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La Fayette And Slavery

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-In aletter writtcn forthc Liberty Bell, Oct. 3, 1845, Tfeomas Clarkson says : - " He (La Fayctte) was decidedly as uncompromisisng an cnemy to the slavc trade and slavcry, as an y man I ever knew. Hefrecd all hisslaves in Fronch Cayennc, who had come to hitn by inhcrltancc, in 1785, nnd showéd me all his rules am regulntions for bis estáte when they wcre emancipated. I waswith hini no lessthan four different limes in Paris. He was a real gentleman, and of soft and gentío mañneri. I have secn liim put out o temper, but ncver at any time exeep when slavery was the subject. He ha. sftid frequcntlv, 'I would never have drawn my sword in the cause of America if I cou'd havo conceivcd tliat ihercby . was foundinga land of slavery.' "