiíe to renewed exeriions. lest sllc fnll behind her sister statcs in this preat and glorious enterprise. - Th Lidies of Illmoië held a miniber of lorge meetings by theinsclvea at intervals during the sessions of the Convention. The rcsult wap. [hoy orginiïcd a Ladiea Antislavery Associfffiöri ilnt Stnte. with tlic dósign to orgötlife auxiliary Associations in uil üic Couniic and Towns in the Stntc. Grcat good I doubt not will reptil froni their orgmizuion. Our friend Jitbb spokc a nurnlior of evenings to immense riiidiences gaïbcred into and around the Vlninmoth Obcrlin Tent !io lis!cncd to him os usual with the most intense interest for hours at a time. lis efTorls in helialf of hi-i bercavcd wife and chüd, nnd ihc tnillions of liis ensinved brethren are dulv nppreciatcd and as much desired in oihcr States as in our own. Scores of most urgent applications for Ificturing ivcra made to him from all paris of the country.I$ut he snys to me, "if the T.ndics in Michigan ivill iimneclhtely complete llieir proposed plan of Town atíd Courity organiatíons wiih referencé to holding large animal Cuunty Fairs, he fecls solernnly plcdyed to iliein as iheir leclurer; but not shoi t of this. lie s.iysj which certainly woulJ scem very natural, that he sliould fee! at home in a State where ilie peoplc are most alive iu tlic antislavory canse. It remnins yèt lo be secn which Stn!e th;it shal! be. Fricnd Bibb pnys shouM tlic Lidies becotne most interested in this cause in íticlifjan this wili be theSiate fjr h'tmá reservin? the privilege oí visitiug thc Liberty frienilsoccasiotially in othcr States at ome of thcir Lreat Liberty Mass Meetings. 1 leeí quite certain t'fcre i? no antislavcry Lndy in our Siatc wlio knovi-s nd npprcciates Jlr. Bibb'si'uflucnce in this cjiuse, who will negleet to n;ake every reosonable and limely eflart with Lndies rn the Surte, to takc eíTlcicnt stepi :o crry out tlieir oiganizalioiis, tq tnake surc oí remining a lecturer ín thcir beiia!fwio wduIJ do so rnuch honor to üivtn and tíie State, ns well na so rcui good to our canse. Shonld Mr. Bibb rcmain in llie Stnte, by tlie t' eflorts of t!ic Ladica hecould aiitnd a!l iticir Qounljf Fairs where the peopie couid fro:n liicc to time hear liun in lurgc iiiunbers so '.lüqucmly picad for the liberation of his enslaved brethren. Biu 1 ani nl s-o ciclusicclij a ''Lndics mnn" ns iq'beiieyc ihnt m ;n can l'o noihinjjat i!! to i-ariy íorward the cause. Tlicy can, if ilicy will, do tnuch, & 1 trusi ihc eíToris of tho ladies will not ihrow the men so much in ihc distante as to dis- pirit tliom entirdy. J hope a!! i!:o Cha'n cf ihf Town Liberty Associatioos.will furwáru ca]ies of tlicirsubscriptioi: C II. Sicw.irt Keq. of Detroit, r.s so.:i a5 M.?ii!f, that the State Cominittec nmy exactly how the matter of finalice Manda on tito subsetiptiun lists. 1 trusf nonc wúlilcbiy this vury important iJitty to advíiiicc mir cause in this Staíc TJic State Commiltco l.üve made great BKÜficefl on tlu-ir mrt to BUpply all parís of our State, tliis ycar, with nble and efficiënt lecturcrs. Lct sach and every truc fricnd of Liberty in thc State, scc to it that his part too is done; nnd prompily done. 'J'hero is no time for delay- the scason is quito passing away - more lectururs ougiit nt once to take thé field.Mr. Cibb a:ul iuyoli iutood lo travul óver i Inrgü ;i pan oí ihc ÍSíaJe this ycar os possiüle, t.) lecu,rc,._tu organizo tlic I.duri_v íiiond íor otli- cienl nction, and :i!-mj 10 cali Upoti fhein o coniributc oí iln iriiienis, lo crc%0 an ampio Sr.r; LibkRTï Fu.M'. vyilli wlnch to io!l on tlio Lib c.iy ImI! with siLMily incrc;icd power all over ihe Siaic. Bul don't wail íiicmls a monitr.! loi iib-Digniiizc-mcci as f tenas possMc - (once ; weck il (! can.) get up a suLi.-cnpnoii lis! íor your 'I'nv. i) 91 neighborhqojjj io paid i.'ci liarvest, 10 ihc tíiaie Coinnuuec, 10 help nú l mía ihc lícltl - send .i copy oí 11 lo ('. H. Su-woil, Dctroi'i ib .uii mans name along wiih it, rnul when tho tm foi collecuon cojiíos, míke u business ni 11 n: ouce, mi rolleciil and lorward 11 to tlie Sute Comiiiii'. When e lear.n iha: sucha pjrji exieis in a )lce we diull be reu fiuro to bo ihere êjooj, t íxprc our ihauks 10 friendí ii behali ül 3,pOO,0Q0 who cannpi ijiaok you, vlio ;u. duinb, ajnl hpsa bouIs canrtoi be cheered m gaiíennm ihcir c.i hant-áiá- wlm Jiove no!liin;! ' If appoinicd Cofihmíttetó dd tto( promply do ihcir ühofe uty, í 1 ome efficiënt stfconstitutul Coftiqiítteé ól on,.. nbeád aíid do ii for ihcni. Ai nll íféiiie, friendo) let this indispensable wcik be áoni-profnptiij done, nnd ?r. done, and yon h;iv cvHrythmg lo h6pë. and nutllng to íear. I uin moré ihan ever convinced tiJt tlic only hope íor ihe libcuítion o f t!r Cntlaver! niíHibnb n our couniry ts íur thoir ínoiids lo koep iheir oye singlt to thiö one nionir utouc. objecl - to cry aloud fur liberty, and ípate no', coutinaally 10 The God of the oppiessed íor his bloing ipon tbeit hunitfe efrort.Sucli are the appeals thar friènd Bibb and nyself now t-very.Vheró make. As in otlir neetngs. tlic reduit of sucli faithful appeals to largé miiienccs the iWt two cvoningu af Nilca and iissopolis. was. ilicy protnptly put down $50 mcIi t help on the cousc. Our colo'r'eif friéndê il! m!cii) n entertain tho saine vievr. Th'ose rcscnt on these occasions rcndily contributcil ibout linK the anionnt. Tliis sntn they hbva voikeil linrd lor arrd desired to have it faitlifull? ip)litd to elévate tlioir mee ftr ulove goods and ■hnttela - fonr-foott-d beasts and creepirig thingS'. l'hey fccl paino.d to hcar any merely selfish maters, narncd n connoction' with an oirterpris fo loliver tlircc millions of tbcir brethren front Siavery. I lliink tho ainount of 2M0 will bc conlribucdin our State this vear, to cirry forwaCd the aupo - nnd wVon paid in to the State Commiltee yihcscvcral Town Cominittccs the contribü'rs namoB wiib tlicir sevcral contributiona, will bo pulilishod in thé Sinai. And agn'm', 1 canñot ure too much, the importanco of prompütide in all our friends. in forwardiii3 their subscription9 to C. II. Stowart Rq., that the State Committnc mny l.nmv how far to proceed in employ in: lecturerp, fce. Don't be afraid of having iijo much Btcck in the Likbiity Bask of Mrctfir ■. .;.