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5Ö0KS! BOOKSÜ At Ferry's Book Store. TO THE PUBLIC !! rY. undersigned haviug rcturncd fro:n New York wiih a ncw, xgn und vuluablc atock Books, Stationen and Paper Hangings, s now rea?y tu eell for Cash, any thing m lus ne at hts ncw eland on Main stieet, oppomo II. Beckcr'u Urick Store. IJe will y 10 IJouk purebaacra. tha. ly liis cil'.ris lost rail on lus return (rom New York, llic prïca ol nearly every thinsi in lus line hns bcc" s'11 I lcss llian herfctuforcr.-i ud liad a tföt bfteñ í'or liim, püróha8er8 would have conlinued to iuy tliu priceahcictpfoj.0 chargcd. lio can say nlso. tliat hís sales havu been bo youd Uis most sanguine expBCtattonB; sliowin; conclusively that a" public benelactor, although ever so Brnnll, will not go unrewarded in ihia on iiühiened conimunity. He 3 tlmnkful r the favors already bcstowed und would respeciftilly solicit a contfnarföce oftli trado; and ho would s:iy h tliosc who never Imv purchased books of him, ilint lic will show tbein ui:'.s and prices v.iih pleaeurc at ony ñfrfé ihuy may ca!l whetlior they wish to nurchase or Cask orders fiom ihfl couniry will bc attended to. nnd tbc books packcd as well as if tho icr?fiii3 wcre present lo nttend tho purchases. H will also fedl tü childicn as chenp as thoir pnrciits. I'urcha9cr8 will do woll 10 examine lus stock und prices bofore ptirchasing elscwlieie. Don't forirfitlie, place; bc sure youcall at PERIÏY'S BOOK STORE, on Main Slrcet, a feto doors South of the Public S(utrc, in tha same room Uñih C. -Bliss. Walch Maker and Jcwcller. w M. R. rEKRY. Ann Arbor, June 27, 1810. 669-ifMACHINES. r"]lE uiidci sii,'ntil woulii inlorm the public X tuut 11: mnntiJacliires iJorsc Powers a;id Phreshing iitnrhines ai Seio, of u superior kind iivcnieil by himself. Thesj Poweis and tVTaobLneg nre particularly frlapted, to the use of Farmers vyho wisih to use hem lor threshtnir thëir iwn grnin. Tlio p'ow;r, ihrcsher and tixtuies u;m all be loaUed Hito u bmrrron sized wason box and drnwn witli onc uir of horses. Tliey nre designed to be iissed with four horses. and uro abutidnntly 8trong ioi ihnt nuniber, nnd may be snfcly used witli six or aight nortes vvith proper care. They tvork witli lessstrength of horsen according to the amoiu 0.1 business done tlian any othcr power, and wil! (hrcüli enerally ubout "00 bushels w heat per riay witli Cour hor.-es. In one in?tnnco 15tr buslifls wheat wore Lhrêölicd in ihreo hours viiti lour horses. Tlns Power and Machiné contnin nll t!ic advautages neeossary to thttke theiTi profnuble to tlic purcli.iser. Tlicy aro siron and duxnble. - They are easily rnoved iroiri pno place to anoilir. 'i'he wotk of lbo ioised ia ensv on these noweis ín coniparison to oiln-rs, and ljie price is LOWKll ilüin any otlier power and machine. have ever been t-oid in lbo Siato. uccorlinr to the real valué. The teims if payinent will be liberal (br notcö Kat ure fcuóVu to be abaoluteiy oiid. I Iiave a nuinlier of Powcrs nnd IVIachlneí now. re;idy for sile and persons wiahiny io buy are faviled lo cali Borin. CLKANERS. I èxpéct to be prtpared vviihm a few clnya to ni.ike (.'leniiers lor iliose svlio may want ihem. The uiiltty ndVujploges of ihis Power nm! Machine will appear evident to all on èxnminin ■he rocommeitdatroüs below. All porsaoa aro cauiio.nod pjgairat nnikint heao I'owers and Vlaebines: the undersigned havinij; adoptcd the neeessary nieafiiires lor st'uii ring letters patent for the sainu witLiii the inm reiiuired by luw. S. W. FOSTER. Scio, Washtenaw Co., Mieh.. Juno Ití, 131(5 ÏIRCOMMENDATIONS. Durinp the year l:v4T, euciiof ;hc undersigned purchusrd and used either iinlividually .- joiptly vuli otrTers, onc of tí. W. Fosier's newiy in ve:ited Hursp I'owers opd ihroehing viaehincs. nnd bclievc they are butler ndápHM i Oíe use of farmers wljö want Poyrera and Mtf&hiiwa fiii their owu use than nny oiiicr power and lliieblier within uur Unovvledo. They are calealated to bc used wilh four liorají and nre of ampie streng th lor tliat Dtinibcf. They appear to b corisïnictcd in núch a marmer ay to render (hem very dunible with linie liability of íícmiih lí out ói order. They nre eisily moved froni one place to another. They can be worked witb any nnmher ol 'hnads froni linir to cight, and will lireoli abolir 2UÜ btishels wheat per dny. J. A. PdLHÉMÜS, Scio, Washtonaw co G. IJLOOÜ. " T. KJCIIARDSON, " " ' SARÍUEL IIKAl.Y, " 3i P. FÖaTER, - N. A. PHF'-LPS, V " ADAM SMITH, " ' J. M. ÜOWF.N. Lima, " WM. WALKKH. Wel-sicr, " thos Warren, ' D. SMA'LLrËY, Lodi. " I throdhod last fall and winter one oí S. W. Fosier's horse pnwers. mero iban filteen thouaand bushels gram. The repairs bestowed upon tie power iinioiuited lo onlv (] cents, and ït was in Muofi order" when J had duuu threshing. 1 ïnvanably used si. horeea. AA [ION YOUNGLOVE. Murtón, June G, 134(5. I purchnsed one of S. W. Foster's horsi powers lost Iml and hay e uaed it for Xobbïfi. i Iiave used many difinient kinds of puv.cis and believe tbis ia the beiSl running power I have ever eeen. D. S. BEAAET. Uuniburg. June, 18 IC. We purchasèd one of S. W. Fostor.'a IIor.e Powers l;ist liill. and havo üscd it and tlinik it is a íirat tute Power. jessf: hall. dajsjel 8. hall, rLuben s. ii ll. riainbiirff. June, 18'iG. 269-if184. 1846. TEÏVÏPERAWCB HOUSÜ. MIIfON BARXKY Ot' TUK Stcaiiiboat ÏI o t e I , D KT II UIT. IS now rc.(iy to nccctnrtiodale friemls mui ihe Trove ling I'ublie, wiih all ii]qge Cpny.cniencescnlctilnted 10 mako tlicm cumiurtable, and wnli jiitLS t snit tActimps, Meas livcidy-fice Cents. Best Jon: ín the. Oüyjbrlhé same ]m:nj. Gtnicral Slage Offico Stcávíbóúls luir.-. ■ Lroit for Jii Jf'alo cviry Eccnivg. ut half pust (i o'clocli. (Usually.) The Ruilroads are wilhinjivc minuten ride of the Sleumboul Hotel. 272-tf AA Kegs of Eustern Nails, jest receivctl t)W and for sale bv WILLIAM R. NOYES, Jr 7G, Woodward Avenue, Detroit. Dec. 12, 1814. 242 XeiTHÊ PUBLIC. THE 8ubacriber wislies to inlorm the public, ilini hu has completad liis new lirick Huildirfg n the Vül.üit' ol llowcll, snd lnib liucd u up. totjeilier with Bamis and otlier out UuildingM. for .1 iiermiinciJt Tavern süiiid. Jio li.-is nuw upencd thu sfimc lor tho accommodniion of the public, and will endenvor to inokc Iiíh lioiiseu quici rcsüne place for the truvcller. The House will bu kepl uijon Ktrictlv Tempcrnnce principios, nt ciinrgca which WiH compriro wiih thu njoai reneonutle, "thpugli it nhould demund aonio pecunifiry sacriiice to siiftinin it." 'l'o ihc friends of liberty nnd equal ripht, thfe "Hiknet IIoisk" 'm now ófFered you wuli iho molto: Liberty f Tcmjici unce." K. F. GAY. Efówoll, Liv. Co. April 2i)t 184(1. 263-tf