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London, Sept. 2, 5846. DnoTiiKii Foster : - I shall take forgranted that you received my first cominunication, and shall commence where I lcft off. London ia a wonderful plnco. It is right'y named the metropoli of the world. Ii coveraan area of about 50 square miles, with a population of about 2 millions. The rivcr Thálmes runa ihrough it from West 10 East, with five bridgci over it, and one tunnel under it, whicli s a master piece of work . There are 272 Chapela in London, 74 of the established Church, GO of the Indepndent or Congregational, 24 Wesleyan, 43 Bap'ists (about half open co:nmunion.) GCalvinistic Meihodis.s. i Primitive Methodists, 12 Roman Catholic, 2 Unitarian, 4 Society Friends. 3 Fr Church f Scotland, 4 Ludieran, 4 Jw?, au 1 oihera. St. Paul' Church overlooka thö City, being near ihe cmtro. It ia a stupendous edifice built f stone througltout, the roof not excepted. - It is 510 feet in lengih, 282 fcei wide, and 4Ú4 feet high, with a bell weighing 11,474 lbs. and oost ono million and a half pounds sterling. To my mind they Imvo made it a house of merchandise, for in it they have erccted the monu.nentii of men renowned for shedding blood, and they charge a dollar for seeing all departments. ín their drvotional service tliey have 12 linie boys nd 12 deacona drcssed in linen gowna who chant heir prayer, or in other words, sing iheni in malí a manner as to destroy all solemnity. The next place of note that I would me ntion e tho British Museum, which, when finished, lyjll doubtless execl any thing of the kind in the nown world. The building itself ia vast, béng about 400 feet square with suiiable height. - t eeems to have almos; everyihing in it'nw, but ïey are fitting rooms for still more, and the most cautiful thing about it is, that it w irec. The oor as well as the rich may hero bebold the onderlul works of God. Tliö General Post (Tice isa building worthy of note, being 5C0 et in length and suitable width. entirely of one. Bat there is one thing that spoils the eauty of these stonc buildings - it is theamoke, ïey all turn black a fier a Hule time. But if I o on describiug all that is worthy of it. I shall ind no end, for as I said in the outfit, Lomion is wonderful plaCe. I must otop describing the ace ond teil you a linie about the two great enventionSi We had a very interestine Temperance meetng but did not form a World 8 Umun Society, ecauïe we found they were hardly prepnred r it. We found them behind the times here on lat subject. We found riiat ministers Were mong the opposers of the temperance reformnon. There were aóme noblo exceptions, for hich we Idest the Lord and took courage. Intemperanee is truly the national pin of Grent ritatii, for it destroys sixty thousind souls every ear. I am snti&flod ihat the por of this country innot be benefited nntil they can be made temerote, for I have learned from good authority ïat when business is good, and all ha?e work to o, then it is that they have the moet drunkeness. I have learncd with great satisfaction thnt has been a subject of inquiry before this govrnment to ascertain whot plan can bt adopted o benefit the poof. The fact thnt they will drink ) all that is given them for iheir wo. k is a poor icouragement to increase thcir wape. They re fully aware of the evils of irttemperance, and ondition of the poor, but how to remedy the vil they seem not tounderjiand. We in Amera ay to them, set theexampleof totnf abstinence nd they will follow, (or it is very nniural for ie poor to imilnte the rich in every thing that my can.and iurely they cm do thia, and by doinc , they can help thomselves, aDd the cvil will be u"ed. I wr:ild ny ín conclusión tin this ubj'oct, thnt ie meeting gave the cnuse n new impulse ííi thi? ity. Sume 2) or 31 Temperance sermons vö heen preached on the Snbbath by our A mercan brethron since the meeting. I should judge lat they are about where we were 12 years ngo, scussing ihe first principies that we have selder! nd no longer juestion them. But I must turn to tho next Convention. The Svangelical Allianco commencnd its mnetings n the 19th of August and hfis continued its si t nerseight hours on earh day until the present hich has broiight it to n close. And no what shall ï say of it 1 I m wantng in langunge to describe it, lor it hns bien the most wondcrfnl exhibition tblt the world hns ever witneesed. ït excel9th day of Pentecost in one respect; there, one dnorrination from different pnrfs convn cd - here, alf Evangélica! donomtnatiohs from the four quartera of (he Christioii tvotM are eonvenvd, ond we heor them poak,(noi all our lunguagc t is true) but they beur one tcaiimony to (he glorioua 'ruths of tho Gospel o Chriat our Lord, and epress ono desire to bury Sectarianism forever, that they may be one in he.irt nnd action in the conversión of the world. Suiely thia must be an omen of goud to see the Church of Christ conccnirating its power ngainst theenemy of aoula, rather than spending its strength in devouring its members. There were ebout ninc hundred mombcrs ín tho Conference, mostly ministers, and who ever witnes9 ed sucha sight before ? When hesons of Levj come together to see what the great Shepherd would have them do for their flock., will he not direct them ? Surely he must havo had a hand in bringintj hem together.nnd I can assure you, that we all feit constrained to suy, it is ihe Lords loings, and il ia marvcllous in our eyea, for (he Lord is hcro. h ia truc, we had some warm disctwsions, nnd ike Peter, wo wero tlirown ntu doubt whcn ihe vavcs began to rise, but we found in every case our extremity wis Gou's opportunity, we found ur pilot was still on board, whcn the wavcs verc hushed to silence, all were constrnined to y, surely tho Lord hatb done it. When the ubject of Slavery waa introduced, it produced uch a sensal'Oii that nearly all feit that they would hare to give up iho ship, for we rowed ïard aniidat winds and rain for two daya and tvo ights without gnining one point. Bui in ibis xtrcmity our hearts were cheered by the sight f land which was made manifest by ihe disperion of tho clouds, and the calining of the waves round us. The plnn for snving the Ailiance is this. that he general Alliance remains as it ij without adling more at present lo its number. but branch s beorganized in the different countries which sliall bc responaiblt; for their own acts, and with he understanding that if nny branch sh-' II rereive slaveholders, that branch shnli be deprived f meeting wíth tho general Alliance. This s the aubstance of the plan in few words. Thera havo been about 70 delejjates from the State?, and cince they nave been hcre in BritisS (itmosphere, have been atron? antislavery men: 1 ïope wc hall fe able to gather soine fruit from hem afier they return. On the wholo it has been a glorious meeting. We havs resolved to love each other as brethren, aboring in the cause of our Master, and we have eaüzed ihis in each other while sitting togother ThoeffíCt that it has had upon our own hearts in destroying sectarianism has richly pnii us for al! our labor. But I have no room to aay more on lus subject here. I begin to feel at home in British soil. I find here ia not so much difference bctween the two countries as I imagined. I hnve shared :he kind ïospiiaüiy of Mr. Bidgood, who if he had been n America, [ shoulj not have mistrusted him oí )eing an Englishman. and I inay siy in general liat never have Ireceived greater kindneas and attention thnn since I have been in England. 'Tis truo I should not like to live here on some iccnunts. One is, their high ta.xation. We should think in America that i would eat up our proñts to eay the least. I wili give but one cxample, and that is the tax on newgpnpers for advertisin?. The largest paper, which is the lindon T.m35, pay8 $20,000 aday. mailing over six millions of dollars per year. 'Tis irue. it h.i.a large circulation. for they print 1,475.000 copes, but we ahould think that ii would luke oM he proMts to say the least. But I must close. Tbe Lord willing I shall tart for New York or Boston next week.