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The State Constitution bas been adop. ted by a majority of 60Qt and Iowa is now a State. To consumnmte this work it only now remains to elect the State ofïïcers. For this parpose it is the duty of the Governor to isjua lus proclamalion fixing the day of election, wbicb it is supposed will be in October. Then a Governor, two Represontatives in (Jonsjress and otlier minor oflicers are to be ;hosen, togother with the members of ho legislature, which is to meet withiii 'our tnontha from the time of the adbpion of the Constilution-. It will devolv3 ïpon this body to elect Senators to Conjress and tho judges of the Sirpreme Jourt. The District judges are to be ïlected l' thepoople at tho township elecions in April. A District judge of the U. S. Court is also to be appointed by ho President and Sonate of the United States.(L? The company commanded by C. M. Ciay is attached lo the Santa Fo éxpeditión unclor Col. Kearncy. From nl 1 accounts, Cassius will hav; bula slim chance todistinguish himselfby ilghting.