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a family sccms to shed a gleum of intelligence around. It gives the children a taste for reading ; it communicates all tlie important events in the busy world ; - it is a never failing sou reo oí amusement, and furnishes a fund of instruclion which tvill never be exhausted. Every family, ' liowever poor, if thcy wish to liold a place in the rank of intelligent beings, should take at lenst one newspaper. And thc rnan, who, possessed of property sufiiciont to make himsclf easy for life, surrounded ' by children eager for knowledge, is tc gated by the vile spirit of cupidity, and n ñeglecís io subscribe for a newspaper, is _c deficiënt in the duties of a parent or good tP Citizen, and tfeserving of the censure .. of his intelligent neighbors. ti Womb.v.- -As th? dev lies Ion ges, and ' produces most fertility in the sliade, so r womürcin fheshadeofdomesticretirement nr sheds around her path richer and moro rc permanent blessings than man who is ar more ex-posed to tho glare and observalion "! of public life. T'htw the Inimblo and ot' retired nften do more valuable benefits to Fociety than the noisy and bustling 21 satellites-of Whose very light of bu unconC3ftletf onjoyment deteriórales and so; arches the1 moral soil it flowers over. en Sot;tiieiSn ËatTAMTi'. - Some person lias sent us a copy of the Richmönd Whig, iirecting our attention" to a' " trustoe's ' saíe of lands, negroos, stock, &c." The snumcration of articles to be sold " Genees thus : " A negro gjrl named Fane1; one mouse-coloretl stallion ; six üoi-ses ; one mule ; two cows ;" - the list rompletcd with houschold furniture and == "arming. utensils.' TIms is no new thing ; ut it is wel! cnough toremind thc people ften of the estimation in wliich immortal louls are held in the región of Slavery.-Western Citizen. 0V( mo LcEG-Ar, Fat. - -A correspondent of the 'm V, Y Tribune says of the U. S. Court, ten ♦Mr. Bett's relatives make, or did make i _ mtil recently, $18000 a year for folding, iigning and arranging law papers, &c, nerely is clerks ; its District Attorney, 1S Mr. B. F. Butler, took $68,500 of fees in for 28months." " exl , . hoi The rapidity with whicli bottles are pa made is almost incredible. A workman, rec with the assistance of a gntherer and ga blower, will begin and finish 120 dozen of :juart bottles in ten hours, which averages iearly two and a quarte per minute, and this is ordinarily done ; and in somc works nn' he men are restricted to two per minute, V o prevent the work being slighted. 76 A Mksmeric Inpirmary has been 03 ablished ir London, by voluntary coni'ibutions, ufor thc application of mes qj. nerism to. tho cure of diseases, and the reventionof pain insurgical operations." rhe Earl of Ducie is President ; and he Vice Presidents are - Baron de _ mid, Viscount Morpeth, M. P., J. H. angstonj. M'. P:, Rev. G. Sanby, jun., lev. T. Robertson. On the committèe C re Drs. Ashburner, Buxton, Elliotson, 8Ubl nd eight surgeons. In the list ! ons stands Earl Ducic for L100.- C ÏQnjfbrmis., qAt the late Commencerncnt dinnër of I Harvard College the only drinkables on the table were cold water and Ltímonade. A hundred yeai-3 ogo, the College paid for a barrel of Jamaica which was mnde into strong rum punch " for the rcfreshmentof the guosta on Cmmencemcntday." A hundred horses or more, belonging to the United States, got frightened the other Jay at Portland, ncar Louisville, and ran offin beautilul style. Whither they went, ras not known, and we suppose it is entircly immaterial, since they belong to ÜncleSnm.- CVn. Hcrahl We would caution our morchan's ncpinst tlie üounterfcit 3'snnd I's of the Canal Bank of Al)3iiy, which aro now circuiaiing in our city. - Hardly a deposite is mnde without more or )ess f theni being deiecied. The I's particularly ire very nunifiron?, and ore well calculated to lecoive. - Buff. Cum. Novel Vkudkt.- A slavcmnsed ITenry Peyon, was convicted of the murder of a fellow , lave in New Orleans, nnd on iho !7'.h inst. wns enienend to recoive 25 loslies- 2 IhsIics at the nd of every nionih, far five nioiiihs, nnd 10 wear n iron cuüai for fivo years in the service of hit! iwnor, the lattcr lo pay all the coei. At tho present time there nre 30 persons n the ' J. S. under pentence of death. An Aquatic Lífe Uat. - The upper r art or crown of the hat is made air tight I ind water proof, so that in the event oí he wearer falling into the water, it wil! r avo him by its buoyancy from being ' Irowned, if he only holds ií in his hand. t is to he fastened by a small riband to he button hole of tho wearer's coat, in quatic expoditions. The Western papers say thal nine out f ten of tho ilat-boals wliich pass down he Missiasippi, are called "Roughand teady." BthhB. - Meneely's celebrated Bell 'oundry nt West Troy, Albany Co-, N. r., is tho largest in the United States. - i.nst year it turned out over 3000 bells. A Very Laiige Angel. - The Koran nys. Mahomet, in one of his visión, saw n angel in the third heaven, so largo lat his eyes were seven thousand days )urney apart.