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STRAYED, F ROM tho Pubscribcr i Alïn Arbor, nboui July 1. a l.-iriiö n-d OX, wiih a wliiie tace, wluto tiniJe. i!io belly, 1 1 vears okl. n li" ever will remin ?aid Ox, or give intbrmation whero he inay !3 jound to ihe subscribcr, on inc Bardyoll larm, in Ann Arbor, shail be hbernLJ) rewatded. y - WILDER. Ann Arbor, Au?. 17, 184G. 27d-tf NOTICE. 4 IJ. persons nro forbidJen trusting my wifo XJL Unr.iret Vaughan. on my account, a!Th has lelt iny iiousd uod board witliouc nny jus! cause r piovocutio. .. .. 27-l.v CUGH VAÜGHAN.NEW MUSIG. B Y E . 1 V E S JUNIOR. rilE MOZART COLLKCTlÜiN OF S A CRKD MUSIC,a coHecilon ol now Churcii usic, cunaisiing ol l'salm and IJymn luiifts. H'ieins, chanta &.c, adapud to the von uictrue now m usc, amUi'tnivg u ncw initkod j islruction in t' e rndiments vf MilSiC, designe . t Singmg BohobW, Musical AaaoCMUonsu hurch Choirs and pnaic lnsinutions. Deing i the publi&hursbi'licvc, i ii: licst pöllé lin cl l'v Mujsic ever j) .i tii country. Tftè Book wiil ii ciicuidte'd in :iü iliu Wóntli f St )it-inl)(.T. 'I 'küiIh-is svini can il 0 1 ca!l n) ie l'uliliwlici wl,l ini'l cii,is t r exmi fntita l tho princij)! Bookeollers üirougliout the U -il'ALXf: S DURGESS. r.ibüsl.ers, 60 Je, IS fci. .NfcW YoKK. Ncw York. A ug. B, Ib4ü. 27-lw ivr:s tivsfCÁÚ sf.rií:s. TIk: M.i.m.mI A 8 Cj a tncihbd lor i. -.'!,.■!;■ ie rudimonis ai' ïMui'ic, willi sony.-i lo sweeieii uïly, I; - .-" ' 'l'tic Miiskvi'. Spelling Back for Schools, iili Musical iccro;tiun aa u ie lief frotn U(!y. ri(' The Miisicol RM.lrr. # 1-00 , The lieihovcn CoUceftorti 1-00 The Mo'.irt CoHtcniti of Church Musiü, jnsistmt; ot nosv u-.J [)eü&ing tunes odapied to ' ie uso nf Siriííins; Fchool aml Clmrch Chuirs. For sn!e at nRBicv'.é Bo-jkstokx, Ann Arb(.T, ' lirliiiiaii. A. C M'GUAW & CO., Are now recélvíñg thèir F all Stock of Boots & hoes Vhicli have beun eelt -ctud with ruucb care fot ie lVhoIcsale Tra de. TUI FA' now reepecUully rejue the MerJL chiints ot Mfphigan i.ud ni.'j .cent States, to xairnne their'iot k Waidl wiltUaaofd t very lów prlcefl for ci.-li or opproved credit, laving for the last iificen yt-urs wld mote Joods at reiml thon any otlier House in Michian, th'êy feel fulty persnaded iliat iheir seleciion k to pi re, iau!i'ij, ;uui ilz s, will ï,uit llie wunts f the people. Their stock of Lcaiher ond Findinga is also umpteto. 'liio retnij irada continúes n9 usual on tbcfirst lóor, CüRNKR tOt ÜKIFtUSÖN JLSU WoOUWARD AVENÜKS. . C McGRAW, & CO. Detroit, A ti e. 22, J 846. 2ts-lyDI8S0LUTWN. rHE Co-parinership herctoforo ' der ihe rttme ahd fiim of }). c K. Ltsuer, 5 by mutuul conseiil this day disolved, i AU thoso who are intleGied to snid firm by i lote or oiheruise are reip: I anil s'ütie he same wiifioaí delay with E. Lesuer, who is' u Iionzecl iu adjusi ihe Impiness. DAVID LESÜER, ERASTUS LLSUF.R. Ann Arbor. Auc, 1", tj48. '2H-üw TAKE NUTICE ! 1 LKSUKIl will cnniinuo business at the J ld stand, where lic will hold liitnsclfin iradmcss to wait on his customers in tlicbis style and at ilie flmriest uotice. Goods plenty - pricts lov - culi and sce ior yourselves, 27Ö-6VV MEDICAL BOOKS. A NEW lut of Medical Booka, juat opened and lor s:ile che.ip for cash at June 15. "270-tt' Pf.rry's. TO FARMERS! ASCR.CW suiiable for a Cider Prees, for salo xt low at the Mnchinó Shop of I!. 11, 1'AllTKIDOE. Ann Arbor, Aug. K. Í8fi. '277tf THE LIBERTY MINSTREL ONE UUNÖRKD COPms of the RfTh ni: finn of "nis hi!ily popular work are for sale at i'ie Sinal oflke at 50 cents single, or $4.5') per dozen. Tenns Cash. Now is the tiniu lor Liberty choirg to stipply themselve.s. Eicathcr! Leatherü 1000 Sules Sale Lenther, fllO do Hurness dó 200 lo Bridle do 10) CallSkios; 5 ) do Upper Liefher. For sale by KlJ)fU-:D & CO, 276-tf 153 efTerton Avenue, Detroit.AiVN ARBOR THE undersigneil havin.: puÈ haéed ilie, interes'sofhis partner in thé Mnrti BuJBÍHess, would nform ihe inliubitun's oí tliisanJ adjotuinp counties, lliat he coniinut-s ihe business nt iln oíd stand in Upper Towiu ncnr tbe PrePbyierian C 'hurch, where he will rMnufacinre to onler, Monuments, (ïnve Stoncs Painl Slonc, Tabets, $c. $c. Thoso wiehitfg to obtnin any arficjo n his linc o f business wül tiii-l by calling ihnt he nse nn assortmeni of Whiie ñnd Vaiiti' ncl MuU hou tlio Eoötcrn Marble Qninii. whtch will b wroughi in Modern siyle. nnd sld nt eftatern pricea, atddin'g trnnsportation od'v. T.-ilI and yci [heproof. 3, M. KÜCKWKUAun Arbor. JulyP. 181o. 2?-2 íy IVIÏÏilAlI R7TV4íTES, JfiT, DEALER IN FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC Hardware and Cutlery, Niils, Gliss. Cnrprnters, Conpor's nnd lilacksmiili's Toóla. Alío. MuïKtfaciiirer ofCo)er. Tin Wure. No. 7tJ, Voudward ,vemc, De-, n,t. '