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State Agency Appointments

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MESSRS. BIBB AND TKEADWELL, Will attcnd COUNTY MASS MEETINGS at tlic following timos and places. Charlotte, Eaton County. 011 TucsJny, October I3ih. BtIasoh, Iughnni County. on Friday, October lGth. De Witt, Clinton County. on Mondny Octubtr 19h. ÏÏT Aittnded uláo by Messrs. Plcmb and Bksnmngton1, Shiawasoee County, ou Wcdncsday, October 2lst. ín Genenep íonniv. plnoe to be fixed and nnnounfed by Dr. King, oi' Grond Blanc, on Friday, October 2 3d. Howei.l, Livingston County. on Tuesday, October 527tl. Oak.aii Coünty. Plnce t be fixed by Pontiac friendd, on Friday October 30tli. Wa.hteuv County, On Monday, November l3t. Encb mectiní will nteet at 10 o'clock in the forenoon. and huid an afternoon and eveninz sesiion aUo. Friends in the plscrs designntod will fpieae make immedinte preparaiiona for the metinEs. Lot nmple notice be given and atonce. Let ohor 8penker8 be invited, and every preparation nr'dp to ninke the most of oi.r present eñbrt. We are doinü our port. Onr speakers nre doing :heirs. ll' friends through the Stato will also do theira. the November ballot box will send a thunder slmut of Liberiy over our land. To it then. friends : to it one and all. Let thero be no lngcrards: no faint hefirtedr.ess: no holding back: hut in thcir plncp. buoynnt hope, and the stern determinatiou of freemen to war to the death with slavery. C. H. STEWART, Cha'n. St. Cen. Com. Detroit, Sept. 21, 1846