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The State Central Committee To The Liberty Party Of Michigan

The State Central Committee To The Liberty Party Of Michigan image The State Central Committee To The Liberty Party Of Michigan image
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Some months ngo we established the S;ato Agency aystom. for the doublé purpoae of creoting an efficiënt State organization,nnd procuring funJs to suppiy it wiih lecturers and documenta. We thicw intö tho field an ngeniand a lccturer, but nware that their progress must necessarily be vary sf-nv. soücited tho mmediaie coopera tion. of triends. We urgcd ihom to meet, and to devise ways and meana to ennblo ut to eupply Siuto wants, btsforc the season passes away, and our agenta could vieii ihom. We also furniahod information of whnt wo wanted. Tho Sígnala of 6ih and 20ih of April, our atldreísos. Mr. TrcaJwcll, our ngent. began his duties on 7ih of April, ar.d in tho following mon'h we associated Mr. Bi bh wi;h him as lecturer. The counties of Jackson, Wushtenaw. parts of Oakland, Livingston, Cilhoun, Kalamazoo, Berrien, Cass, St. Joseph, Bianch, and Ilillsdale ha va been visitcd by them. C II. Siewart has also visiied parts of Jnckson, Livingston, Clinton, and all of SI.ia.v;iBee coun.i 8. Messrs. Treadwell and Bibb will immediately resume their duties, commencing at ihe poinl whero ihey diverged to attend the Chicago Conveniion, and vr'i 1 continue in the fio-ld uniil November. In ever}' place visite;), nn organizaron has boen mude, and the name of the Ch.tirman ha been reponed to'us. The Towu Committees have been strenuously urged to immediateJy ascertairt wli.u conCnbuüöa friends would pay 10 the State Liberty fund on lt September, and to report t! o result through their Chairman to us. The town Comtnittees must peifonn b'.h of these du e,befu e .vocoul ao u tier: fjr wa couli not take tha first etcp towards engiging Iccturcre or puichasing docurnenls,until we knew theainount of our renources. Thcrefore the very piih and marrow of our eíTort rcs'.cJ in the Tewn Commiuces. Our hands were tiod, until thcy looscd ihem. Wlien W3 had appcaled to them by circulars and addreses, and the visii of our agent, we had done all wc could for the time. Tbeirs was the duiy, ihen.'o forthwitb present tho matter to friends; and 10 make inmediate report to us. Orily eleven reports Iiave as yot renched us.- Fiiends are notprobably aware of t!ie importanca of'y acion in thie recpect: perhnps thoy depend on the State Agent making the report. - Mc tells ns thai eubacriptions were most freoly made. and wit great cntliusiaam wherever ha v.titfttl: nnd that they were to be faithcr Círculated aficr meeting. We feel much encoirraged bjr his report, and shall make speedy preparation, as we best can íor lecturers. But if oureffott ia to bc eíTccUial friende must siistain as. lst. Whero collections have been made ther must repnrrl forthtciili. pvltivg thecotnty as wM as t'ie town to their communieatton. 2nd. It will greatly fncilitaie our operationa if (rirnds will anticípale the visit of our agent, and will tako up Bubscriptions, or contributions to be paid by tho lat of September, and report tho rosull to us. Wc publish the reports nlreody received, and i f there be any error in them, or if any be omititcd which wiera nent wc will thnnk the parlics to suppiy us with the tneans of collection. Eterr report received. ie published. Summary of Reporta received from the Town Commillees. Franklin, Lcnawec co., Eider Tripp, chairman subscribed $I4.Ü0 Alinont, Lenowec co-, Eliphat Parker, chairmnn, fiiibscr.bed $14.0. '. Sandstone, Jnckfcon'co., David Gould efcaiJ'man. subscribed $14,00. Rives, Jackson co., R. H. King, ehairman, sbbscribed $21,50. Centreville, St. Josoph co., Chcster Gurivcy, chairni!)Ji. Bubscribed 32. 69-. - Paid 13,19. Sturgcs Si. Joseph co, N. Nicketson, chairman eubscribed 13,00. Paid, 4,00. Constantino, St. Joscph co. S. Teeadala f., chairman, subecribed 5,03. Paw Paw, Van Buren co., R. D. Gurnsoy, chairman, subscr'bed 32,25. Manchester, Washtenaw co., C. Caftor, chairman, 16,00. Galesburgh, Kalamazoo co., S. W. Welíf, chairmnn, subscribed, 15,00. Schoolcraft, Kalamozoo co., N. M. Thomas, chairtnan. subscribed 47, (ö. Paid 0,05. Highlantl, üakhnd Co., 10,00. One dollar" paid to Agent by Major Alderman. Total, $i,25 01. Total Paid, $2G,24. Particular of Paymtnts. Ckntrville. Chcstor Gurney, to C. H. Stewart, $5,00 Do S. B. Treadwall, 6,00 Charlea Knox, to do 74 Allen Goodridge. to do 25 Jfno. Howard, to do 2,00 Sturoks. % H. Gurney toS. B. TreadweH, f.00 N. Gurney, to do f,00 Jns. B Biehop, lo do 1,00 Wat. Thrajol, to do 1,0 ÚJ $4.00