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I?ïass. - A Mr. Southwick of South Danvers bas been detected in inserting a lead pipe into the aqueduct log of the Salem Water Company to supply a tannery. He went so far ns to let out a right to onn of lus neighbors. He has been held to bail in $1000 to answer to tlie charge of larceny, and is likely to find that these waters are not so sweet as he had supposed. - A gang of pickpockets were in attendence at the missionary and religious convention, lately held at New Haven. They appeared among the throng of strangers in attendence, itissaid, dressed like a clergyman, in black coats and white cravats. IV e W - Hon. BowdenWhiting the Judge who presided at tho trials of Wyatt and Freeman, has been paid $1024 87, for furnishing Gov. VVright with copies of the testimony. The Auburn Daily Advertiscr to show the enormity of these charges, remarks as follows : " We here state that we would have bound ourselves to publish the testimony on both trials, from the Judge's minutes, together with the statemunts of conviction and sentence, in a volume elegantly bound and gilt, and delivered the same to the Governor, for less than two hundred dollars." Is it to be wondered at that the people are anxious for legal reform, and thatthey entertain a very poor opinión of Courts and Judges, when 6uch shameless courruption manifestsitself ? - Roch Daily Adv. Louisiana. A Voi.üntki-.r ! - The New York Tribune snys, Gcorgc Wnshingtm D'uon. has been .irrested in New Orleans for beuiif fuund drunk and rioiing in tlio sireers, and was permitted to lo 'roTel' in the not very spacious hnlU' of the Culaboosc ! Gooree Iihb been in uniform, it is said, cvcr8Ínce he left New Yorli. Il is conduct. it seems, is as 'uniform' as liis coat. The wre:ched blaat, abovo named. used to cd i t a fútil í'Iawk and Bnzzard sheet in N. Y. cnllcd ihc Polijanthos, ond was often hauled up before the Pulice and other courts for lying, and kmdred grnces. Finaüy and vcry appropriately, he volimteered for the Mexican war, and undertook to raise a company for the service. On his way down the Ohio and Misíissippi, he passed for 'Oen. üixon' of Naw York, and gulled a good manv of the 'flats.'A slnvc, by tlio ñamo of Heiton, bolonging to a man ni Louisinnn, ly the name of Peyton. hns reccntly liecn sentencod to bo punished by one hundred and iwenty-fivo lashcs, twentytivc lobo givcn at tlie end ot evcry month, for five months, snd to wearan iron collar for four yeara, his crimo was murdering anotlier slave. - If he had truck a white man, hewould. as a .natter ofcourse, have been thouglit woriliy ol bcing elcvated to the gallows. Michigan. - A correspondent of the Boston Journal writing from Mackinaw, Sept, 4, says : A very melancholy occurrence took place hero on Monday evening. One of the soldiers who arreved a short time since from Buffalo visited tho wigwam of an Indian of the Chippawatribe, at about 12 o'clock in the night, for the purpose of visiting one of the young squaws. He was dctected by the mother, who attempted to protect her daughter, when, with more than savoge ferocity, he attacked the beiner wbom God had made her naturalprotector, in such a brutally violent manner as to cause her death, after two days of intense suffering. He was arrested, having been pointed out by the Indians, who were conversant with the afiair, while in the midst of his fellow soldiers, though they were taken in singly. He was confined in the guard house, but last night he escaped and was upon the point of leaving the island in a boat, which he had stolen, when he was discovered, secured and confined, wl.ere they intend to keep him till .taken charge of by the civil authorities. This has produced great excitemont nmong the numerous Indians here, mnny of Avhom have beheld for the first time a white face.