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Lower SaoinaWj Michigan. ) Sept. 1, lia Ui. 5 A fcmall pariy, mnde up, lor ilic moet pnri, of nen who are intelligent, and lovo jujtice, ought [o have th'ir candidatos for the Presidwicy and Vica l'iosidency. U suuh a party fail to nomínate, it will eiilier prov, that ihiy huve nol such men among ihem s tliey say thoy have - ur, that üisunion no jireviiils in tlieir counsel?, ihat they cannot make a nominaiion which will eatisly ü largo inajonty. In üiiher case the Liberty party would bo unfn to govern the country. But, as 1 suppos, neitliur of thorn is true, I doubt not, that in proper time, a noniinntion will be made. It wontd bo ófleCïaiiÖn in me, to Biy, that n laro nuluUer of you, were not looking iorward to i u y re-nomia: umi. But ihis cannoi bo. God h:is been plcnstid lo make me incapablo of serving you, in the capaciiy relcned lo, wcro I ever o well disposcd. EMy voice is weak - my enuncintion indis inct, and my bodily powcr5 are not 80 active as tliey latcly were. I cannot now address populnr nsBemblies, so os to be well heaid by them - nor do 1 soon expect to address them, or to mingle with them, as I once (lid. Knowing that onc ought not to stand for the l'resi'lem-y , for any party, with su iticnly diminislicd powors, I havo long sincc, made up my miad, froin tho considerations abovc set forth, i( thcre wure no other, ihat I will not be a candidaie, wlicn a iioriiinatíon shml be made. 1 ihus ear!y announco my intention, that I niiy not be In ihe w iv of any uimimuon, whicli you may thiuk proper, herüaftor, to ninke. A few worda ol' counsel, I am convincod, you will hear, from ono who hia had always too much respect for liinisclf - to say nolhtng ol othor considurationSj-evor to attompt intentiorially to mÍ6lead or deceive you. I know of no good reasan, wliy. you will not chooso a candidito, who will, in many respocts, be a suitiblc onc ; one who will bo firin and sen sble - conversani wiih piblicbu3iness - who will not be too much ricline.1 to ovor-loislation - one, in fine, who will represent yo tr prini'ei. In auMuion to this, hs shiuld believo in the God wha müdc hini, and in the Savior that died foi him ; an] ho should constan'.ly strive, by tlu ru'es thit Gd has given him, to perfect hitchürac;cr. and make it beter to-day ihah it was ye8terdny. This. every man can do - this every man ovgtt to do - and this, I consider, indispensable to bc done. Tao man who helieves, that he 5s casi into this world, to do goocl or evil, m he pleases - that thero 3 no Being that has any regard for him here, or to whorn he e to rcndei nn account, horeafter, is too unreosjnaèle to hav any office confiiied to him.portaiu clement of civilización, i but justiec O ith it, hnwever, the incident has been preo red to the main design. So linio has the P ïurch beon rftgnrJed as iho ;neans of individual h Ivation, iliat it is now, most generalij', louked w i, as merely i:istruineinnl to the civilizition, by o liich wo are surrounded. Owing to this, and h cause it lovej anJ sought power, as othei rge badied havo, it h is always embraced chrisa mily in on imperfect and mutila'ad form. b It is this love of power, that induced them lo a y, of Constaniine, who, alter h3 admission to n c church, made a dusert ofhia palnce, by mura iting liis nearest relativee, that hn was a saini e orthy our higliest veneration. It is iho same c ve oí power, that leada thorn to count os one . iheir nunibür the notorious, though royal j runechild, who, to say noihing clso of her inuitiea, give one of her two grandsons a slave r his mistress - set them nt war tügether, to ilm her private griefs, and daehed the head ol ie infant of ona of them to pieces ogainst a onii. Yel it is to her, we are told, that Eiignl s indebted (or the iniroduction of Chrisiian g y. The eatne lovo of power has piaced a Tape i the head of iha Roman Church - a l'eter, the , 'irst, at the head of ihe Greek Church, and Georgo, the Fourth at the head of ihe Anglican 'hurch. But. it ia said, we are rast that now- .that the ,But, i ia said, we are ra3t that now - .that the churoh, tho Protestant church particularly. i. much cloansed, compared willi what it wne- thai vo have al last n puro christianily proachcd n tho screral branolies of t, and that ho who Ibokf lor it elsevvhero in quite too strict. So they, doubtlcas thouht in farmer times, when they admitted to the churoh #the grcai," whom J have meniioned, stained wuli alruosi all the vices :hat fleah is heir ;o, bilt who ns ihcy liad "power," were to hc indulged in thetn. If we compare the pagt nnd preneni, we will not flnd ihe ditferencc sj in our p.irtiulily lor ourselvcs we are inclmed to mako it. They iml thcn, the teniporalitit-s of the church to (ake caro oí. So have they now. Now, too, they are abundanily large- suriicicntly 60, 10 tcinpi bad men, and to ruin any church. Bc-wde this - bul whnt scems nlmofct superfluous- hey had the thculogy of tho si.-hools to maintain.- So havo ihcy now; - admitting, thatit haa degen1 eraled into a eubtle defenoo of t [ie i r own sect or party, and a censure, or condemnation, of all others In forincr times, too, the only science thoughi worth etudying was theology. ]n tho foregoing remarka, I speak of the church - tie thing thalacls: - not oí individuáis, who in.iy, perchance, havo been cunnected wiih il, Jn addition, too, to tho abovocauaesand proofs of the corruption of tho church, the following ought not 10 be oniitied. The Slaic lms, in the most soleinn monnur, dcclrjred, Üi&t "all men are created equal." In praciioe, sho repudiaica it, and so dccideil is shc in hor opposition, that she elects to her highest places, alone, who, by thcir conduct, deny it. Shc regarda this maxim, too, as an a.xiom, andas so true as to place il qiiitc beyond debate; wníle she brand j as ''fanatics," all who act, in any mannor, as ïf they did believe it. Tho Church, too, inslead of adhering to the poor, for thcir comfort, has gono wlih iho State, and tliQBe who use the means of the State for their own ends, in their oppressions. So far, indeed, has she advanccd that aho impiously charges iho God of juatice and mercy and tiuth,and Jesus Christ, with being, in no way, opposod to Sluvcry; to ono man's siripping his brothcr ol all his rights; - whilst sho invites the thveholder, who holds his fcllow-man ia bondage; who scourges the huebaml and the wifo and thu little ones, too, fcr believing that "all rnen aroitoil c(iiiil"; wh.i daily demos tliis fundamental ruili of chrisuanity, Üiecqüut broiberliood of all ren;- sneh, 1 say, Hicy mvhc lo expound lbo 3ible to their freo congregations - to teil tUein ,vhat is right, and what God woukl iavc tliera U) 1 . And yct iho ministers of tho Christian Jhurch are much surprise! t hat christianuy does lót rnnke gteater progicss ifion itSóes, under lbosystom wiih wtiich loo aro clmrged ! Hut 1 nni free to confesa, tUat I do Bot regnrd na lustinjj, nny reorni iliat is, nt all, oppout-d lo the pint of the ihsirticuöna and exmnpie of oitr Savloc Welknowing what wa in u?, hc aw, t!tat pride or haughtiness was there; - '.hat it wal so higlily valued amuii men, ihough uniformly, and undcr every name and dcscription, condemn ed in lbo Bible - (hal il mude tito foundation of individual and social preferences, and thal in proportion as we ciadicntod pridc, wo wcre happy. One a'un of his religión, was, to make us happy Itere, as rulionnl b.iiigs. For this urpose, he has nlwavs tccurcd to his followcr his self respect - without which nc one can bo unhajipy; and knovving, too, our weakness, hu has promised us, for our encuragoinent, ihm, if we lose our lives, wo shnli lind ihcm again. lic saw, too, that the man who was ndebted to God for evcry thing, hut who loukcd down on his lellow man, with contempt - wiih pride - wiih haughtirtess, could not't)o happy - ho had nol the Bourco oí happiuess, within himscll, w Inch no one cou'd take froin hiin: - tliercfoie, onc of the last thiiiLs hc did, was to shew his his own humiiity, by washing hia disciplos feet - onc of the last thiitgd hu said, aftcr doing it, .vas. 'I have given you an example that yc ehould do as I have done to you," and deelarmg tliom ''liuj'py," or i-lcloced," if they ilid so. Tdl wo succecd in bunÍ6hi:ig pride, nnd in !ooking on the whole humnn race as cunstituiing but ono brotherhood - (II the more favored among us shall bc willing to tcach (hc less so - '.ill he that is greatest among ui shall bo our servanl, I apprehend, no reform can be permanent. Without dilating on this den, I mjght only mention theConstiiution of the United States: - none, cor'ainly, was ever formcd which, at one time. bid lairor lo consolídalo a nation's happiness - none has cvor been, in i is mam object,moro warp ed or departed from; and none, conaidering ïti liigh object, will. in all likclihood, fall shorlci of lts aim. Undcr these circumstanccs, slaver) may bo done awny with, but perhapp, some other form of oppression will be substituled for it What, Christiiinity can do for us, as individúa] and as eommunitiea when embraced in its purit; and force, we hava yet to learn.When you !iuve circumspectly chosen ns your candidate. snch a man n3 I liavo on!y furnishcd the outlines o', givo liim your confidence. By b-ï doin?, you will prove yourselves worthy of his, and you will get it. In ibis way only you will put to eilence the object on that is somcumee mnde - tbat wo have wnited too long - tliat öbvery has hcomc fastenod on the nailon - ihat we know too wflll the fraud of partiea to give our confi lence to any - and thnt, thorefor wc are not the persons for this enterprise, But without this confidence in cach other, you will do but lit'le - you hnd better lnve never been a party, or hn your candidate. Bclicvo not, ho will aticmpt to deceive you: rather, believe, that the proflígate of the other pnrtics will attempt to practice on your cretlnlity. If they fiud that you cm be movJi! by tho charge of treachery to your candidato, he will soon bc in your ey es, the'worui of men - you, the laughingstock of yoiir enomie. Put do%vn, as fibricitioni, all stories thit makc him different from whnt you supposed ho wbf when you nomimied him--ind do it too. at once, of yourselves. and without his aid, for hj will have cnough else to attend to. Tliis puapicious course is chiracteristic of weaU and diffi lont and emfidin? partics; but lel it not be so with yon. You havo truth on your side, and should bo aa bold as a Iion. Lot christianity make you wisa a serpent and harntleas as dovcs. and you have nothinj to feir. If your honcst efTnrtsto dj goo 1 to your follow-man bc not succcsaful liere, we know thero is n country and a kinL{, where, and by whom, tho bare thought of doipg thom will bo cternnlly crowned. Very truly your.