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St. Joseph County Convention: For The Signal Of Liberty

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Ckstkkville, Oct. 5?, J846. Editor of the Signal : We have just had a most glorieus tn ceting nt his place, i'ur tbo Liberty cause. Tho friends, rom all paris of tho county, turned out in good ïumbers, and at bh early hour- our Couri House :lull was filled lo ove Howing. Tho meeting was organized by calling C. Gurney to the chair, James L. Bitsliop, and John [iaward, toassist him, ani appointing Charles 11. Monroe and S. J. M. Hammond, Secretarios. A committee, appointed at a provious n?ecting for tho purpose, reported a constitution for a County Liberty Aseociation whiob was acceptec and adopicd. A committee was then appoimec 10 bring in county nominations, and also names lor oificers of he Aasociation. Charles H. Stewnrt of Detroit, being loudly called for, addressed us in hort speech, severe in yacts, but mild in langunge ; shuwing hovv low our Government, has bent its knre to the ilie sliive power. After a song from üibb we udjourucd to half-past one P. M.Akternoo.n. A javi full houso bespokc the nnxiety to hear Bibb. Alter the commiuee had repurtcd county nominaiions, which report was unanimoualy ratifiod, Bibb took tho bland, nnü l'roin personal oxpcrienco, told us whut slavcry was and is. The half stified eigh, tho falling tcars, on tho une hand ; on tho othcr, the loud peala of laughter, the clapping of hands, testificd to tho interest of the story mul the power of the poakcr. The same acene was witnessed in the evening, only, na the negro said, "a linie more ao," uniil past 10 o'clock. After thanking our village papers lor their courtesy nnd kindness in publiahmg our noticesand proceedmgs, from linie 10 time ; nnd on motion of a leading Locoloco of our county, by accLimUion, thanking Mr. Bibb for his etory, the Convemion adjurned to meet at Colon, on the 3d VVednesday ot October at 1 o'clock P. M. You may assure your readers, that oíd St. Jo. will give an increased vote this fall. Slavery and Antislavery nre ihe only questionsof pnlitical interest in our county this fall, except to office seckcrs. The following persons werc nominated foi our support this Fall. For Represematives- Harrison Kelly, and Wm. WoodrufT.ForCounty Clurk - Calvin H. Siarr. " 'Treasurer - Charles R. Monroe. " Regisier - William R. Brown. For Sheriff- A lbert II. Strong. Fir Coroncrs - Joel Redway. and Hiram Jacobs. For Couniy Judges - lat, Chester Gurney, 2d. Robert Campbell. This ticket, we are willing to compare wiih the beat our opponents can produce.