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ution to give the same oaicn 01 uuu w members of thisCongress, that tnembers af the last Congress receivcd. Passed.- ' Pilol. Thisllttle paragraph tellsof the payment of from Four to Sevon Hundred Dollars worth of books to each member of Congross, in addition to a pay atnounting in per diem and travelling fees to about Sixteen Dollars a day, all of which oornes out of the laborers. But if they don't care who does 1 $5 A regiment of troops are about embarking from New York for California. Thcy are enlistëd for 12 months, anditissaid to be the intention of the Government to leave them in Culifornia as ettlers. (tThe articlcs of our correspondent on the "Great Southern Schemc," though brief are to tho point. Read them, and you will get a correct history of the origin of the Mexican War, from the best documen3tormons in a California expedition. publishcd letter to Capt. Alien he u wil] have the Mormons distinctinderstand, that I wish to take them lunteers for 12 months - that they e marched to California, receiving nd allowances during the above and at its expiration they will be irged, allowed to retain as theirpriproperty the guns and accoutreto be furnished to them at this zh company will be allowed 4 woxs laundresses, who will travel with ompany, receiving rations, and the allowances given to the laundressea r army." ■ The Presbytery of Lewe",, a small body consisting of four or ninistcrs and lis many churches, has Irawn from the general assembly school) to which it belonged, exly on the ground of the antislavery icter ofthe document adoptedby the nbly at its last meeting. lie prcsbytery of Ripley Ohio, has drawn from the same assembly, exsly on thc ground that the action of íssembly is not suñiciently antislave-N. Y. Observer. T Tho receipts on thc Centralfor the first six months of 1845 were 312,52 : for the first six months of 5,8145,010,08. 'f The Pennsylvania Freeman says: e understand that Mr. Giddings visits ne at this time to aid in accomplisha political resolution in that State lav to that in New Hampshire." j The Detroit Advertrser announthe deaih of F. A. Harding, one of . Editors of that paper. F Ge$. VV. Ci.ark, wri'.es U3 from ülinoia, r. C : Wchavejust comp'etetl our tour thrmigh e County, nnd go this day into Wisconsin, end thn monih of August. I have rccsived rl'.owin reiurna from tho e!ectin ir. this iniy. Tno clcciioi) was h.U on Mjnday of week. Towns. Vo'os Whiff. Dem. Lü. nke Zurich, 81 90 7.) ,I,:iC.cek, 9 41 92 5ris-ol, M 53 91 rtuMlescx. 28 70 70 Af io 30 w .mlc Fort, . R4 172 ítí Jjrlingion, 33 32 3'J -3 4HS flv! 3ood Chccr. Lt tho frionds of frcedotn ope on," and worh on. Tlio Liberty men on within 500 of carrying the County. The clection they will mako ciear work of ij, j no m'slake." ET The whole number of vo'ers in Francöin 43 was '233. '51. orone in 146 ot the inhabitis, the population beingabout '05,000.000. STATE LIBERTY FUND.