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Washtenaw Convention

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The Convention announccd by the Central Committee for this County on lst November will not bc hek!. Mr. Bibb has spoken extensively throughthc country, but not onoe in Wayne during the present year. The Committee therefore have feit it right to hold the Convention of lst November in Vv'ayne, in place of Wnshtenaw.{Lƒ Tho Phrenological Journal foi October has come to hand. It coiitains articles on the Signs ofcharactcr: on Woinan, her cimracter, spherc, influencc &c : on Eventuality : the Water Trcatment of Consumption : likenesses and charactcr of Chan and Eng, the Siamese Twins, &c. &c Original thinkcr.s, wh are not iifraid of radiealism, will be pleas ed and iastructed by the work. .07" Wc have published tlie proclamation of the Governor, because every body will wish to read it, althongh probably not more tlian one person in ten will pay the smallest attention to its requirements. Like his othcr jiroductions, it is well written. (Cf" Be at the polls early on Election day, and work hard for Liberty all day.