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The Central Committee: To The Liberty Party Of Michigan

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The proximily ol the cloctson onjoms on ua tno duty of calling your eerious atten'.ion to a few matters. In November we will cast our sixth annunl ballot. Wjthin 5 yonrs we havo grown from n (ow hundred to noarly '!0fl0. This year's progresa s yct lo bo revcaled. Our growth hitherio hns been marvellously rnpid considering tlio powerful elementa arraycd apainst us. Thcre wns party, power, wcaltb, prejudice, numbers. usage, placo and pension, cliurch and State, t'ic Press and the. Orator. - Attniiist such fearful antagonista had tlae Liberty principies to wtn thcir way, and stem tho torrent that poured its fury upen thom. Stem the torrent liowever not only Jid these principie, bat aetually forced their way through lt all to high placo and consideraiion, nnd now we are almost at anotbcr spot by which :o mark our progresa. Il is noioriou tbat in ibis State, Liberty men have been very careless of thcir daties at eïeclion. For instancc .' nominations are not mado in season . tickets are rrol printed or distributed, and many ol the polls have no liherty Representan ve nt all Inono County J.nt year.Lilierty mon. in ome of the towns. hnd never board even the ñames of ihoir caadídaies. ín frfet, thero was a culpabfé want of organration and eílort all ihrongh tho Stnlo. 'í'his year we hnvo mioavored to do something. Wo hnvo oílected a good Smte orírnnization. Almost every town has its corrn.mittee. - Stato Lcctuicrs have travorsed considerable portions of it : mnny moro lecturos will be given b'efore clection, and documenta will bo distrib- uted. The frttit oftliose oflorts has beorí mast chcerinfif. Nover vn ihcre in the Slatc so much antislnvcry zeal : and never so many important convenions mado. Some. who in 144. pteridcd warm and sironí nírninst us : who I.iburod ('íTic;entíy. and aifvocnted "ihc least of two eví!," we ourselvee hnvo heard this year acknowlcdging their error, and pledging iheir futuro fealiy: their ' hijth talent and warm eloquenco, to tho Liberty organizntion. Be ísiuifid frienís, thtit oir vote of 1846 will Ríanle friends and foea by ira encre.nic, if we are fniitful. It hns bern so n Illinois. Tía voto ia snme ihousanJs more thnn in 1 84 1. So aleo in Indiana. In Vermont. the Èmancipfttor statos ihe Liberty voto will be 10 to 15,000. In I814 it was under 4000. New Ilnmpshire has a Liberty Senator to rop'esent it in Coneres.& Odio vraves like a yl!ow field of vvhoat. heavy with its rich promises of a glorious yield. Learilt claims hal Massnchuflflls will not be behind Vermont Anl thus will it be overy wiierc. The conviciion deopen in men's mindsof th ovorwbrlming maernitude of slavery's evils : of its imd ambition, and ts hoiighly overserris'ti. This convictinn lint re volutionizd je lía'iipshiro. It has cnused ihe son of John Qtiinrv Adams to entahlish a pre=s at Boston ndvoea'inír a unión of partics n;aint laTor5', and Giddinjjs logo round, und be roeii-ed wtrfi acrlamation. whilo hepropeses to Wliigs - to Democrafs. and to Liberty men, a unión to resist ttie encroachmenls of Slave.-y. Theso nre indicntions of ihc timP. Trne ! Oiddinp1? stops short of tbc mark. Ho is dofensive, seeking only to reiist encronclimentp . we are jresnire: we want to ilustroy slavpi y : nol violenlly, nor illogfllly. bilt by constitinionol and moral njeans. Thua only csn Lborty hr lul warked, and Slavery's encroachments forever be reaieted. To onsure tlie rreult thnt is in onr own hand. at ensuing electrón, several things are nocessary. lst Friends must wort, oach in his vhce. - Let eeTi county make ita nominaiion as Épeedüy as possible, and arranre for printinjr tickets. 2d. Let tho tickets be Jistributed in season to ench lown chnirrnan. 3d. On elcction day. Iet th' "?■ iha' the polls aro attentfed' by somo porson nll day. - Tbero is now Fmt onef-Teciion hy. 4:h. Let the fiirlliwiih srnd" ns ho contributions to the State fund. tlms fo rnblc us, while there ia time to exppnd it in foctures ind tracts. 5th. Rf.inv town1; htye not reporteí to' ns ai U, More than a half of the Snte hns not etíyoii Dne cent to, nor manifested the BÜghtest intern n, the only efi'ort ever made to organize tire Stnte or do justly by the causo. Let friends thor rio ?omething, if rvot more, let ihem report therrown J ollar. Gth. A great and important d'uty bas tcrn al ivny neglecied in the State - that of patronizinpr jurorgan the Sijniil of Liberty. Il ( sd itself only by the. great sclf-ilenying eflbrt, and conomy of ita editora. In oiher States their lapers are sustained by private dotiations, or by Stato effirt: or wanting these, theyare uncertain n thcir issno. Wiih us. tho Signnl is burthenlome to none, it is uniform in its issuo, and ex:ellentlr edited. Our cnuse almot depende on ts existence. Were it to f;n'f, the caue would jardly reewver the shock. We do then urgeit n friend, to sustnin ihc pnpcr. Let it circuíate imong your neighbors. It is an excellent antiilavery documerrt. ■ You havo seen in a lato Signal tho proposa] ora Campaign Pupcr, ortginatiitg in a , on of ours. Let friends send in their dollar ] brthwith. They support tho paper- thoy fit the cause - thcy get five intcresting paper or two months. Judicioualy circulated. threse lapers will makc 5convort8 or perhaps trroro. In conclusión, wc urgo upon all our friends ' hc necessity of their personal activity írom this 11 elcction fay, and that orr that day each man j ill be at his post. ■