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1 846. 1 846. TEMPER ANCÈ HOUSE. MIETON BARKËY ÓP TIIK Steamboat Hotel, DETROIT, IS rfoiV rV-dy' tó accornmodulfe his frierids and tlió Trave ling Public, wiili all ihose convenunccscalculated to mako them coinlortable, and with piircst to sviï the timdi. meais twenfy-five Cents. Best fara tl Üit City for the same Wloncij. Grneral Stuge (Iffice. tileumbaals Uut'. De truit for Bvffulo eviry Ertnivg, ut half past 6 o' doek. ( L's lully ) The Railfoads are xvithinfivc minutes ride of the Sleamboat Hotel. 272-tf BOOKS! BOOKS1Í At Ferry's Book Store TO THE PUBLIC !! THK undersigned having returncd fron NeV York wiih a ncw, laige and valuable ótock of Boofcs, Stationery and Paper Hangings; is now Teady to so-11 for Caah,.any ihing in his line ni hia ncw tañd on Mail) streer opposiie II. Becker's Brick Store. He wül a:iy to Book purchasors. by liia i ffirts lost fiill on his rcurn frotn New York, the price q( ncarl every thing iti hli line In8 been eold ,-J less tiiail lieretofore, aud had t not been for liim, purchasers would have continued io pay the priceshcre; jfoi ó cha'fged. He can say also, that li3 nales have been boyoud his most sanguino expect.itjons. .showing conclusively ihat a public benefactor, nltiiough' ever to emnll, will not go unrewarded in thisealiuhteiied comnninity. fle ia tliankful mr tho fnvors already bestowed,' and would rcspectfully aolicita continuance of the trade: and he would sny t those who never liave purch.ised books of him, thai he will show ihem nrticle3 nd prices wiili pleasure af auy time ihuy may cali wheiher they wish to purchase or no.HUÍ. Cash ordere from the country will be attended to, nnd tho böoka pacfted s vVïll as [f the persona worc present to nttend the purchases. Ho will also teil tu child.en as ch'eap a their párente ♦ Purchasers Will do wel! IS examine hís stock and ;riccs hcforc purcliaeing elsewhere. Don1 1 f orgel the place; be sure youcaïl at PERRY'S BOOK STCTRE, on Main Streel, a few doors South of the Public Square, in the same room tcilh C. Blissj Watch Maker and Jcweïler. WM. R. PERRY. . Ann Arbor, June 27, 18 JG. 269-if THRESfiUNCt MACHINESV TUK, i5n'd;r0iiiuí;J woüld infurta the public thnï he manulactures Morse Powers and, Threshing Machines ai Scio, fa iüperior kiud invenied hy hiniself. Thesj Powers and Machines are pnriicularly .td.ipteu to the lsc of Farmers wl:ó wish to uso them lor threshinj tbeir own tr:;in. Th power, ihrcaher and fixtures con all be 'oaJed into a, common eized wagon box apd drawn with ono pair of ho.-st.-3. Théy ore desined to be used wiih four borses. and are abundanily stronp for that numbar, nul may be safcly used with six or eight norses wi.h proper care. They work withlessstrengih ol T.orses aexording to ihe amount of business done thnn any other pover, and will ihresh generaüy about 'J(iO bushela heat per day with four hories. In ore nstnnco 158 bushel3 wheat were threshcd in üirce hours' witli Tour liörtes. Tiiis Povyerand Machine confcain all the ndvantages hcceüarí' to rnake them prolitoble to the purchasér. They are strohg and durable. - They are casily moved from one place to another. The work of the hotses is easy on theae powe.8 in comparison to oihers, and the price ia LOWKR than any other power and machine, have ever been sold in the State, occording to the real valué. The terms of pnyment will be libqral f r nolca that ure knowu tu be absolutcly goud. I liave a number of Powers and Machines now ready for sale and persons wishing to buy are inviied to cali soon. CLEAN ERS. I expect to be prepared wiihn a few daya to moke C'leansrs for those who rnay wnnt ihcrr. The ütility and a'dvantngcs of this Power, nnd .Machine will uppear evident to all on examiriing" he recommendaiions below. Al! persons are cautiuned ngainst niaking ihese Powers and Machints: ihe undersigncd having ndoptcd the necessury meaeures for securing letters patent for the same wiiliin ihe time: required by law. S. W. FOSTER. . . Scio, Washtonaw Co., Mich.. Jan? Id, 131G. RECOMMESDA-fibNè. Durinc the ycar IS-15, cach ot ;lia undersigned purchased and used either imiividually or jointi with others. oi:e of S. W. f'oster's ncwly inve.ited Horse Powcrs and threshing viaehinés,and bclieve they are bette adapted to the use of Farmer who wunt Powers and Machines for iheir own use than any other power and thresher within our knowledgo. They .are calculated 10 be used Vlih four ho 3? and are .of ampie otrcngth ior that number. They nppear to bc constructed in sucha mnnner as to render thèm vcry dtihable wiih linie liability of getting out of order. They are eisily moved (rom one placo' :o utioiliér.. They can be worked with any number of hands from four to cight, and will ihresli abot't 200 bushels wheat per djy. J. A. PdLHEMUS, Scio, Washtonaw co. BLOOD, " T. RiCHARDSON, " SAMUEL HEALV, " ?. P. FOSTER, N. A. PHELPS, " ADAM SMITH, " J. M. BOWEN. Lima, '; WM. WALKER. Webster, THOS WARREN, " " D. SMALLEY, Lodi, I threshed last fall and winter with onc of S.' W. Foster8 horse powers. more than fifteca thousand bushels grain. The repairs bestowed upon the power atnountcd to only 6L cents, aud 11 was in good onler when I had don threshing. 1 ïnvariably u&cd six horses. AARO. YOl'SGLOVE. Marión, June C, 1S46. I purchnscd onc of S. W. Foster's horso powers last f'ull and hnve uscJ it for j-)hbinc I; have uecd mañy different kmda of powers and beleve this is the best running power I have ever í en. D. S. 13ENNET. Hamburg. June, 18 IC. VVé purchnsed eno of S. W. Foster's Hor.e Powcrs eái íall, and have used it and think tt is" a first late Power.' JESSE HALL, , DANIELS. HALL, REU BEN S. HALL. Hnmburg. June, 1S46. 2fi9-tf HOUSE AND LOTS FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE. HOUSE and three lots umfod, ttuntcd 30 roiis S. E. of the Aoadèmv. Sold for half. piy dnwn, or eichnngetl lor ;t f;nn wnh good builidiiize. uboft a mile :i vilfiico. between lal. 40 and 43 deg. in 'i.v Kn;jl;:::JJ' Xcw York, or Mícliigon, wliere n High School niay be olitaincd 3 or (J inonths, yenilv. Enquíre of the owntr H. H, Grillln. Craltsbury, Vt., .or I.orin Mille, aiid R. Miure. Ann Albor. 96-3í Dissolution. TUF. Partnership uiider the llamo híi'd firm oí G. I). H11I& Co. having diqliíyf.d ly Hniitatiori. n!l pprsons intlebttd to tlio cojict'rn Iijr note or account, aré no:ified ihnt unlrtp thry caíl iitid pay or 8Cttlc tho Fume wiih G. 1). Hil! pre. vious to ihe löth diiy of June nex'. fby will jind ihe suid nuiles and accounts in tho hands ol of Jufrticc of the Peace for col!eriirn. G. D. 1JJLL Cc. Ann Ailior. Mnjr il Í81G, ?6l-'f