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ülainc- A box containing tó.OOO in gold and rilver was rcccntly found by somc boys while at j)lay on a sidehill near the city of Portland, supposed to be a portion of the inoncy taken from the Cumbcrland bank, some 18 or 20 years ago. Over. forty thousand petitioners have sentthcir names to the Staie Legislature, praying for a law to suppress the traffic in strong drink. It is thought by many that the petitions wiïl be regardcd.Xew Hampshsrc- -The fcllows tliat wear the rooster-tails and train hor?eback, are in a tempest of indignation, at the overthrow of the Fall Mustcrs - and so are the thimblc riggers and the New Rum pedlars; but the People like the reform. - JV. II. Freeman.1TCW York. - At an pxhibition of fire works in N. York, on the Gth, a, rorket took a slanling direction, stróck n lady in the crowd of spectators, nnd killed her instantly. She had a clnld about a year old in lier arms, and her husband was standing by her side. Two cargoes of pressed hay arrived Inst week at New York from the far regions of Iowa, showing what things intornal improvcmenls aro able to accomplsh.Trinity Church, in N. Y. City, cost 8300,000. The papers give the details of a sad catastrophe on the Erie Railroad, ncar Seamansville, Orange Co. A wheel in one of the cars broke while passing a bridge, and thrcw the train off the track. The bridge was partly ploughed to pieces, and the first passenger car sunk uponthe bed of the road, with its wheels torn off. A lare car followed this with such force as to completely crush it and run almost through it, the train being under way at 30 miles an hour. Threé persons werc killed, and 25 or 30 badly hurt. An account says: "There were somc threejred passengers on board; and it is a matter of utter astonishmentthatso few were killed; as I am informeel by those who wc re on board, that it took more than an hour to get out those alone who were crus'ied under the falling of the heavy roof of one of the cars : passing os it did, directly under the roof of the car in the rear, knocking down nearly every person that was sitting in ft at the time. Many jumped from the windows of the diamond c.r, and cscaped with but littlc injury. Qjthera were found jammcd betwecn 'ncavy timbers, scarcely alive. Ilany instances of hair-brcadth escapes are mentioncd. One gentlman was carried from one car, half way through the car in the rear, with but trifling injury. A portion of the rail was driven through the bottom of a car, grazing the cheek of a gentleman, and somewhat severely injuring c lady, at the same time throwing a younL man several foet from whèro he waístanding. I do not exaggerate whcn I say that two of the cars, crowded witli passenger?, we re completely shattered - hardly atimber being left unbroken, and the seats a complete mass of broken fragmsnts." A gontlman was in our ofllce yesterday, wJto carne to Bristol, R. I. from New York, on Sunday, witii the expectation ot bning married that evening ; but when he arrived at íhe residence oí the bride, he found that the ceremony could not be performed, because they hnd not been three times published. - They then carne into this state and made application to a clergyman at Dighton, and íoanolher atTaunton, but with noïetter succoss, ns our Massnchusetls laws Iso require a publioation." They ame to tliis city yeslerday, and finding lat they could not be married, even after (Terir.g to give bonds lo idemnify a clergyman for all dam ges, and rui extra 'ee, they took the stfiamboat line in the fternoon, for New York. In that city hey will find no diíTiculty. - Courier. Freeman, the murderer of the Van íest family, has been sontenced to be ïanged on the lSth of September. He nppears to be a stupid savnge, vcry litile, f at all removed above idioc}', ns the folowing accounl f rom tlie Auburn Adveriser of the mnnner in which he received lis senlenco sufficiently show?. The appea rauco of the prisoner was unconcerned as usual.llis Honor, Judge Whitney then bock oned the prisoner to come to him. The prisoner stepped up to the witness' stand. Judge Whitney, (n a louri voicej Can y ou hear me 1 The prisoner turned his cnr to tho Judge so ní? al most to touch his face. Judgo - Do you hear me now ? (Very loud.) Prisoner nodded assent.Judge - Do you remcrnbor John G. Van Nest? Prisoner nodded assent. Judge - Dq you know you killed him 1 Prisoner nsscnled as before. Judge - You have been tried for killing him, do you understand ihat ? Prisoner - Don't know. Judge - We are now going tosentence you, tho Jury say you killed him. Do you know what I menn ?Prisoner - I don't know. Judge - Dd you hear what. I said ? - Do you know what I mean ? You've been tried for killing him - do you understand that 1 - do you know tlmt ? - The Jury sa'y yóu are guilty ; that you did kül him - do you understand that ? To the above questions the prisoner said, don't know. Judge - 'Do you know who the Jury are ? - those men who sif along there, fpointing to the Jury,) - Well they say you d-d kill him, ana now we are going to sentence you to be hanged. Doóu understand that ? PrKnnpr - Yp?.Judge - Have you any Ihing to soy nginst it - any thing to teil me about it ? Prisoncr - I don't know. The Judgc then remanded him his seat, and proceeded to pronounce the sentence; he prisoner all the time sitting ! - Chronolypc.Tho New York Express snys " there is now no doubt, that some knowledge on tho subject was received by ihe wires yesterday afternoon, which the public did not gencrally know. Stocks which had risen materially in the morning feil in the afternoon, and there were numerous sellors in the market." Who wouid have thought the thunder woid come down sj low as to whisper in the earsif Wall street gamblers how to play their ricks ! Elisha Fitzgerald, a mechanic of New ifork, has invented a machine called the I Tuscan Slrmo BraiderS It is so small ind beautiful that it would be an ornanent to a parlor, and so simple in its management that a child could attend a doz-j sn or twenty of them with case. Havirig a quantity of the short straws which are imported from Tuscany put inlo a rcceptacle, it selccts one at a time and adds lo it the braid, at the samo time cuttingoff the refuso end of the one whose place it supples, and forms ilic braid with its iron fingers, much betlerthan could bo done by the most experienced braider in Tuscany, and with such speed tbat one macliine would do more n one day than iifteen or twenty operaives. The case of Parkhurst in BuiTalo, in-j dicied forselling liquor, has been carried to the Supreme Court, lsr, because the law did not pass the Legislature by a twothird vote, and consequently could take no power away f rom the common Council ; 2d, because the law was in contra-' vention of the revenue laws of the United States. The final decisión of this suit will be regarded as settling the question as to the power of cities to gran1 licences in opposition to the new law. Kentucliy. - Let the world listen. The P. M. in Dover feeling the importance of his station, has notified the publisher of the True American that no more copies ofthat paper will be distributcd fromthe 1 Dover post office, on account of itsyicial iníluence." Wlien will deeds of blood cease to be enacted in our State? Within the past two or three weeks it has been our pain ful diity to chronicle six or eight cases of killing and mniming in Kentucky, and we now have to notice another. On last Saturday morning a man namcd Mills, living in Washington co. - betwecn this. place and Springfield, killed his f atlicr-inlaw with a mowing scythe. Ilecutboth lcgs of his father-in-law nearly off, and so severe wèré the wounds that the old man died in about fiftcen minutt. The name of the name of the murdered man was B. M'Lcan ! Mills was prompily arrested und is now in the Springfield Jail.One day last week a man in Spencer co. some eighteen or twenty miles f rom this place, killed his brolhcr-tn-laic, by striking him on the head witti a stone. - Bardsloxcn Gazcitc. O5lïo. - The postmaster of Little York, Ohio, has been convictedof taking one dollar from the office. Penalty, ten years imprisonment.