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State Agency: Additional Reports

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cribed $17. Paid $4. yons, Ouklnnd co., Dr. Ten Eyck Cha'n., ! 'cribad $44,52. A btuul! bjim (amount nol K led) puid. bj r'liin, Genesee co. J. Shermnn Chairman, atl 'suribed $15. Paid $3 : viz : by A. a, i $1, by F. King $t. The State Agcnt ulso Liiowlcdgcs anuthcr dollar by Roboi t Crom"' g Penionvillo, Gañeses county, S. G. . a Cba'n., subscribed $12,00. Paid by Dr. ld illup $3. St Grand Blanc, G6noeo county, J. W. King, airmcii, subsciibed 10 dollars. Long Lake, Genest-e county, D. L. Latourettc t la'n. subscribed 17 dollars. ta White Lake, Oaklnnd county, It. Garnor, {)] ia'n. subscribed 15 dollnrs nnd 50 cents. ,, Niles, Dorricn couaty, J. Ofr Ciia'n. subscrib50 doüurs. Concord, Jnckon county, Tho' McGoc, la'n. subscribed 2G dollars. g' Lilchfíeld, Ilillsdaic counly, Wm. Savage fa íairmau, subscribed 16 dollars and 5!) conis. $■ Adams, Hillsdrtle CountVj Wm. W. Jackson , ja'n subscribed 30 dolltrs. Recatituí-ation.Gross amount acknowler'g.d, Signal 278. t( Su!)scnbed, $486,34 Taid $180.24 ti Saline, 17,00 " 4,00 c Lyons, 44,ó2j " Fünt, JöjOO " 3,00 R. Cromwcll, 1,00 M 1.00 c Fentonvillo, 12,09 " 3,00 r Grand Blanc, 10.00 1: Long Lake. 17,00 (I White Lake, 15,00 c Niles. 50,00 Concord, 26,00Litclificld, 10,5 J [ Adains, 30,00 I Total sub. $740,554 Tot. Pd. $191,21 l Tlio State Agent repons liis doings as he vis ts oach town, but we publish only froni the i joris of the town Cominiltees. If thero be error j r omission f rienda will notify us of it inemionng town and county, The ist of September hasarrivod and subscrip ons are due. Active opcra'.ioiis sliould aiso ' ;ornineuce,b'U repons como in so elowly, and in ( Jicate so smal! uu amount, that we have not the neans of great efTort. We expect however n iho next Signal to announco iliefact of threo new ecturers being actuully in tho field. We also havo somc documents for the towna, wliich have ' reported, but hnvo not tlie nicans to send them. ' We appt-al again to friends for active and j mediato co-operation: thnt they will not waii . forour Agents' visit, but at onco report a contribution to us. Thoy will alao recollect, that ii ■ wa& imp)sñ'jlc to send Bibb and Treadwell to ' tcery town, or even to select tbo best places. - 1 We have much to do, and but sinall meaos to do , with. We are not nfalliblo, but as we are nwkir.g a groat eflbrt, and in the beet way we can. we look for tho considoration and support of our friends. U our eflbrts aro to s'.i ::■■ i, every friend mustorllnoith givo hisaid. A short timt I henee it will be too late. A very littlo holding back at present, may render nugatory the cfforts , oud contributions, that are giving. It requires acert;iin power to rnove a certain weight : and if that power be 100 horses, and that IWaro nessed to.the work, it will ncverthelcBa fail foi want of the hundrcdtli. T. H. S TE WART.Cha'n. State Con. Com. Detroit, Sopt. I. 184G. ílCIn 17Ü6 an important despatch was Sdrried from Philadelphia to Boston in fifty hours, irhich was considorcd an instance of cxtraordinary despatch - now t can be conveyed in the same number if seconds ! The number of bones in the human skel3ton is 238, which number is made up as follows : Spine, or vertebral column, 26 ; crani ïm, 8 ; face, 14 ; oshyoides, 1 ; ribsand iternum, 25 ; superior extremities, each 12, namely, - shouldcr, arm, fore-arm, ind hand, 04 ; inferior extremities, incluling pelvis, thigh, leg, and foot68 ; teeth, 12 ; bon es of the cars, 8.