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Taking A Hint

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It is very surprising to see how slow iome men are totakeahint. The frost iestroys about or.ehalfthe bloomon fruit trees ; everybody prognosticatcs the loss of fruit ; instead of tliat, the half that remain, are larger, fairer, and higher flavo red than usual ; and the trees, instead of bcing exhausted, are ready for. anothercrop tho next year: Why don't they tak e the hint, and thin out lus fruitevery bearing yearf JJut no ; the next seasonsees his orchard overloaded, fruit small, and not well formeel ; vet he always boasts of that first mentioned erop, without profiting by the lasson which it teaches. We heard a man saying, "the best erop of eclevy I eversaw, was raised by old John , on a spot of ground whcre the wash from the barn-yard ran into it after every hard shewer." Did he take the hint, and apply liquid mnnure to his celery Not at all. We knew a case whcre a farmer subsoiled a field, and raised crops in consequence, which were the admiration of the whole neighborhood ; and for years the field showed the ndvantages of deep handling. But we could not learn thal a single farmer in the neigliborhood took the hint. The mrm who acted thus wisely, sold his farm, and his successor pursued the old wayof surface scratching. A staunch farmer complained to us of his soil as too loóse und light ; we mentioned ashes ns worth trying ; "Well, now you menüon if, I bclieve it will do good. I bought a part of my farm from a man who was a wonderful fellow to save up ashes. and around hiscabin itlay in heaps. I took away the house, mid to this day I notice that when the plow runs along that spot, the soil turns up moist and close-grained." Jt is strange that he nevcr took the hint. A farmer gets a splendid erop of corn or other grain from off a grrss or clover ley. Does he take the hint ? Doei i he adopt the system which shall allow him every year a sward to put his grair i on 1 No, he hatos book farming, ant ; scientific farming, and "this notion of ro ! tation ;" and plods on the old way.-Essex Transcript. Whcn wc see a man kick a horsr, wè 8ay at once, that he never necd ío como to eourt our dauffhter, for he should not