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The World's Temperance Convention

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A London corresponden! furnishes the New York Tribune with nn necount of the orgnnization of the VVorld3 Temperance Con.venlion, which commenced its sessíon in London, on the 4th inst., and terminated on the 8tb. The whole number of Delegates present was 306, the largest innjority being from Grent Britain. The American Delegates were, 8 (Yom New York State, 8 from Massachusetts, 5 from Pennsylvania, 2 from Ohio, 2 from Maine, 1 from Rhodo Island, 1 frum Kentucfty, and 1 from Michigan - 28 in all. Among these were Ëlihu Burritt, of Worcester, Mass ; Lyman Beecher, of Cincinnnti ; Her.ry C. VVright, of Pa ; and J. V. Mimes, tho celebra! id Mül&ri!e. One of the London FictoriaTs gívos a sketch of the faces oí the principal persons in attftndancc. The venerable Di Beecher is in the roíJst of them, wíth his speclacles in his hand, and among the faces is ihat of Fredrick Douglass, the fugitive Síave. - Palhor Matthcw and Fredrick Douglasá are also honored with separate portraits.