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- It baa been incontcmplation in England. fer some time, to crecí subscription a brnzen equi-strninstatue of the Du'u: of Wellington, cf co'.is?il size, Sixty totis uf brnsa vriïl bc ncesry to complete its iunutic propon iins, and t'.ierc seems to be as mach di.Tufi'.ty about collecfing it together as Miliar ti:..rc prefiioy dictáis teclmicdljr called 'tin." Sir Fr,inn:3 Trcnnch coup! dm mr;rt bitterly aáin3 th p r Imony otthe Government. Lord Mc!' ou'rne's ndminUt.-ntior, lig pnys.gnve only onc iinsen: pounder for cvstinir tha head oj ibe uno: ani at varióos times sincr then tho contrih'jtions cf ihe govornmenl in old eftnnan have amüunied in nll to bjt 5 lons, .'icwt.,3 qra. Tiiis is reilly too Ind. John B-Jll is getting pnreiir)oniou8 or he would have furnished, without ilie slightest Jiesitatiton, more than bnrely btr.=s euough tb c.isl tho hcad of him 'HVhose cagle beak once held tho woU nawo." - Cirisiain Cilizcn.The present land system, ns already shown, is one and an efficiënt cause of this protentous transformatinn. It has now generated' Gö land offices, 132 regisiers and receivcrs, 8 surveyors general, with a hosi of deputies, clerks, draftsmen, chain-carriers, andaxe-men. supported at an annual expense of about $500,000 and must continue, in virtue of the pirnciples of its contrucfion", to extend its" patronage coextensive with the almost illimitable área of the public dohiain. The expohs frorn the Republic of Mexico amounl to about $20,000,000 annunlly. Not less than $-12,000,000 of sil ver are coined in the various mints, of which there are some six or eight in therepublic.- Col. Benton says that the legioiTof devils cast out by Christ, vhich entered' the berd of swine, and drove tliem all violcntU' inlo tíio sea, wcre not destroyed wiih the swine, but have since appeared in various persons - llicir last exploitberngapparent ;n [hoir possession of the "54 40" men.!Prn3r, sir," sfiid the cominissioner to; an insolvent, brought tip to be discharged on liis pntition, "and prny sir, how could you wiifully, and with your eyes open, contract sach a number of debts, without nny rneans of pnying tbem ?" - u My lord," said the petitoner, "you labor under a great mistake; in my iïfe I nevef itsilfulhj coniracicd a debt; on the contrary I have ïnvnriably doneeve'ry thing in my power lo cnlargt thcm." Benjamin Franklin savs: "Printer's accounts, though small, are a very good index of characters. Let me look over my books, and I can teil you the charactur of every -person whosc name i here.