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Genesee Liberty Convention: For The Signal Of Liberty

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The friends of Liberty ia the County of Cen;see niet in the Court ilonse n ihe v'illage cf Hint, on ihe lOth ins'., when Lewis Buckingiam wns cnüed tó the Chair, and J. N. Robín on. was nppointed Secretary. After whieh the 'ollov.-iiig persons were chosen aa candidutes lor :ffice at the Fuiï eTecïion. For Representutivts; J. W. King, and A. YV. Iarl. For Sheriff; Ntlson II. Chittenden. For County Cierk; üarlow YVhmlesy. ; " Register: D. C. Leach. Treasurer; Isaiah Mamman. " Coronera ; Bcnnjah Tuppor, Daniel S. reenian. For Associa'iC Judges; Aliïed Brainard, S. Atherton. For JuiJye of Trobaie ; Jércroiah Ilitchcock. For County Surveyor ; J. RIerriman. Tlic folio wi Dg porsorje wcic then chneen at delégales to the Senatorial Conv.inion lu bc Ponliac, ihe 28ih of Aug. in.t. v.z : - J. C. Gallus, CliauKcy S. Marvin, Lewis Buc'.i inghain and Newell Tupger. For the Congr.:ss ional Convention at tlio same time and place - Peres Atheiton, Alanaon Dickenson, ira Chaatond Francis King. Afier whicii the following resolutions wcre biiefly butably diecussed by diflerent individuyl present, andunanimously adopted. Resolved, That we regard oar wicked ensiavtiment of 3,00J,000 of colored peopie in this nation, as the great polilic-al monupoly in the h:ir.d? uf 2.'0,OOÜ slavehoiders, by which our uwn libeilics are in a greai nioasure subverted by a tígfateous retribuiion of provjdence. Resolved, That whiie the northern pcople - constiiuiing aa they do the numcrical power ol the natinn - continue to exercise this power in any manner to sustain and extend slavery, thej aro virtually, practical slavoholdcrs. aud puisut a course suuidul to their owii and their country": libenies. Resolved, Thnt in as mnch as slavcry is morally the groat cry'ng sin of the nation, and polii ically the great ponrer that controla the dustinie: of our country, ''right or wrong," it becoir.ei all the lover? of humanity and their country t fyrego for the time, their minor private interests to unite for its speedy and efffeciual ovcrihrbw. Resolved, Thnt if our revolutionary fa'.heri submerged all t!ieir private interests fur the riim in tbc great question of ilio redcnipiion of tliet Iibertic3 from the tyranny of a foreirn foe, i much more beconies us, their descendfints to d so. to redcem our liberiii-s froi.n a 8ti!l more hos tile and dangerous foe to us all - the slavo po re of this land. Resolved, That tlio present ur.j'ist wnr ii which our government is engaged, to cnlargi and strengihen elavery and ihe slave power, car ried on as it isuncierihe avpiccd motto, "rig i or wrong." ouht 10 plarm every i'riend of líberty and lus country. Resolved. Thnl wc rcsprcifully and cnmcstl; :nviie every lover of überiy in our country, t unito wkh iis at iho appronchinge!ec(ion, lp sup port men only for Keprcjent:itives to our Stftli Legislatura and for county olïïcers, as will nevo in any marnier by tl eir actssustain ölavcry. bj voling tor elüveholders, proslavory men, prosluvery pnriiea, or proalnvery ineseures. Resolved, That wc mosl earntsily recom mendcd to all tlie irue friends of liberty in ou (Minny, to meet in ilicir respetivo tovvnsos oftet as once a week to deviso ways nnd meana foi tlio epcedy overthrow of elavery - the greate9 foo to nian nnd oor common counlry. On motion, Resolved, That this meeting de now adjourn. L. B'JCKTNGIIAM, Cha'n. J. K. IloPi.fsoN, Scc'y. A printing-machinc, set up at the London Times oflice, prints the enormout miiiiber of 5,670 sheets per hour.