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'he vote for Eells, Libertynndidate for Governorr as far as known, 3 5,147 : for Smith, for Lricut. Governor, ,133,Qr Governor SewarcTs speech of nine ïours, in defence of tlio poor idiot Frcenan, has been printed in pomphlet form, ind is highty spoken of. It is saiJ that 5ov. S. in pleading the cause of Freermn, which lie dia without reward, ncted igainst the ndvice of his friends, and in lic face of a highly excited and frownDg public opinión. All honor to him ar his courage. (L7 Perry has for sale at his Book.lore, Fowler's Phrenologioal Almanac rr 1847, by the single, dozon, or gross. t is worth more than the sixpence it osts. tCP Tho Denocrats of the Second Dutrict ave nominntoil for Congres, EdwarcT Brndleyf. lawyor of Marshalk (t?" President has issued a proc-. imation,declaring Alexandria to bo retn eded to Virginia, The proporty holr ers were much opposed to the measure, nd talk of contesting its constitutionality.