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There is nothing of very unusunl infcrcst in the August elections. In North Carolina, the Governor and Legislataro are Whig by a considerable majority. - Kentucky ya3 carried by the Whigs about as usual. In Indiana, Whilcomb, Dem. was rc-elected Goycrnor. Thcrc will be a small Whig majority in tlie Legislature. We have no returns of the Liberty vote excepl in New Garden, whereit stood Liberty 101, Whig 40, Dem. 26. Townships of this political complexion, howcver, are scarce in this State. The Democrats havo carried Illinois as usual. We learn that in the Fourth District the Liberty vote greatly inereased, while the Whig vote feil oiF. We have not the particulará. In Chicago, the vote stood for Congressman, Dem. 1320,Whig, 477, Liberty, 326.