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The New Tariff Bill

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Bill is from theN. Y. Tribune- Wl enotaware thatihe ratcs hero cited the 'su xltered previous to itá passage. - folkm Uve find that to be the caso, we whicli líikc the necessary corrections. and n Sclwdule .4.-100 per cent, Mí mdy and other Distilled Liq-iors, i'1 L,&L &c. Dg." Srhcduh I.-4Ü Vcr cniL Ieast' lits PresorvoH, Fig, Raisins, Dates, use ti Spices, Almond?, &c. Winesof king ids, Imitation do., Gnme, Cul Glnss, cour s, Snuffand all forms oí cur Tobacco. Cedar, Ebonyr only Rosewood, &c. manu factu red. espe Schedule B.-M per cent. foun o, Beer, Portcr, Baskets, &c. &c. düW , G'.oves, Mits, Carpeta Carpeling, m.Vs íing, ready made. Coal, Cokp, Culm. Prac 5ry, oT all kinds. Ahnonds, Gom-?, pura hen, China and Stone Ware?, us tl Perfumes, Fire Arms, all sorts. - mer ïituro, Cabinet. Glass and G'ass foll' e. Hals, Bonnets, &c. (excopt of inte ), Hemp. Iron of all Kinds.- pV ilry, of all kinds, Manufactures oí do. Wil] :ilüc Pens, &c. Oil Clotb, all sorts, of 3 .Olives &c. Paper and Manufac. of ting Card, Polatoe?, Scwing Silk, sent st, Sugar, MoL-issps, Tobacco unman degi Jmbrelias, &c. &c. Wool of all kinds, I lufacturcs of do. Po. of Cotton, who n, Silk or worsted, ïf embroidered labo amboored. Manufac. of Wood, do. labo lopper, Gold, Silver, Tin, Lead. conScheduïc C- 25 percent. waj aizes, Pockings, Burgundy Pitch, I tó [ons and Moulds, Gotton Manufactures foK orally, do. Goats Haír, &c, Cables, mg dage, Calomel, &c. Eon.V, Feathers vic Beds, Flannds, Floorclothf, Floss eiic ■s, Haircloth Seating, Jutc,Sisnl Grass, er ttingof flags, &c, Silk, manufactured, er tes of all sorts, Worsted Manufactures, is a Woolen Yarn. anc Schedule D.- 20 per cent. kn cids. all kinds, Bacon, Barley, pa??, all kinds, Blank Books, Boards and thff nbcr, Candles, all Kinds, Colton Caps, rea ves, Copper Rodï, Spikes, do. in ets, Drugs generally, Fish generally, cor ,urof Wheat, &c, Gunpowder, Flair, rea ss, &c, Hemp, manulactured, Indian aj :n or meal, Leaci, Pipes and shot, w'n genernlly. Linensof all kinds, ius .-, Rosewood, Ebony, Cedar, Mits, sm iwers, &c, ISeedles all kind.-, O il of wl mp, &c. Oranges, Lemons, Paints, ell - and ground. Pnper Hangings. ii Is, reprinted.PorkPitch, Re, Wheat, a is, Sai, Salls, genorally, Skins, all bc )d, Steel, except bclow, Stereotype pe xtes, Tar, Types, &c, Velvct ofcotton, pe indow Glass, W ooien, Wool cd its and Bodies, Oils, Animal or Fish. bc Schedule E.- 15 per cent. Arsenic, Bark, generally, Diamonds, fó laz'rs, Siík ra%v, singles, tram, thrown dt organzine. Flax and Tow, Leaf, cc old or Silver, Tin, plates or sheets, si eel, in bars, cast, Steel or Germán, Zinc, bi ï'eltër, &c. I" f2i,orhil( V - TO ver cent. K1Books, Magazines, Bleaching powders, th imeos, Mosaies, Chronometers, to :nds, Gems, Pearls, &c, not set.- ï ates, Maps and Charts. Engravings ui Musicand Paper. Pamphlete, &c- ti ars, cxcept drcssed on the skin. Gums, ft merally, Hemp or Linseed. Indigo, c; elp, Lime, Newspapers, &c. Oils, ft alm,Cocoa. Saltpetre refined. Stones, ii urr, do. building, Tallow, Marron, &c. Votches and Parts. Schedule G.- 5 -per cent. V Berries, Nuts, &c., for dying, unmanu, n ictured, Bristles, Chalk, Bclls, old, Brass c o., Copper do, PigCopper, Clay, Flints, c )yewoods in stick, Grindstones, Horns, r Jone, Teeth, Ivory, manufac, Ivory. e íuteí, &c.', Lastings, for Shoes, Madder, i íohair Cloth, Silk, Twist, &c, nakers, Potash or Nitrato of Soda, Pewter, 1 ld, Rags, all kinds, Raw Hides, anc f. Jkins, Saltpetre, crude, Shell, unmanufac. ! Sumac, Shellac, Tin in pigs or blocks, iinc, SpeHcr. &c. Schedule H.-Frce of Dut y . Animáis for Breed, Bullion, Gold, 3ilyër, Cofice and Ten, Coins, do. and bopper, Cotton, raw, Feit, for Sheathing, Household EiTects of Immigrante, Guano, Platina, Models of ïnventions, Oakum Junk, Piaster of Paris, Seeds, generally, Sheathing Coppor,Shcathing MetaljTrees Bulbs, lloots, Shrubs, Plants, &c, U. S. produce exported and returning, Wearing Apparel in actual use.