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NEW COOK1NG STOVE, And Stoves of all kinds. Tliu Mil'ó] vs'uuIJ tuil liie uuenüon ol i!:e public iu Woolson's Hot Air Ccoking STOVEWliich ho eau conrideiitly lecumm nd as being docidedly superior n nny Oookinj: Suve in ust-. l'or simplifiiy in openmon - eeonu'mv in iuel, itul for unnjuaÜfd arnl Roisiisc qualiity. it is unnvnMeil. The new and imponant Inpmvenicni introduced in ii constiuction be.n: SÚcb M to insure greut odvHiita-jes over all odier kinds oi Cooktng' Stores. WILLÏAM IS OYES, Jr. 70 Wuüdward Avenuu, De:roit. Dec. 12, Irf43. 42 Vholesaie CJrocerïes. TH 10 SlBSCRJBEK oüers 10 Cjvntry Merch'ints, the füllowiii" selccted stock, on the most lavoruble tonus, and ut the lowcat markd prints. 160 chests teas- f!8sorted pucknges, 40 hhd8. 8iiars, 1H0 baas cofiee. '22 hhds. niülassea, 20 bngs peppcr, J5 do spicé, fi() boxes lobacco, 150 du rjii.smp. 30 du loat 8Ug;ir, 100 di pipes. 120 do har snap, 200 do herring, 3-" ban cis spenn uit, !5 blila. mnckun I. 50 quint ils c"cfiih, f tiorces rice, 40 keg ginger. 35 Lags nu is - nssorteH. N - ALSO- 300 bnrreb dye wood, 3 cases indigo. 2 barrels cflmphor. 10 lüirrels opsom sahs, '20 do modder, 300 kegs slii;c letul. 40 bnrrels linspcd oil, 15 do epiriis turpentinc. Tlir.O. H. EATON, Wliolesnle Druggiii nnd Groccr, - l8Jüiid 190 Jcfierson Avenue. May 25. 1846. 267-JO.v re i; Hats and Caps, s T n" tne'r a's0 Catns, Sük and JL Gingl:am Umlirellas. Suspender, rich Silk n Scarisand Cravats Slik, Linen and Kid Gioves, „, '.vith every article in that line cíin be lind at fair prices and warranted to suit by sending; your wishes by letter or by calüng al No 58, Woodward Avepue. 3 doors north cf Doty's Auction room. Detroit. N. B. Ministers and Liberty rnen supplied at a small ad va nee iYghi cost. 266-6.-n JAMES G. CRANE.Ueady Madk Clothing ! ! HALLOCK & RAYMOND, ÍTTOULD respect fully cill the otteniiun of i T V their friends and the cilizene of ihe Slaie ei erolly to thcirfresh & extensive nssortment of Ready IVIade Clotïiing nat manufacturcd in the laiest styles, and bes' )ossible tnanner. consist'mg in part of superfino :lbiii Dress nnd frock Coats, Fine Tweed. Cashmarcite. Crotón Cassimere Summer Cloth and Merino. Bomha' Chally, Woorsied and M.irseilles Vests. Blue. Black and Fancy Cassi mere. Tweed. Drnpde-ia. Merino, Woorsted md Dnlling Pniiialoons. together wiih a very arge pioi k'f Lineii. Diillinfr. Coifon Snck and I weed Coa ta, Summer Pr.nmloons anJ Vest. 5!iirts. Socks. Hundkerchiefo. Stocks. &c. &c. Also n very l.irtre supply nf fresh Broadcluihs. rnssin eres and Vestin?. whicb ly the aid o! xpcrienced cnltors and fira! rote worknien tliej ire prepnred to inanuforture ín the látese style nnd )C3t poBsi ble nimmer. Thw arp prepnred to s;ll iiher at Wholesale or Reioil ut prires wliich annot fnil to give sniisfuciion, nnd would reslecifully solicit a cali from thnsc viïi'ing ihn city n want of lteariy Mide Clothing or trenieH garnienis made to order, at their ilFnsli malle Clolli'nz Ewyirium." corner of Jefferson oud Woodwnrd Avenues, Detroit. Muy '20, 185ö. 2C5-3m Paper Ilangüngs. 4 LARGE lot of Puper Hangiugs. and Bor V. derinw. for sile cheapr than ever oiTered in this Villagc. nt PEIIRY-S BOOKSTORF.. June 15. 70-tf BOOTS AND SHOES, AT WHOLESALE. a. c. mgrTw & cc, WIIOLESAI.K AiND fiKTAIL DKAI-P.RS fH BOOTS, SHOES, LEATHER AND FINOINGS, Corn.r of ' Jefferson and Woudicaul Avenues, Detroit, AC M'GRAW & CO. would ro?pcct.ully inform the Merclmnts nf M[icbin, ihui d.ey have opened a WHOLESALK BOOT AND SHOE STORE, i the ro.mis over their Retnil Store. Smnrt'3 Corner. Their long ocquoinianoe wuh ihe Sime business, nnd the kinds jf shoes thnt ure needed in tfiia State, will ênable them lo furnish merchunts wilh such bhnotts thfv neod. on bettcr lerma ihun rhry ron buy in the New York nmrkct, ss all their goods nrc lotight from ñ -st hyiHs, and pnrlicuiar attcniion is pTid to the pMection of sizes. Do-roit. IHáfi. 24 1v Cheap Hardware Store. THE Subdcriber takpe this nieihod o inforni bis oíd cnstomers and the public irenerallv rhat he siill con'inuis lo keep a larguand genctul assortment of Foreien nnd Uomestia HARDWARE, CUTLERY, &c. xlso. &pike. Wrought, Cut and Hore Shoc .Vail, Glass. Shet't Iron, Hoop Iron. Sheet and Bar Leüfl. Zync, Bright ;imt Anenu-a W'ire. Mu lassen Gales nnd í'assetlf, Mili Saws. Crtc-s Om S;iws. Hnnd nnd Wond Sv.vj.. Back nnd Kry H-le Sawö, Anvils. Vicr-s. I5tilIows.Adz'-s,Coop. ei's T ooi , })min Krjives, Spoke Shavcs. Tnp Bovert, Cnst Sieel Augure. Conunon Auurs, Aiiijur Ihns. Hollow Aiiuis. Sieel and Iron Sqiiiire8. Grcund Plnsier, A'.irir Lime, Grind Siones, ToKishCaldronand SuyurKctÜes. CoMe, Lor. Trabe and HöUer Chni)is, Broud. Hwd and NarrQW Axe?. Spint ond riun.b Lev. els. lOL'eiher witli fl (.'irifrn! rgirtrimrni oi Hul!cw Wnre. whidi wiil !c F"ld low for Caih ei nnprovfd credi'. at 123. Jeifcrsoi Ave,n:e. F.idrèd-sBlouk. K. MARVIN. Detroit. Jan. 16-ít. )tl6. 24fi-y LOSS BY FIREÜ MtTGHEJJj fACKElt. eucfppcor of M Hownrd. os Agent for the Protctii IsUkank Comp.íJít. nf Hartford, will illiiirp PiccU'ks, Barns, Merchandizs.. and all Othar insurnbln propeny on ys low to, msas ;my Qiher good comoany in the United Stnt$s. LIGHTN1NG ! Office in thf Second Srory of Nw Fost Ofïire Bmldinc. norih of'Cour! House. Ann Arbor, June S. IPJfi. 209(f