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Wages Without Work

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IIC COnuTJISSlOUCll UUICV.rS Hl UC bios. rvicc'numbcr at piesent 1,024, d,,jr as follóws; Captains 07, of Alum r.)nm o waitirg orcWí, and one on suspenon })j ('onin.iíinders 07, of whom óü are ig orders; Lieutcnants 3ÍJ0, of whom c"uaitingnrcle-5, and 2 on süspenMi &uigopns 60;" Piassed Asistant r.nd ftitur tant Puvgeons 65; Chaplains 22, ]o,ss; ld Midshipmen 184, and Midehipmcn ( '- N. Y. Hcrald. ■ . natie ore tl. ai of. isalf of the Captains stUt Comn-iandoir-, and more than one bat t iter of the Licutenants, all idle in even me of war, and all drawing pay as vg: ry js } Captains at $4,500 6102,000 by t ) Commandors at 82,500 125,000 to t 3 LieulenantsatSl.SOO 172,800 lM 8457,800 al{e.] fearly half a t.ullion of dollars paid ually to 1S2 persons for doing of ! W henee comes this amount? - lonj ._ il ...K nnn if iUri fiirmíirs nilíl l)Cl'lïanics. Many a zealous Democrat q een toiling for weeks under a nflu nn to gather in his wheat which will ernr tör half a dollar a bushei to get ter i i pp.y Xavy Captains almost Fifteex L? irs a day for doing ncthing ! ï But XQ good does it do to say any thing pres t it 1 He will be just as ready to own t agaïn in '43 for another vs0 5 heww fcr Polk in '44; and thus he can probablv keep on till he dies. The "g has continued for the past generation, grG) iinlcss the labouers will wake from are! stupidity, it will continue for a '?vo: 1 it nr to come. kv , ach prodlgality has ahrays exisicd in tfon naval service. Here is a specimen of 1 n the report of a committee of ve ;s in 1842. yjicers waüiug orders. On ïcavc. j 5, 1051 324 _j ' l113 371 Joh 0, 1210 286 2, ofl 'he pay of those absent, on leave and g. ting orders, in 1S42, is stated by the toe imittee at nearly $350,000. Yet the wa; iBER of oincers Vr-as increaced three we dred and Iwo between Jan. 1,1840, Jan. I, 1842 ! We rnight multiply , h facts indefin itely; but vho cares, so ihe e as the producers are willing to on rk over" from vear to yearfLr We find the following in the MonAdvocate, ene of the most candid and sible Democratie papers in the State. 2 do not know whether the remarks ini ve mccuit to npply particularly to au", old Andrew Jackson, or Polk, os ca, ity are all"southern planters," and "own Tgcrfieshand blood." But we guess pe =y were suggested by certain th Ie transactions of the present Cii ration. ,pa Negro Aristocracy. - Among the - ives of the South, a spirit of aristocracy by said to exist, which occasionally shows de elf, when one wishes to put nis fellów tri iwn, and himself up, by expressions like th is_"Go along half-price nigger ! You & ouldn't fetch 850, and I am worth a And the aristocracy of thcir owners, s of precisely the same charficter - the th loney value. of their nigger slaves.- ai trip a Southern planter of the wealth he tj. svns in nigger flesh and blood, and he i no longer an aristocrat; nothing of imself, but a pauper, a vngabond. Such is the Aristocracy that controla tj nd directe, the destlny of this Republic ; 0 n nristoci-acy of wealth vested j, y in slaves. Slaveholding politicians of ie South are neither whigs nor demorats. 'J'hey have no political principie l ir policy except that which iooks to the g lerrnanency and perpetuity of tlieir local nstitutions of African slavery. They act . vith the one or the othor of the political arties of the free States, just as they s ider their interest as slaveholders is to o aöected by so acting. In their c ion, everv interest of the country is t ndary to' that of slavery : and they have j is yet, always had free state doughface ïspirants for place and office, sufficient in ïumbers and subserviency, to follow in í he footsteps of this slave aristocracy, as ■ he rneans of securing to themselves the } ew vile crumbs which tliC Negro nrisoc:icy occasionally betow upon their