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WOODÜ WOODÜ! OUBSCRIBERS who are topay in Wood wil) k3 piease cal! immediatelu wkh a few luuds at the Signal Offire. Scpt. 26, 1846. NOTICE! ALLporons indebted lo useither by Note or Book nrcount. are requesled to make imnediaie pnyninnt, as all account nnt settled soon, will he put na legal course of collection. , , GA RL AND & LkFEVRE. Sept. 10, 1846. 2ö3-3w YOÜNG IaADIES SCHOOL. MISS G RIFFIN will lommenre hcrsr-hnol lor Young Ln(jis, on Monday lbe25ih oí Sfiiueiner. at the Cdiiagc receritly Öcciipieai L'y Judgé Thompeori. Tfrmf : For ttie PrimnrT StddifP, $M) "' higher Englisli Snidie; ü,ül for n rerm of eleven tósoki. For tfliin. en extra charge of 2.00 For Frencb. . l.oo For Pencil Drawing,' :?.ni) For Paintincr. o()() Insiructions on the P:ano, r,0fl Gcnnan may be atiended to f desrired. Compe'.pnt InOructorii are proTÍiíed for the lifIVront Hopartmenis. Yonng Lidies from abroad, can obtnin board n private familipj. Aun Arbor, Sept. Í84G. fèiï-tt LtNSEED OILf THE Suhicriber is maoufactqng Linkeed Oil on an exdensive ecale and he is able to upp'y MERCHANTS AMD' PAIÜTERS. on terina moro fatorabie for them than hnve evrr )eioro been offored In (lus country, and he is )reparetf to supply orders for largc or sr.i.iÜ quantica at prices altrermeïy Inw. {Dr Communications by mail vli bo prompt y altended t. . D'. L. LÁTOÜRETTE. Long Lako. Genesco Co. Mich. 2fe3-]y PHANKLIN ÓO LD WATER HOUSE! Jates Strket, anc door Ñor ti of Jkkferson Avenuk, DETROIT. 263-1 y S. FINNEY. MEDICAL B00KS. ANEVV lot of Medical Bopks. just opénod' and for sale cheap for cash at June Í5. 270-f PehrV's.NEW GOODS! Chcap for Cash!! THE Subscribers beg leavc to inform ihoir old custoiners, and the public gsnerally. that lliey are now rccèivingtf Inrpc and splfmiid ussortment oí Englielt, American and West India, GOODS, Crockery, Shelf Hardware; Paiuls, Oils, Dycslujfs, Brugs and Medicines. Also a general assortment of 1RON, suitable for Ironing Wagens nud Buggies, Nnil Rod s. Huiso Shoes. and Horso Nails, Sbeèt Jron, TIn Waru ond Tin JPIaie- also' a general assortment of BOOTS 4. SHOES, th;ck and thin sale worK, and cusiom work to sint purchnsers. All of which lliey will sell on tho Inwest poRsible terms t'ur Cash or Baktkr. Fecling confident as we do, that we can make it for the interest of all these wishing to pinchase any of the above mentioned Goods, we do most earne8tly solicit nt least an invesiigation of our Goode and prices before purchasing elsewhere. JAMES GIBSON & CO. JYo. 3. Exchange Block. Ann Arbor, Lower Town, Sept. )4, 1846. 282-ti CLOCKS AND WAT CHES f ! q3 rjTÍIE Subscriberhos jusl iV received, (and ís con f stanlly receiving) from VhS ngw New York an elegant ar.d aV l x'JwflB wc" bC't'[ct' aseortment Jcwelry, Clocks, Watchcs, tVc &,c. wlnch hd intends to sell as low as at any other establishment ihis eide o Buflalo for readij mij onlij among wliicli may be "ound thelollow tnif: a cood assortntent o Gold Finger Rings. Gold Brcasl pins.Wristlets Gaard Chains and Keys. Silver Spoons, Germnn Srlver Tea and Tnble Spoon (first lunlity.) Silver and Germán do Sugar Tongs, íáilver Salt,Mu8tard and Cream spoons. Butler Knives, Gold and Silver I'encil Cases, Gold Pens, " Prriuils, Silver and Gennan Silvrr Thimbles, Silver Spectacle8, German and Steel do. Goggles, Clothfts. Hair and Ttíoth Bruehea, Lather Brusheö, Rnzorè and Pocket Knives, Fine Shears and Sciasora. Knives and Forks, Brittannia Tea Potsatid Casiors, Plated, Brass, anH Brittania Candlesticks, Snuffers &. Trays, Shaving boxesnnd Soapá, Chapman's Best'Razor Strop, Calfand Morocco Wallets. Silk and Cotion purses, Violins and Bows, Violin and Bas Viol Strings, Flutes, Fifes. Clarionets, Accordeons- Music Books for the saine. Seals, Steel Pens and Tweezere, Pen cases, SnufF and Tobacco boxes, Ivory Dressing Combs, Side and Bnck and Pocket Combs. Needie cases. Stelettoes, Water Paints and Brushes, Toy Walches, a great variety of Dolls. in short the greatot variety of loys ever brought to market. Fancy work boxes, children's ten setts. Cologne Hair Oils. Smellin Salts. Court Piasier, Tea Belh?, Thermometers German Pipeo, Wood Pencils, BRASS AND WOOD CLOCKS, &,c. in fnct almost ever thmg to please the fancy. Ladies and Gentle men, cali and examine Iq&yourseivcs. Ciocks. Watchcs jcwclry rep:iired an warmnted on short notice. Shop at his old stand, opposite H. Becker'sbrick Slore. CALVIN BLTSS. N. B.- Cnsh pnid for old Gold & Silver. Also Pcrry's Bool: Slore in the same room. Ann Arbor. July Is', 1316. 271-TySOTICE. Washtk.vaw Cou.vty, ? Cxkrks Office, L ss' THE nnnual meeting of the Board of Supervisors, tor this County. will he held at the Court Hjusein Arm Arbor on Wedncsday the 12ih day of Octobernext. B. KING, Clerk. Ann Arbor, Sept. 4. l-lfi. DISSOLUTION. nrtHE Co-partnership heretofore existincr un X der tbe name nnd firm of D. &, E. Lesuer, is by mutual consent this day dissolved. All those who are indebted to snid firm by note or otherwiseare requeated to cali and sottie the same without delay with E. Lesuer, who is authorized to adjust the business. DAVID LESUER, ERASTUS LES.ÜER. - Ann Arbor, Aug, 13, )S46. 2t8-Gw Fire! Fireü FJ. B. CRANL would respectfully notify the citizens of Ann Arbor, and the surrounding country, he continúes to act as Agsril of the HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, and will insure I'ro'perty agaipst 'osses by Fire, at theiosves' rate9, and wiih despatch and acctiracy. The Hartford Insurance Company is one of the oldest and most stnble in the country, and all losst'3 8ust:iincd by them will be - as they ever liave been - prompti.y paid ! Fire is a dangerous element nnd not to be trifled with: dierefore. m.ikcup your niind to guard agninst, it and do.v't uklay ! A few houts delay may be your ruin. Mr. Ckase's Ofiïce is in Crane's new Block. corner ot the Public Square, Ann Arbor. 280-t fJLcatlier ! Lea Uier ! ! 10(10 áides Solé Leather, 51)0 do H.'irncss do 200 do Bridle do 10) dozen Calf Skins. 5) do Upper Leather; . For solé by ELDRED fc CO, 27(iif 123 JeíFerson Avenue, Detroit. E. G. BURGER, Dentist, f"IST ROOM OVER C. M. & T. W. ílOOT's STORE, CRAXE & JEWETT's BLOCK, 261-tf ANN ARBÖR. FÖR SALE CÍHEAP for CASH, or evory kind ófèoun try Produce. Saddlcs, BriUcs,H(trrirss; Trwiks; tra7ises, Trunlc Váh'ses, Cctrpet Bags; $c. Altó a aoou assoitmeni of VVhips fc Lasuf.s. wliich will be sold very low, and no mistnke, at COOK & ROBÍNSOiN'S. Ann Arbor. Auust 12. 1846, 277-tf JLÖÖK HER MI THE Suliscriber olTeis to scll Forly Acres of goot! tianad io the County of Livingston - The land ís timhered, and wifhin two miles ol of where a steam Saw mili ís creeting. 'l'en aerpsare clearpd, and thereafeten neres inortready for losgin. Thero i af go'od log house and some fruit troca on iho prcmise.s. The terms will be liberal, nnd pnyiftciit may be mude in carpcnter's work, lumber or a good team. Apply id thc subscriber in Aspn fahm. S. tí. NO RLE. Ann Arbor, JulylS, 1S46. 274 12vv COUXTY ORDERS. rflE highest price patd in coth ly G. F. t.ow ís, Exclianse Hrokcr; oppostte thO fnsurance Bank, Detroit, for orders nuny of the otintiflsiri the StAte o'f Mifhigfan; afsoforSiaio scútftíéi of uil kind8und Viiicurrentfands Cali nd sr,e. Dec 1, t845. 24"! -tf CLOVEll MACHINES. TíIRASHIiXG MACHINES nnd Srporntnrf ro made and sold by iliesubBcriters.frt tlieir Mahine Shop, n'ear the, Paper Mili. Lowrr Tnwn, nn Arbor.. K.VAl'P & Í1AVILAND, Jan. 19, 1816. 247 tf THE LIBERTY MINST RELOXE HUNDRED COPIES of the rifth edition'of his hiiíhly populsr work are for s.tIo t thc Siena! office at 50 cents sinsln, or $4.r0 er (ioren. Ternia Cach. Now is thé time for Liberty choirr to eupply themsclVes.AIVN ARBOR THK undeiéigned having nurehased the inierests ofhis partner in Wie Marble Business, wjuld inform ihe inhahitan'R oí ihisand adjoiuing counties, ihnt he continúes the business nt ib e oíd stand in Upper Tnwn. near tlie Precbyierian f'hurch. whore h will manufacture to order, Monuments, 'Grave felones Paint 8tone, Tablels, $c. SfC: Those wiphing to obtain nny articJe ín liis tinc of business will h'nd by culling th;it he has an ossortment of Whiie nnd Variegated Marble from the Ea8tern Maíble Qüarriea. which will be wroughr in Modern étyle, and sold ai eastern prices, adding transportaron only. Cnll and ge theproof. J. M. ROCKWELL. Ann Arbor, July 8, 1846. 272-Iy CHEAP STOVES! AT YPSILAXTl! 1 OÏ COOKING & PARLOR STOVES, ■ " juet received, by the Siibeciiber, (mösty fmm Alhany) niaking a gond assortment of the latest and best paiterns. which will be sold at Lmo Pricesl not to be undersold this side Lake Eriel Alao, Copper Furniturp, Cauluron Kertles, [Iollow Ware of ali sizcs, Stove Pipe, Sheet lron, Zink, &c. TIN WARE Mnniifactiircd, and constantly Kept oh hánd which will aUo be sold very low. S.- -Púrchasers will :do welí tö cali and examine lor thëir own aaübfaotion. v ... i „ M. BROWN. Ypsilanti, J;ine20, 1Ö4G. 27itf BETTERLATE THANNÈVER) 'Y'HE Subscriber h:is thé pleasurc of onnouncing to the Public, that he has just received fróm New York, and opened a chotee and woll eslected asaortinent of ÑEVV GOODS, consisting of Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockcnj, Hardware, Boots and ShoeSj which he wiJl sell at Very Low Prices for Ready Pay in Cash, or Produce. Cash or Goods will be paíd for WÖÖL in on y quantitics. ROBERT DAVÍDSOX. Ann Arbor, June 10, 1846. G8 TAX SALES. Wastttenww Co. Tiieasurer's Officf, Aun Arbir, Sept. 2:id, 1846. J NOTíCE is hereby piven. that the sale of Lands dflinquent for Taxes fnr rhe year ití44, and omissions of previous ye.irs in Was'ilenaw Couniy, will take place at thia ofilce on Monday. the fifih day of October jiext. Sale to commence at 9 o'clock. A. JYI., ond be continued from day to day, until ali is eold, or otherwiie disposed of. O. W. MOORE, Co. Treas. Cheap Hardware Store. rpHE Subdcniber takes this method lo inform i hia oíd customers and the public generally that he still continúes lo keep a largo and general assortment of Foreign and Domestic HARDWARE, CUTLERY, &c. Also. Spike. Wrought, Cut and Horse Shoe Lails. Glass, Sheet Jron, Hoop Iron, Sheet and Bar Lend, Zync, Bright and Aneaieá Wire. Molasses Gates and Fassetts. Mili Saws. Cross Cut Saws, Hand nd U'ood Sa-.vs, Back and Key Hole Saws, Anvils, Yice.g, BelJows.Adzes,Coop. er's loob, Drawing Kníves, Spoke Shaves, Tap Borers, Cast Steel Auguré, Common Aueurs, Augur Bitts, Hollow Augurs. Steel and [ron Squares, Ground Piaster, Water Lime, GrndStones, Potash.Caldronond SugarKettle?. able, Los, Trace and Halter Chaina, Broad. Hand and ÍS'arrow Axes. Spirit and Plumb Levéis, torjether wifh a general apsortment of Holew Ware, which will be sold low for Cash. oapproved credit at J 23, JelFursou Avenue. Eldred'sBlock. R. MARV1X. Detroit, Jan. 16th. 1846. 248-lyCENTRAL LAND AND TAX AGENCY, Jackso.v MicnioAs. Office Second Story of the Brick Block adjoining American Hotel. rT"1HE subscriben under the name of rfurJbut JL & Trenchvell, hoving established an office at Jackson, for the purpose of trnnsacting business as General Real Estáte Agente, wiJI give thcir personal attention to The jmrchasf, o-ni sale of Real Es tul:, Paumcnts of Taxes on Land, Rcil-etming Liiiuls soll for Tazcs, Exu m i n at urn of Titlcs, Conrcyances, and such oiher business os pertains to' a General Real Estáte Agency. íntending permanèntly to 10 continue the ab'ovo Agency, arrangements have been made with extensive Real Kstnie Offices at the Eist. tliröugh which the sale ot improved lands may be mnterially facilitated ; and desiring to render tas bemfi.-ial ns possibie, a egistar oi such real property for Bale, aa may be furnished us, with priceí, terms, particular description, &c. Vill be kep: for tho inspection of purchasers, and when a sile in effected, a commission of 2 per cent ié eipected Irom the eller. A catalogué of Lañds, Farms, or other real )roperty for sale will be published nnd extensivey circalated by our office, nnd owners of such roperty, desiring to find owners, can nvail tliemelves ol this medium, by forwnrding to uso riicular desoription oftho property, with pries, termá. tVc. nnd Öne Dollar foreoch descrip ioií adverised. Onf charges for olí services, will fo all cases e reas'onabte. O AU letters mustbepostpnifl. H. HURLUUT. J: M. TREADWELL. Jackson; Sept. 1S1G. 2tí2-2m The undersigned will continue to attend" to the praciice of bis profession, nml will devote particular nttention Ifl tlfe collection and seenring o( claims, Foreclosure of Mortgages, and draft ing of Décds, Morígage?. Contraéis. Ác. J. M. TREADWELL. Tó Country ITlcrcliant. TBE Subscriber has constan ily for sale good Bssnrtment of heavv WO0LBN CLÓTHS, well adapted to the country inarket which Iif xv i 1] sell nt wlioresale or reiail. tÖVr. Cali and see them at the Makiííttan Stork. W. A. RAYMOÑD. 27Ó-tf Detroit. B tí & W. U. ]VOYÉS, JR, DEALER IN FOREÍGN AND DOMESTIC Hardware and Cutlcry, STOVES HOLLOW.1VARE. . Aleo. ManufacturerB of Copper, Tin oud 5hcet Iron Ware, No. 76 TVoodwatvd Avkm'e, Dbtroit. 280-tfXEVtr cooKirvG stove And Stovcs of all kinds. The subscriber would cali the atteniion oí the public to Woolson's Hot Air Cooking STOVEWliieh he can contidenily recommrnd ns beihg dccidedly superior t6 any Cooking Stcve in me. For simplicity in operatioh- economy in inel} nd for unéqtiaileri Baking dnd Roastiag quahies. it is unrivalled, THe new nnd impormnt Imifovètnehj ihtroduccd in itá constfuction be.ngsuch ss to insure great adiantages over all otlier kindá of Cooktng Stuves. WILLTAM R. SOtES, Jr. 76 Woodward A Venuá, Detroit; tée. 12, 1H45. -A'2 J. HOLMES & CO., ' WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALÊKS IST STAPLE AND FA.NCT DRY GOODS, Dry Groccrics, Cftrpcthtgé and paper Ilatigings, fío. 63 Woodward Avenue, Lafried'3 Block, Detroit; j. HOI.MKS, Ñeie York. ) - - . Í M. HOI.MKS, Dltroit. X YTEtnMe thismethod of informingour friends TT and customers throughuut rhe öiate, tha we are stil! püreuing; the eï-en tenor ofour wnys, endeavoring to do our basincss upon icir and honorable principies. We tvould also tender our ackndwledgments for the patroncge ertended to us by our customerá, and would heg leave to cali the aitention of thfc public to a very well séfected assortment of ec-asonable Óoode which are offered at wholesale or retail at very lo pricee. Our (acüijes or purchosing Good are unsurpassed by any concern in the State One o theUrm. Mr. J.lolmes resides in tbë cuy of New York, and from hia long experience in the Jobbing trado in that city. and frem hi ïhorough knowledge of the mnrket, he is enabled xo avail himself of thfe auctioh.1 ühd an decline tn price.. We als purchase from the Importers, Manufacrurer's Asènis, and Aom the nuctiorf, by the j.ackage, the sah.e as N. Y, Jobbert purchase, thus savine t.eir profitf. - ith tnese facijitieawe can eaely say that our Goods are eoid chkap for ihe evidence of which we invite the atttntion of the public toour stock. Ue l.old to the great cnrdinai principie oí -'th greutesí good to tlit tehols number," so if you wantto b.iy Goods cheop, and buy a 'torpe mlart. Vtij íor a titile tooneij givc us a tria!. Our stock ís as extensivo as any in the city. and we are constnntly receivjng ncw and fresh Goods frorri JNew Tcork. 50,000 Ils. Woól; V anted, theabove quantity olgood merctiahfi able Wool lor wluch the highest market pricé will bc paid. J. HOLMES & CO. Detroit, May 28, 1846. 2H-tfTo Wool Growcrs. TTTE begleaveto informour Wool Groing t friends, that we shall be prepared for tb purchnse of 100,000 ibs ot a good clean merchantable nrticle, as eoori as the seasort eellingcommences. as we ar connecied wuh Eastern wool dealers, we shall beable to pay ihe highèsi priefc the Eastern tnarket will aflord. Great cbnipkint was made las' season amongst the EaStern Déniers nnd Manu- lactnrers, in referencè to the poor condition ot Michigan Wool- much of il being in bad order and o considerable portion bein uhieasked. We would here lakè occasion to request thnt ihe utmost pains fihoulu be taken to have the sheep wèll ashèd before shearina. that the Tas 'Oeksbe cut off, and that ench Flcece bè ite'uliy tied up wuh proper wool twine, (cost TS? 10 55 cS per Ib ; hemp twine is the beet: it wil! te iound preatly to ihondvantnpeöf Wool Growersto piituptheir wöol in ihis manner. Unwashed wool js not merrhnntable, and will be rejected by most if not all of the Wool buyei, it being d:fllcult lo rlenn. ' HOLMES fe Co. WoOÜWARI) Al)Mi . ts , ; , Larnerds Jilock; Detroir, 3VJarch2G, 1S4G. ")7-tf "1846; WHOLESALE & RE TA IL. A. M'FARREX. BOOKSELLERANDSTATIONER. SMARTS BLÜCKj 137 Jeffersön avenue, etroit; K'EEPS constantly for sale a compete assort T Miontof Alíscellaneous, Schooi and Classici of.S' httei.a' Cal I0Pcr' P'31'" nrf ruled, Qmlls, Ifik. Sèahng Wa, Cutif-ry. Wrsp-' wn I'oper, Printing Paper, of all snee; and nr ?S"d Cons'er Jnk. ofvarior.s kinde: BLAxK BOOKS? rif 1 1 and hall bo;.nd. of cveryyanety of Ruling-, Memorandum Hooks &c To Merchanis, Teachers, and otheje. buyin tn quarimics, a hirce disc'ont made. Sabbáth School and Bible Society Depositor. 247-tfTEMPERANCE HOUSE. PB. R1PLKY would say to his friends and the iriendsi of Tempen: nee, ihat lie has taken the Temperance House, lately kept br Wm. G. Wheaioñ. whcre he would be glad to watt upon ihem. Hay and Oats ind Staobline to nccommodaie teams. Detroit, January 1, ]g4. Paper liangitigrs. A LARG1: '0I ofTaper Hangings, and Bori K derin, for éafo cheopir thaft cier clTered in rhis Viltage, at FERRY'S BOOKSTORE. Jll"e I. 0-if TAKE NUT1CE ! Ir LESUER will continuo basinegg nt tho J ■ old siand. where he will hold binisclf in icadiness to wait.on his ciistomers in ihe brst style and at ibe ehortest notice. Goods plenty - pnces Ior - cali and see (or yoürselvos, A. C. M'GKAW & CO., Arè now receivingiheir Fall Stock of Boots & Sboes Inch have been selicted with niuch care for the M7holcsaíe Tradc fTMIEY now respci-tfnlly requeat the MerX cljinis .if Michigan and ailjicent States, to examine tht-ir ixieiisive stock wnich wiUbosolii' nt very low prices for cish or approvcd crédit. BavSog for the rast fïftéon years sold more Goods at retnil tlmn nny otbcr House in M.cliigan. thcy feel fuily persunded thnt tlieïr seleciiori ■ Io PTÍ&Í ]'i!i'!, and slzcs, will sSiit the want of the pcopli?. Tbeir stock of Leather and Findiirgs h alsd complete. The retnil trade continups na nnin!' on the first floor, CORSER OF JEVFtñjOtf AKV WoOfWAKIX AvF.Mr?. i. í. McGRAW, A CO. Detroit, Aug. 22, 1846. 2K--ly