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" il.e in erior, 225,01 " 26,24 $400,0:1 $iüo,24 AddUionál Rcports. [liyhlanii. Oaklantl County, Elija)) Dunhom, n'n.. $L0,0)- SI paid by Major Aldcrman S. B. Treadwcll. Vernon, Sbiowasse County, thirty bushcla of er.t. Rieliland, Kulatnoxoo County. J. S. Porter, ía'n. 13,50 in money nnd wheat, and 2 bush of wheat. nKClPITUT.ATtO!. Totni abovo su')scnbcd, $40),0l H,ph!oná, lÓfl Vernon, (estimntod) 12,00 Richland, do 19.30 Total, $441,34 Tota! nbovc pml, 13020 Paid in Highland, 1,00 Paid in Detroit by J. T. Birchard, (additiorifil) 5n0 C, M. Howard, (additional) 2.0Í) CuUen Brown, &.P9 J. C. Sabino, 2u0 175,24 C. H. STEW'ART, Clia'n. Detroit, Aug. 5, 18lfi. Thn Cent'ol Comnnltee have arranged with Ir. Coilding of Ohio. and Mr. Clarke, of New íor, to leciuro througli thc State, commencinc n thé West on thï lat of September, and expect jurlecturoisfrom New York to commence in he cast ot thc same time. They cali nUcntion of friends to tlie reporta )ubliahgd: as each peruses thom let him nota vhethor his town is accurntely reponed, and i( hero be error or omission let bim notify C. H. Stewart. lfany report has been sent. but is tot puMished, the chairmnn will please to renew t, e it lias not como to hand. And Iet tliose who have not sent reporte do so, and those who havo not canva&sed their towns r,rorgnniztíd them lor su'oscripiion, set nbout it fottliwith. Two lecturers are now in the field. Six more will tafo) .heir place on the Jst of Septomber. Eight regular State lecturers, in addiiion to tho volunteer efTorts of tho Central Commitlcc, andof frie.ids nll through tho State, njtíed t'V dacumenia ought to atiaiulato every Tricnd to vignrous activity, and buoynnt hope,- Yol ís it but ;i tyiho of what might ho done by faithful effort. Tho Oommittee hopa to íiear soon from tho ladies. and to be made the medium of disporeing thoir contributions for the hboration andonlightenment of tho enslavod. C. H. STEWART, Chairman. 07" An experiment is being tried in England to tos, the practicability of a Submarine Telegraph across the English Channel. The English and French Governments are united in the enterprisc. If successful, the next experiment will be to bring it across the Atlantic