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MICHIGAN LAND AND TAX AGENCY. II. D, POST, Masón, lngkam Couníy, Michigan. VÍLL atlend to the payment of Tases, ex pminaiiöh ot Tules, purchase nnd sale of ui--!.. &.C. &.C. Any business cntruated tohim will be transaciwnli promjjiutao aaJ aecuracy - Addrew by ail. lirj 'trences, ( 'bij ptrmission. ) C. Huribui, Detroit, J. (.'. flcarit, lirotlier & Co. ,.. WUderA Snow, lryWoidburv. Avery & Co, i „ ■■ v , R. G. Williams, Acw York' 1. HOLMES & CO., A'HOLKSALE AND RETAIL DEALERS 1M STAPJ.K AND FAMCY DRY GO O DS, 9ry Groceries, Carpeling? antl ptper liangingSi ?o. C3 Woodward Avenuey JLurned's Block, Detroit. j BÖ1.HM, ATfío York. ) s m iioLfti:s. Detroit. ) HITE tnke ihin mciliod oí informing our Írend9 V V and custoüicrs throughout the State, that e nre siill pursuing the even tenor ofnur .'i.ys, endciivonng to do our buíiiiMS upon tdr nd honorable principies. We ould nlso tenor our acknowledgments for tlie putroncge exended to us by our custonicia, and would beg eave to cali the nttention of the public to a eiy ell boiecied assortment of BCa30iiable Good, vbich are oöered at wholesale or retail at very ov prices. Ourfacilitíes for purbesing Goo d iré uneurpassed by any concern in the Staic - One ofthelirm, Mr. J. Holmes resides in tbe :jty of New Ynrk, and frorn his long experience in the Jobbing irado in tfiat ciiy, and from hi ihorough knowlcdpe of iho niurket, he is enabled to avail bimeelf of the audions nnJ any decline in prices. We also purchese from the Importers. Mnnufacturer's Agents. and ftom tbe auctions, by tlie ackage, the sntct as N. Y. Jobbers purchase. thus savinc their profite.- With tiiese faciliiies we can salely say thnt our Goode are 9oid cheap for the evidence of which we invite tbe allention of the public to oui alock. We hold to the great cnrdinn! principie oi ilthe greutest good to the irKcle number," so if you wnntto btiy Goods cktap, and buy n lutpt quant'ity Tor a Vttlc movey givo us a trial. Our stock Í3a8 extensive as any in the city, and we aro cnnstnntly recoivmg new and frceh Goodó from New York. 50,000 Ils. Wool. VVnnled, tbeabove quaniity of good niorchnntable Wool for which the higheet market prico will be paid. 3. HOLMES & CO. Detroit. MaygP,184S. 214-tf CAÑ'T BE BEAT ! THE nbscribcra would inform the Public, that thoy continue to supply the State üf Michigan with L. B. WALKER'S PATENT Te large nutnbers of these Machines that have beensold, and thesteadily increasing demand for them. ia the beet evidonecof their real valué, and of ihcir rstimniion with those who have become familiar with their mcríts. Walker's Smut Machine is superior to otheta in theoliowing pnrticulars: 1. A it conilunua the Beating. Stotirivg, and Blouing Principies, it cleane tbe enmiiiesi "' grain in the best manner, retaining all the friction of thc wheat, and diecharging thosmuiond dtist ss fnsl as separated from tho wheat. 2. ït is simple in construction, and is therefore lees Hable to become deranged, and costs lesa for repairs. 3. It runa very light, and is perfectly secure from fire. 4. h iá as durable as any other Machine a use.5. It costs considersibly than other kinds. These tropoitant points of differenee have giv en ihis Machine the preference wilh those who have fairïy ined t. Among o large numberof Gentlemen in the Milling Business who might be named, ihe follow'mc have used the Machine, airlcertified to tlieir exceliency and superiority: H. N. Howaku. Pontiac, Mica E. F. Cook. Rocbester, do E. B. Dasforth. Mason, do M, F. Fhikk, Branch, do H. H. CoMsmcK. Coms:ock, do References niny also be had to John Bacon, Auburn, Msch. W. Ryo.n, do do 1). C. Rock, do John Puips, Monroe, do II. Dousman, do do A. Bi: ach. Waierloo. do Geo. Ketchum, Marshall, do N. EfxumwjéY, Onklnnd, do All orders for Machines will be promptly attended to. Addrees E. O. & A. CR1TTENT0Í. Ann Arbor, (Lower Toivd) YVash. Co. Mich. AuL. 24, 1845226-ly FOR SALE AT LOW PRICES AND EASY TERMS. npUE Suhscriher offers for eile a Farm, in the J_ lown of Dejtter. of 166 acre?, nbout 60 icres improvea. Aleo a Farm at the moiuh of floney Creek in iicto, 3 miles (ruin thivillnge, of l'JÖ acres. ÍK) acres improved. Also a farm on mile frotn this villnge of 160 acres. 100 acres improved. Each of ihese Farms are desirnbljr locatfd for resWnces; have good buildintrs and nfe all wull wq:cred. Also two dwelhag bouses and oís d tltls villrL;o. 200 vilfnpe fote; 24 out lotsol nboot ono aero e.ich. in tlc imniedioic vicinitv of this villnge.- lOacri's timbered lanrl. nd 33 acres improved 3 of a itulc fn)m tliis villsge. A ls". 5 slips in the Prtsliyteriari niee'inghousa. Any of !hc abovo tnentioncJ pronrty will bo sold at fair pricos nnd on n credit of J of the purcha;" money - Tille Perfect. WtVletl A SPAN OF GOOD H ORBES IN r.VY.MK.NT. WILLIAMS. MAYNARD. Ann Arbor. May 19, 1816. 204-6m WHOLESALE & RETA1L A. M' F 'AR REN, BOOKSELLEB AND S? ATIONER. SM ARTS BLOCK, 137 JKFFKRSOM AVBNUB, DETROIT. KEEPS constnmly lor sale a complete nssort moni of Ui ace! In neo (is. Schooi nd Clossiccil Books, Letter nnd Cap Poper, plain and rul cd, Quilis, lnk. Sealittg 'nx, Catltry. Wropping Paper. Printing Pnper. of all size ; and P.ook. Nrwsnnd CniiDis'er Ink. ofvarions kinds. BLANK BOOKS. fnll and huil honnd, of every vnrieijof Ruün, Memorandum Books. &c. To Merchant8, Teoebers. and others. buyjng in ')iiities. n lroe discount made. Sabbath School and Bible Society Depo&iior. 1 f TO LAWYERS. JUST opening, n Hrst rate lot of Law Booku for sale ai tho publishcn priors, for cash at Tt-iny's Booestore. Junr 15. I46. 70-tf Select School. MISS J. B. Smith. assisted Ly Miss S. Fiitr.r, announces to the public that she is prep.ired to rfceivc j'oung Inriies into hrr school ín thebaBvment room of the Episcopal Church. Tkkms - For rjunrter of 12 weeks, for English hr.incliesfrom 5; French ind Lntin oach S pxrrs if inrsupd rogpther with rhe English turiie?, or separatctv, $5 each. The school iM bc furnished with o Philosophical nppxratns: nnd nccasional lectures given o the .Naturfll Scirrces. Mrs. Hu?hs wül iv( nstnio in o nll wLo desireit, in Music, Drawing, Pomnngand Needlewrtrk. Misa Smirfi rpfers to ie foílowiíigpenh'mer.: Profewors VilUoins. Ter. Frook, nJ Wheedon of the Uni'.-ersiry; Rev. W. L? Curnt, P-v. ■ Mr. Simons. Rev. C. C. Taylor, Won. E. Mun'iy. Win. S. Mavnarij Fj. Ann Arbot. April 29, 16. SCi-tf