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Communications: For The Signal Of Liberty: To Liberty Men In...

Communications: For The Signal Of Liberty: To Liberty Men In... image Communications: For The Signal Of Liberty: To Liberty Men In... image
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late Illidoi.t, awake us all out of sleep and rouae s up to action. Uy the most fa-iilifal etlori, the - liberty men in-Illino.n ihe 4tl Congreaional district bave ncariy doubled their numbcrs 1 - ■„,. 'he nobl Lovejoy, 'broihöriof .the martyr, our i lltnois frioiids say, sha!! soon bc placed by frceïen's votes on.ihejfioor of.Congress ta plead . ,. ie blood of a Lved brother ir belmU'of ennlavnd nihons, and a aufienrig, sinking country. - , j irouse thcn. to-reneved Jife, ye frcemen -of i lichigan, -buclUe on the whole armor of Liberiy, ome, come to the rescuo, 6uf}ering millioncry, .,, ome! Yor groaningi country cries, como !-- u)rnged.hiwnan:y cries, -come ! Your holy re-i igiun, disgVaced bjr an unfecling pro-alavery . hurch - bloeding and agonizing in the lousc of its "profcssed'i Iriendd cries, come ! - , 7omo to the rescue ! ! Shall it be that it be H his love of ''filthy lucre" the loie of easa, ibo , ack of faith in truth and God., or any thing lie, ■ ihall ever harden the heart or deafen the enr , igainst these londand importúnate appeals - nevsr ! never ! 1 It cannotbo while common humanity, even, not to say, Chiistianiti still . [ains a seat in your oiTeütionSk ■■ Let but thcprincipled Liberiy mén and icomcn jf Michigan whor would sooner have scvered rom their body a right.hand, than it should b juiity of voling for the cruel opprewor of inillione , )r for any mar"Or party thaiiwould do to-rbui nco arouse to energetic, united, and connniic,d , ïction - to banish ihis fonrful monster rom, our i ,and - and Heaven. woukl.bless and crow.n thcir stTorts - the slavt wooid Boon he delivered - and .- uur country snyjd. All it wants is strong and unwavering faith in God and mith, unñtRching and consistent action, and the work i soon done, j Amid evcrykind of obloquy and repronch if need be, let your motto still bo onward ! onward ! ( onward ! ! ! to ictory for the slve and your country. Turn neither t the right nor th eft, but set your faces as a ftint for thls high and iioly object, and Heaven wil! gnxJe your footsteps to speedy triumph.-n it were by a pillnr of clouds by day and offireiby night. Floode of sc&mtng obs-tacles wiïl at once divide as you opproach them for ydur onward, uiward march, and wil! engulph in destruction your relent)?ss . purur. Tke courage then and go on. TUer