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{ircter At The Soo, Who Shot Schoolcraft, Has Not Yet Been A...

{ircter At The Soo, Who Shot Schoolcraft, Has Not Yet Been A... image
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{ircter at the Soo, who shot Schoolcraft, has not yet been arrettcd. It is said the Indiana wcrc unwilling to adempt taking him alivó. wcll knowing hii desperate character. He is repreiented in the paperj as having been partittlly nflane Tor mony yenrs, in conseqUende of the departure of his whi'e wife, to whom he was devoteJly attached. Shc has sinco mnmed anoihor man, and now resides in an adjoiliihg Cotinty. Tanner must bo nearly 70 years of age. líe was iha son of a Baptist clergyman and whcn a boy, Waa tolen by the Indiana, and lived amung them 30 ycars. We read his "Narrntive' niany ycars nee. Truth, somotimeo, is stranger than fiction. Tanner will probably be taken in time, as tíie Governor has oired a reward of $500 for his arrest. tty Grent men are not ahvav wisor thaner. For example : "Mr. Leavitt, n reviewing the conrse of Mr. VVibirer n relation to the tarilF, epeaks of having called upon hitn wliilo he was Secrctary of Stittc, for th purpose of making tome inquirios Vfhethír tUe governmeni wna doirig or intending to do anythirig, cuher through our nmbnssador or by a special confidnnl agent, to facilítate the repeal of th Englisli Corn Lnws. Mr. W. replied, "that iho Englisb would no more repenl the Corn taas,iim:i they would repeal tne Houso of Pcers." We hnvj just seeii a I alsification of hïr. Wobster's prediction." Cy5 The September number of the Phrenological Journnl is received. It contains articles on tho Sabbath, ílepublicanismportrait ond character ofCalhoun, ' &c. All good. ff?" The nolice for Cass Co. ! tion was recoived too late íor seaaonablo ' insertion. - i Laxo Aok.vcy. - VVe referour readers i