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Chcap for Cash!! THE Subseribers beg leavc lo inforni their old custumcrs, and the public gsncrally. thnt they nre now roceivingu lnrgc and spkndid r8sortment oí Englislt. American, and Wcsi Iitdm, GOODS, Crockery, Shelf Hardware, Paints, Oils, Dycstuffs, Drugs and Medicines. A!so a general assortment of JRON, snitable ror Ironing Wnggons and Uuggics, Nnil Rods. llorsc Shocs. nnd Horso Nails, Slieet J.-on, Tin Ware and Tin J Plaie - aino a general asgortnent of BOOTS % SHOKS, Irck and thin sale work, and ciisiorri work to uiit purchnsers. All of which incy will sell on In; luwest possiblo (errns fur Cash or JBaüteRi ?eling confident as wc do, that We can makc t for ilie inierest of bü {hoge wishing to purhase any of tho above meniioned Gb'odi, w lo most eirneütly s'olicit at leasi au nvsatigariün f our Guoda and prict-s beforc purcliasin" elsev buró. JAMES GIBSON & CO. Jo. . Exclutnge Itlock. Ann Arbor, Lower Tuwn, Supt. 14, ]H!G 28-2-tfCLOCK& AND WATCHESf i 5?j2 rjliJE Snbscriï)crlins juei "v -- received, (and. is , rif ïtjfV3'rinl'r receiving) from , ff'' Na vi3i New Vorkan elegunt ard V C I JlJeG wc" Bl-''tctt;(' aesortment ITewelry, Clocks, Waiclics, c. &c. which ho niendti lo sell ntt Inta as at any ther establishment this ,ido 01 Bull'do lor ready mj onlij nmong which may be fuund theollow )i{: a eood esaortment n, Gold F'ingcr llinps. Gold lJrcnsl pins.Wrisllets Guard Cluiins nnd Keya. Silver Spoons, Germán Silver Tea and T;iblc Spoons (tirsi qanlity.) Silvor nnd Gprmnn do Sugnr Tougs, Silver SaltjiMusinrdand Crpnm Cpoons, Uutter Kniveö, Guldand Silver Pencil Cases. GoJdPens, " ' Pencila, Zilver nnd Gerinnn Silver Thinibles. Silver SppciacUs, Germán nnd Stccï rlo. Gugglea, Clotlicü. Hair ihid Tqih Hrnslics, l:iili:r IJrushca. Kazors nnd Pocket Knives, Fine Shoars and .Sciasors, Knives nnd Forke, Briltannin Tea País and Castor., Platcd, Brass, and BrUtnnin Cnmílosticks. önuflers & ïroye, Shaving bojes and Sonps, "ii.ipm -iri's Best Razor Strop, Cai'fnnd Morncco -Valléis. Siík and Collón purses. Violins and ÍOW8J Violin and Bass Viol Stringa, Fldte, rifes. Clarionets. Accordeons - Mïisic liooks tor the same. Mono Sen!s. Steel Pens and fweezers, Pen caaes. SnulTnnd Tobacco boxee, vory Drebsing Combs, Side and Bick dnd Pock !t(yunib. Neodlc cases. Stelcltoes, Water Paints ind Bruslies, Toy Watches. a great vnriety of )ülls. in oliort ihc grenicst vnriety of oys ever ironght to tliis niarket, Fiincy work boxes, rhi!Iren's tea seits. Colosnc Hnrr Oils. Pnielling 5nlts. Conrt Pla9er, Ten Bells. Thermometer. 3ermar Pipes, "tt'ood Pencik BRA8S AND k-VOOD CLOCKS, &o. in fact nlmost every hing to piense the fancy. Ladies and Gentlenen, caíl and examine for yourselves. Ciocks. Watclies and Jcwelry repaired and vnrranted on short notico. Shop at his oA tand. oppo8ite II. I3eckér'f brick Siorc. CALVIN BLTSS. N. B.- rnsh pnid for old Gold &, Silver. AIso Pcrry's Book Sfore in the same oom. Ann Arbor, July Isr, 1846. 271-lyNOT1CE. Washtksaw Couktt, ) Cekrks Office', j ss" ' rUE nnnual moeting of tho Board of Super visors, for r tiis Cotinty. will he held at the w ur' Housein Arm Arbor on Wednesday fiic '' !lh day of Octobcr next. B. KING, Clerk. w Ann Arbor, Sept. 4, 1910. DI880LUTI0N. " J pHE Co-partnersliip heretofore existing unL der the name and finn of D. fe E. Lcsuer, by mutual consent tliis dsy disselved. All-those who are indebied to said flrm by T )te or otherwieo are requetcd to cali and seitlo e same without del.iy wifh E. Lcsuer, who is tl nhuried tó ndjait ihe husinrss. a DAVID LÉSUER. EftASTlS LESUER. AdiÍ Albor, 13, )846. 278-w FiicI Fireïï J J. B. CRAPtfi wuuld respcctfully notify S the eitizcits of Ann Arbor, and the surH inding country, that ho cohtin'uea to act as er ren of ihe T 1AUTFORD FÍRE INSURANCE f' COMPANY, l 1 will insnre Propcrty against 'o?ses by Fire, q lhclowi-8! rates, and with deepatch and jj ■y. 'I'hu MkriTord lnsnrnnto Cornpnrry is onr -e the óldest nnd niost stal)le in the country, and , loweasbntoined by them wiïl be- ns they ever va been - rnoi! ! Fire ia a s clement and nol to be tritlcd wilh: ;h?relore. ike up yoi'r niititi to guard and _ n't i'ii.vï A few hout 3 delay may be your in. Mr. Cuank's OITice is in Cranc's new Block. j f rner of the Public tíiuare. Aun Atbor. 2S0-tfCo-Partiicrslup. ] II? E undersigneil hnving formeü n sc slup, to tiike ertect trom tha firt rlay of gusr. (,t , tlie firm of B. B. fc W. Il yes. Jr., wil! cnrry ori ilie linrdwarn Inisinc?? - lie old stand ji W. R', Nuyes, Jr. Woodward BENJA'MIN'B. NOYES, I WIL1.1 M K. NOYKS. Jr. )ctroit, Au?. 11, 184'j. 2cÖ-tf "'