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Ladies Antislavery And Benevolent Association: For The Signa...

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Letter to the Editor
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Mn. Fuitur : - ín pursuunce of previous notice, tlic Ind "fej of the Tuwneliip of Sulem. convcncd at I'ëoblrs Sohoul Houtcon Wo(!ti.'sJuy, M.iy '27 ni (i o'clk. P. M. for tlic purpose of orgnnizing a liiJics Antsl.jveiy nnd Benuvolent Aa.ociuiou, nuil l ílevwmg ways Jind ineans to justain HtfOTj BStib, he fugitivo Slavo ns on Aiuisluvcry leoiuror in thia State, niivl lo help liiui to ineans I publifh ilie mrra'.ive of himsclf, nnd his wiif, nnd c'iüd whilc in Slaveiy. oud uftlik-iu{ñnting An islnvory principios, und also umking uso ul cvety means in our powe for llio po.ux-ful. and speedy abuütion of SlsProry in our country. - Wc propuse to do tlus by ooopernttng with Olhcir kthd'cd Town A.-s cintions in nir C"iinv. y mcins ofboldiii! County K.iirs ami ulurvisu. The nie'ting wasorennized !■ ;ili:iit'iig Mr? Dea. Pfcblcs Cli,iriiian. nnd Mü-p Mirn 1). Peeb!o3. Sccretaiy. An Associ.jIikii w.w ni n-inzcd, cuntiisling ! 'M meinlit.-is Aficr il.c iidoj - i n of n Constitutioii, ihc íuüuwing IjJijj wcie selfcied ns .ifikers. Ms, R. Mc.Mnili. " C. W. ilau.üiüi., V. h.sil.i.r. Mijs M. B rt(.!.l'S, Seerulary. " M. A, Pitliiis. ('oir.miticc. Mrá. E. Her.ijk. Mrs. J. lí. Poehln-, lí. Uubhard, - M. M. llaunlt.m. " K. Walker, J. Hu!)!..nd. " G. Olmsted. Iliss C. A. Mead, " II. Wuldroii, lí, I'iau.