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JffiSSOIlllBOEl. TIfE co-p'nrinorshij) horetufore cxisiing uuder the finn ot'Lund & McCollutn, is ihis day dissolved by muiual consent - nll notes and ioC"Uiits dun said finn must be paid to D. T. McCplluui who ia duly authorizod to setile the saiiiu. J. H. LUND. D. T. AltiCOLLUM. Da;cd, Ann Arbor. May 20, Iö46. The husin.'s vvill hereafter be conductud by J. IJ. Lnnd At Co., who ore now receiving a large and extensivo nssortnient of Goods, cunsUiing of Dry Gouds, Groccries. Crockery and Glnsiwarr, Boois nnd Slioca, Buiinots, Puiriin and Oils. Drugs id Medicinen. &c. TIn public aro invhed to cali and examine qnaiiiy and priecs. J II . LUND & CO. Daled. Ann Aibor, May üf) 1846. Í2G8 3m TO TIIJE 1'iJBIiIC. THE subscriber wishes to inform the public, that hc Ins cotimteied his new Brick Buildinjj in iho Vill.ijioof liowell. and lins llued it up, together iviili Bjrna oc.d oilier out 1'uildingSi tor a permanent Tavern tniid. He hns now . opened the saine lor the accoinniodntion of thi public, nnd will endeavor to mnke lus house a quid resiine piuco fm the troveller. Tbc Houw will be kept npon atrictly Temperance principie, it ci)argeB evhien will compare wiiji the mot rcnsona.le, 'ñhongli it should deniand soinc pecuniury sacrifice to susjain it." To the (riends of liberiy nnd efjual rij;ht. tlio "BitcNKT FJouse" is now oflered you wilh út motto: ''Liberty IJ Temperance." E. F. GAY. Howell, Liv. Co. April ?9. I8-1C. i.G-if TEMPERANCE HOUSE. PB. R1FLEY would say to his fiicnds nnd the Irienda of Temperrnce. that he lm mken tho Temporáneo House, Iniely kept by Wm. G. Whenton. where he would be (ilr.á to wait upon tliem. Hay nnd Oats nd Stabbling to nr'commodate tcanis. D;troit, January 1, ]6-{6. 245if LOSS BY FIREÜ MitCHElX EACKElt, sucecssor of M, Ilownrd. as Agent lor t lic Pkotkction Iisuranck Comimnv. of Mnrtford. will inaure Dwcll.'ngs, Barns, Mcrcliandize. nnd all other inmirable propeity on ns low tormsnsany olhor good company in the United States. FARMER'S BAIIN8 INSURED AGAIN8T LIGHTNING ! Office in tho Sccond Story of New Post Offica Bnildinp. norili oCCourt House. Ann Arbor, June 16. 1i)4G. 2G9tf To Mporlsmen. AGENERALnssortment ofCnsteel nndlron Barrel Rifies, doublo nnd single bnrrel Shot Gum, P8tolB, Gun Locks, Game Bagi, Shot Ponchen. P wder Flasks, foreale by WM. h. NOYES. '4&-ly 7ij. Wüodward Ayenijc. Petrpil.