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Foreign News: Fifteen Days Later From Europe: Passage Of The...

Foreign News: Fifteen Days Later From Europe: Passage Of The... image
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The Steamship Cambria left Liverpool on the 4th, and arrived at Boston on Friday. In the House of Lords on the even ing ofthe25th ult.,thenew Corn Billbrought forward by Sir Robert Peel and heretofore passed by the lovver House passed its third reading without a división. The triumph of this great free trade nieasure is therefore complete. On the same night the abovc passed, the House of Commons rcfuscd to pass the the Irish Coerción Bill, and left Sir Robert Peei's ministry in a minority of 73 in the vote thereon. On Saturday, the 27th,Peel proceeded to thelsleof Wight, for the purpose of rendering his own and his colleague's resignation to the Queen, who was at that place. It was accepted - most graciously, probably. - Ön Monday night, Peel made a lengthened exposition of his motive for resigning in the House of Commons. The new Cabinet is not yet definitely formed, but the Whigs are again to hold the seals of office. Lord John Russell is io bo at the Head of the new Ministry. The Duke of AVellington remains at the head of the army, without a seat in the Cabinot. The London Times reganls the new Ministry favorubly. Sir Robert PecL views it not only without jealousy, but with a friendly eye. The general impression was that the new Premier will hastily wind up the business of the session, and dissolve Parliament in the course of the Autumn. The cotton market was in a healthy but not a very active state. Prices have improved a shade. The contcmplated change in the sügnr duties has had ffn injurious effect upon sales, as on the eve of change. Markets, consideringthc ministerial interregnum, were firm. The news of the settlcment of the Oregonquestion had reached England and produced general joy throughout the country, it arrived on the day of the dissolution óf the Peel Ministry. It is uñdcrstood that the navigation of the Columbia llivcris securcd to that nation by the treaty in perpetuity, and not only during the remainder of the Hudson Bay Co. 's Charter. Poel himsolf so understood it. The London Times and Chronicle, spcak fnvorably of the settlement of the Oregon question. Wilmer and Smith's Times contains2j columns of Peel's speech on the subject of the Oregon question, Mex:can relations and his resignation. He said, "I do rcjoice before surrenderirig power that I have the authority of giv ing the official assurance, that every cause of quarrel with that great country on the other side of the Atlantic, is terminatoc before I retire from office." (Louci cheers. ) "I feel that I havo executed the iask which my public duty imposed upon me. 1 trust I have said nothing which can by possibility load to the recurrenoe oi those controversies which we have depreoatcd." Attention is now fixcd in England upon the American Tarifi'. Cardinal Ferrcti has been clcctctl Pope under the name of Pius IX.