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W e have come to the unalterabic aetermination ncver to support another man for office, ' who is not avowedly and at heart an enemy to slavery, and tvill not do all he can constitutionally for its removal ; and who, ifacanddate for a State office, is not in l'avor of the immcdiate and unconditional repeal of the laws of this State, that rnake any distinction on account of color. - Truc Dem., (Ohiö.) We find theprecedingin an editorial article of a Whig paper, Ohio: and the inquiry arise s at once, is there a Whig paper in Michigan that has ever said as much ? Not one! We have scveral that profess to belong to the "true liberty party," &c, but not one # has ever proposed to take a fair and manly personal stand. Our neighbor of the State Journal we esteem to be honest at heart ; but we are not certain bat he means fo support anothef slavc-holdeï in 18-18 ! How is if, neighbor ? Can you anstver yea or nay ? The Oakland Gazctte, Jackson Gazette, and Marshall Statesman, also profess antislavery aft least once a year. - ■ We should like to know whether they daré sayas muchas this Whig paper of Ohio? ■Sevier, of Arkansns, is spoken of a our new Minister to Russia, and Bog'by of Ala., to France. This is right. A our present prominent foreign Minister ara slavehoMeráj and why shodd anj changea be made, except to give other of the faithful, thoir portion in duc season - Ponliac Jacksonian. The word "prominent" should bo strick en out of the preceding, ns all our foreig Ministers are from Slavo States, and ar probabJy slaveholder9. The Jacksonian being named after a Slavcholder vh would not release his iyrannical grasp on bis sla ves even in deafh, ought of cours to defend the exclusive right of Slave holders to national oífíces. How cis could it be a Democratie paper ? ttT Mr. Thotnasson, o( Ky. hr,s feponcd tf lill in Ccmgress for eHtobüshing uniform ratcs of poswgo, one cent on newepnpers, and ñc ccniB on ietrers. It is not at all probable, however. thnt ihc rotc3 will bo iiltercJ during the present setsioft.