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Foreign News: Arrival Of The Brittania: Fifteen Days Later F...

Foreign News: Arrival Of The Brittania: Fifteen Days Later F... image
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The Steamship Briltania nrrived at Boston on Saturduy morning last, wilh Liverpool (hitos to the 19lh ultimo. The oewd roachel Albnny by way of New York, throu! ihe "Herold," fioni wl.cli we copy. The official despatches of Gen. Tnylor, duscribing the brlliar.t baldos of Pulo Alto and Lo Rcsarma delu Palma, huve reached Eugland, and producod a great oflect. Tlie despaiches from Rough and Ready were praiscd as noucli n Ei.gland as lliey were abusod in Canada. Tho Pope of Rome is dcad. The Quccn oflilïgland has fully feCüvéred her healih. The royal infanta wcre well. - The Mexicnn stocks were ofcourse affected by the War neivs from the Rio G runde. Rumors prevailed that negoiialions havo again bceu oponed botween Ei.gland and Brnzil for the admission öf ihe sugar of the laiter country. The British goveinmem have sent a Mr. Moore lo ihe Rivor Plata, ld efll-ci a .S2itlemfint of ihe d ifi-r enees bet wet p Rosas and Montevideo. The rumor is curren! ihat the P. el cabinet wijl retire on the passing of tlie Corn Pull, and leaving the sugar dutios to bc arrunged by their tuccesors. Liverpool Corx Tuade - Sincc our lat publication there has been n good supply of free wheat brought to mnrket, and during ihe eaiiy juut of ihe munth, the prieto declïüed 4d er 70 Ibs. on wheat, and onc shilling per hbl on fioiw. Iqdidn eorn is low, having reeeded fiom Is to 2s, per quarler at our last inarkei, with ihe exceptioti, at iïie laiter end, of rui improved demand for uhnost al of the arliclcs of trade. Wqql. - There has been vory lit;!e doing in consequenco oí the near app'OAch of otir public sales, which take place nexl vet;k, when a large alttndiinco of :he iiade i.s exjifCcd, and should úw expeclations as to the passing of ihe Corn Bill be, it will no doubt have a Qlvofablé influtnce on the sale, in prices gPiK-ratly. LATER FRO.i MEXICO. Revolution - Santa Anna reculled. The New Orleans Picayune of the 24th uit. gives the i'ollowing '"mpoitant inielligence IVom Mexico : We received yesterday a coy of El Locomoter, of Vera Cruz, ol'the 8h inst. which is 4 davs later than advices received by the Falmouih. A revolution has broken out in thedepartment oí' Jalisco, lt commeneed on the morning of the "0h iMay in the city of Guadalaxarti. The battalion of Logos, folio ei by other bodies of military, and by the enÜiusiustic pnpulace, attacked the paluee of the governor. Tlie revolution ín Jalisco and the con tinued assaull of the insergents was so prompt that the guard had only time to make one discharge, by which one man was killed and one wounded. Some of the dcfenders reengnized fiiends among the assailants ar.d rcfused to li re ; bui iIh disnffection breamo general, and some of ihe leaders of the government were ar■rested to save them from ihe fury of the insurgents. Some skinnishing ènsüêd and preparalions were making lora gpneral engagement, when Gen. Duque, w ho had taken commnnd of the government Iroops, proposed u purly. This wasngreed toand the result of the deliberations was that the troops under Gen. Duqiiö shotild bÖ al!öved lo retiio with ihe honorsof war, by a route designated by ihcm immedialely to the city of Mexico. Prövisio'ns even vfere givLMi them, and thoy were allovved til! the 22d lo preparo for depai turo. Don José Maria Tancz was öt the hcad of the insurreclion. A formal acta was drawn up. Il proclaimed Santa Anna as thoir Cliief, and declares ihat a new Congress shall be summóned lo bo elecied by ihe peöplé, acording lo iho electoral laws of 1824, to form a.njeüv cdnslitution in which ihe monarciiical principio is to be pxcluded. lt álso presides fhat iho Congress should meet 4 months after ihe ibu rating army shall gain possession of the capital Don Juan Camplido is recognied as provincial Governor of the departmer.t.anJ his oaili includes the rcpuUing of the infamous usurpación of ihe Arncricans. LATER YET. We have in the N. O. Bulletin, Vera Cruz dates 16 the I9lh tilt. No aocouni had yet feachsfd Vera Cruz of ihe departure Paredes lo tako command of the army near ihe Rio Grande. Indeod, the whole country vas so torn by faclion ihat il scemcd doubiful whether any concentrated eiibrt could be made aguinsllho lvo inva dor?. Tho party of Santa Ana mustera sírong in many of ihe departments, and Vera Cruz itself exhibits many signs of discontent with the existing government. The Castte however maintained the compete state of preparedness into which, aome months since, it was placed. A largo number ol guns, new and of heavy calabre, a ie mounted, and the fortress and city are both wellmanned. The blockade of tho port of Veía Cruz is stil! enfoKied by the frigate Raritau and the steamer Princeton. The Somers and Cumberlnnd were expecttid on the 20:h uit. Yucatán Lugana dates lo tbe I9th had been recieved by the baik Tarquín. - Corn. Graham of the brig Somers, received despatches from Yucatán proclairning their noutrality in ihe existing war.