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To Libcrly Fricnds, and our Fellow CUizcns gcnerally : We dcsire to msikc an earnest and personal appR.i! u oncli of you. We pleod (or thr cauaa e iruBted to us. At the har of bis cuuniry, stands the thnill-liound and láahed lave of a Repubüc and Chnatiao nrid. To yon, the ioverin9 of hía fjie, lie nppenl ilirniirl us. Thore is no of wíiicli he is n,t ehorn : no pulsüiioti of the hc;iri, in wh'ch lic ia not outrnL-d : and n flhdency oí his natura, whbh is not check cd nniJ ir.ined back, Has God crc;it.-! Kim ín bis own Image aivlstampcd mnuhoud upon his hrow. (t is torn frni nnnne's elcvatïon to be dregrnded with the brute. Ilu3 tic norves and sinoivg : thcy nre convertid mto nvcnus of lortnio. - Does lus'. bral vilh the syn;pnthies of n Creaior'a planting] ihcy aro móekod and lacernted. It hflB pcrlnps oftcn been your lot to Peel the VÏtoitftllon? of God. You hnvo. it mny ho. wep1 over losï children, or mourned a depnrtrd pnrtnrr of yonr beart - yon mny hayo c.xpericnced the dosolfl'tlqn of orph.innge, or ilie pgpny of the Chrleiiin lor pèrishin hoatlien. If so. yon enn roilize the sutFerinua of thoje. whosc duuy iot il w to encoHntey not one, but nll of such heavy nffiictiona, nnd tliat too nt tbc bidding ol humnn eapric'1, or n selfih interest.Whcn tho Almighiy 3.-nJs his visiCJimnr, tho wisdom nnd mercy are thoir ource. the sensitivo heart swelU anninst consolation. nnd oft surges in rcbellion agaïaat the fountain ar mercy. - Huw bitier then must such vfeitnuöns bi when inflicted by the moro wantoness pf man, at the impulso ol whim, or tho dictnt" of pssion ? How unutterably bitter, whcn to thom are acided dendsof oiitrngf. unknown to tho providential cliastonings o' a Sii))rcine Being, and wUicb live only in the codes of a demon lust : of n brutal passion : or nn infuriate rage 1 Under nffliction ihe snflerer may usnnüy find many allcviaiions. Thero are past momunis or dohsiht, or bright visions of the future . or n serene hope for eternity. which temper the trials of time. Uut to the wretchod slave of onr land. the pasi: the present : the future disclose one unvaried cloud- ble.ik- ciIorle?s- and surcharged with misery. ArDiiml hun is no hope, and from a world of uiferinff, hè looks - to what - ? to n world of hope ? No ! Not if hmuan codescan bar his road lo Gfl : not, if they stultify ihc intellect : not if they cin proscribo ihp Biblc : rot il thcir war wiih tho spirit of salvaron can hedge 9P.H pa:B to iisdestlny! Moch ! much coald we sny to yon on this sub jsetdid epace permit. B:tt t does not. To your own sense and coi)?eience we must commcnd it, and liurry on to ptlier lopics. lt is not tho caiisc oí tlie poor atave alone, wc wouIJ picad, but ibnt oí o;ir lcariy loved lanr) also. A foul blot suilies it3 honor. A ennker preyö on its vitáis. A v; sucks its blood- a secret vólcono luthers stendily the clements oí destructior.. desiined jet to hurst forth in resistlfss fury, nnd work the rctribution of a justly incensed God. - a retribiaion whicb even Jeífrrson (orcsaw, and seehig. trembled. Need wc name to you Slavery. the dU-honoring blot ; the preyinjí canker : thc insitinte vnmpire, and ihe desiined aventjcr of an insulted deity ? Ours is likewise the cause of virtne und every noble interest of our Innd. What í section?ifoi.r land wilh crime ! S!avery ! Why abound hcre incest : nduliery : promiscuous intercourse? Slavery s therc ! Why sells ihe fatber hic chili): :he brother his ?ister? Why speed the Libertines to our Xations nart? Wl y a ses Arislocracy Lts proud head above a nation of Republican cqunls. ind why dares soft hnndcd and glovcd pridc to jibe the labor of the (ca ! Vh' a!1 tllis 'l II liecause Slivery casts around crime, aristocracy ind pride,t!ie broad rrintle of its unholy pro'ec [ion, and thcre yct wnnts in thi-i nation thebursting indignaiion (o rise, and scaiho the monster 15 tie spirit of God - of manhood, and of law demanda! Our cause is a!so tliat of nU the great Nntional ntcreste. Financo : conimerco : ajüicullurc : manufactures: intellect: free labor and cqual rights are all cbveu down at the hiirinc of ihe Xation's dol, Slavcry. At its diotaiion, frt-Orcgon. that of ru:lit wns ours, was bctrayed lp monarcby. Frce Mexico, ;liat of right was nni üura, was graspcd by war, and given to Sluvery. Texas disrr.embercd from Mexico, was recoived into our bosom, nnd political power, enorrr.ous!) cxccs&tvc, 'and hcruiofore unknown, was givef) t. Free instuuiions pent up by Moson and Dixoa's l;no on the South : by the Ocean on the önn and tlio West: by British monarcliy on t!u .orth, leavc no further vent undcr American mspiecs. But Slavcry looks out from ia ficW of war and rapiño ón realms, boundlesa. as itf üwn hsatiato fimbinoh. The late cxhibiiions "of Slavery's power art ike ihe strides of a giant. Lot us pauso tu con sider them. It seized apon ono of '.ho grent partios of our Country, as ta viciim, and iis tool. It wiselj dioso tho strongrst. De-.nocracy, and oversecrItHc began its sovcreignty, by iiifliciing humiliatipti and insult- públicos It were. Deraócracy had dnrcl to nominato Van líuren for Prcs idcnl by a decided inujority. Slavcry ihough a tl.cided niinority n"tonly consigned him to reiirement, but humiliale I ihe pany by forcing iito act the trnitor, publidy oud glarmgly, tu Xt Jr.arest principies- the riglit oimnjorities ond ihc inviolability of instruciions. In the ver) teeth of both majority and instruction, a sTóyc minority won ils way lo mumbh.cnstiim olT Van Cure;), it securcd Polk : i etuclc Texas- is slavory, ts war. its debts, and ïts dishonor on the back of Democrncy, and compelí cc' ihnt pr.rty to ride tlie grioble load in:o triumph under the baiinerof " the Iru-gest libeny." O.i the otlicr silo it ffigged the VVüig nioutli. Nota lisp againstSinvcry Waa whijpcred in State or National Coiivention. And fór enndidate it prcsenicd a Sla%choldcr of known fcalty : of high Slavery nctP, but of siill hiher Slavery sL-ruimcnts, and especially tnieon the great touch stone qnestion of the ny. :G!ad to see it ! " ilavinff thus nsed both panics, slavt-ry conemplatcd withcomplacency the cotntngstruggle. We quote the words of the Charleston Courier, i Wlih; paper oí abiliiy nnd inilicncs. ACtet vauniing the doings of Slavery in timos past : afitír rec.ipitulating its nionopoly of Nntional ffi es, and its eiuire power over abolition. ü s;iys :' nd to crown nll, Henry Clny a Kentuckiin is tlio Wbig (ind James K. Polk, a Tcnncssonn. th' Democratie mndidote for tho next Pits vlvuny, securing to US, (i. e. to Slavcry) llu fulnrc as wcll hs the pu'." SInvery'8 next net wusto imite sufTicient of both parties to accomplish.wlint nniihcr could do alone - tsüailing object of anoexation. A Whig President bad introduced the measurc : Whig cmbnssicshad mnturcd t : a Whig Senate had elevated to ciTcciive power, ils great and talcntcd patrón. Calhoun ; and now Democrncy needcd ome nïd beyond iiself to carry ihé meaauro.- Wlngrankareadily supplied it. A Whigcoivcd and introduced ihc nccessary resolution. Whics cxceoding Uic mojoriiy in the House ol Representativos supported lbo jnensurc, & in the Sonate, which wasthen Whig, a suílicieni num ber of VVhig votes turne;! iho waakness ui Domoerncy on this question into effeclivo power. - II at Iaat becunie tillcdgcd law by the vote of u Whig President. Wu have thu9 secn Sinvcry use both porties for the occomplishnient of its e.i3s. It uscd tliem jusfto tho oxtent it wanted, and so fnr it bundei] ihein into fellowship, nnd triumphed l)y tliciruniicd aid. The next exhibition of ïts rriogic power is more BtriUVrig stil!. Wu fititi it calming down tho nsperities of ninny years strife, nnd placinij the parties in generous rivalry on a connnon platform. TUat was the platiorm of proslavery war, In 1811. when the war was the unborn evon's of tune : to be or not be," os timo might revetil, a largo portion of tho Wliigs dcnounced it in unmiiigatod terms : tliey inade 'rnilinii accusa'.ion " ajjninsl tho Liberty party, becnusc of ihetr supp.osad ngepcy in engenderJng such a war: vet in 1516 when the nu longer idea!, tui actual : wlicn it was avowodly a war for Slavory : and pasaing far bevond the Uüiyincd umita oí 181-1, was changcd from a w.r of defoncc for Te.tas, to one ol invasión or ne.v tlave territory. tho Wlng pnrty ruhcdiii massa to its support, nni viorl vvitli Dfimocrnlic en;husi;ini in giving il countenance nnd ciTcct Tlie war volc in Congres wusalmost nnuninious iii bo;h rTouscs. Whigs throughoui tho Union vulunic-ereJ (ur ilie war service Tlic Guvurnor of Maisachu8etl8 volunUcred his c.ill tbr iroops - C;isdius M. Clny, the obolition Aú of the tnty, hu rieJ to ' z-lunttcr" lus antitl.. vcry pen, inti a proslavcry aword. Even in our own City of Detroit was 8OO1J iho wondrous speciaclc ot ihe verjr liead nnd front Of the Wliig pany : the chusoii exjiouonts anu reprosentíities oí hcir principies, and the Joudesi in ihe nti vrnr doclarotion of 1S1 J. atriding nver tlieruinsof plcdge - of principie, nnd consistency to unite with üenuitracy in warzeal. and war commondaiion. At a pnblic meeting.among the pi esiding oilicors, on the Commiuec oi rssoluiions. nud uuiong the speakers theie gentlemen reprcbenled iheir party, uniting in y.ealous rivaliy wiih tiineworn oppOiicnts, nnd vowing acominon fealiy at theshrioe of a proslavcry war.Oh Slavcry. woniirous art tliou in power ! - Througli all our history we flnd thee cleavinj thy way to triumph: ever onwarcl : scarcoly checkod and nover defeated. 'J'hou haat uaed uovr this instrumentality : now ihat ; bul ahvaya theagency oí boih parilcs. Tliou (Mat ulways found ilicín willing to do their bidding, nnd for "a mesa of potiajo to b;u;er iheir biriii riglu." Tliou twst exnctcd frótn l:em place, pension, power, honor, and liomage : tnarts at honic anJ abroad: ihou hsst cast to them, as to dogs, crumbs : thou linst placed ihy foot on theíf neck, and chvnys lound them spaniel-like, turning to kiss theinnJ that chastised, and fawn for a smile or a kick. - VVortliily liast tliou usd such ' doughfaccd " jgeney. Ovor tbc ruina of great and noble principies thou hnst thus strode tliy ray lo triumph. We rend tiiy doinsjs on the Ai kansas rjueation : again on that of Missouri: alo on i!ic embargo: the non intercoutce: the war of 181'i: tho pence oí 181-1: the Taritf of ISIfi, and ihc early Bank of tlie United States. We ttehold tliuc veer round on Ta iíT and Bank in lo'2ö,andin uur own dny witness thy Texas agcncy. In all these wo firid thee victoriöüs. Uut thy Jasi and gre.ires' deed : the most nsiounding eshibition of' thy power, is this fusing ima one common massthe discordant eiement. of Whig ncd Democratie partizanship, and from thy ciucible turnn therri out a band of brothers, animatcd by a genorou6 tivalry for a proslavery war. Say vtherein consisted thy magie power. It is told in a word- SLAVERY ! ! Reader, we mny trillo for a time, but wc op ijcal to the sober intoüigence of n'H, do we no: stato acts : facts, although wo clotho them in iuiaery : facts ot' serieus and mt'Iar.clioly import anee ? Ia i: not true that Slavéry rules our lanJ? Does it not monopoliza alt our power ? Does it '.'il to accomplish a singlo object ? Haa it evei so fuilcd 1 Does it nofiattcn on tho vitáis of theXation. nnd oie not these vitáis givct by ihc nunibors. ihe iriiïustry. and ibe weaïih, of the FieeSiaies? Are not these thing so whetber Whigs or Demócrata bc in power ? A D ink 01 TaritFniny liave been affected liy thoir possession ot" power, but ihe courso of Slnvery, lias i iot been onward and unilorm ? The Domocratt g.iged speech and petition. Did ihe Whigs oí 1841 remove il ? No, tliey coniinucd it ! The Democrats left tinrcpenlcd, savnge lavs agninst tlie black man. Did the Whigs of 1641 lepeu! ihem ? No, tliey oddud to tlicin. Tho Deniocraia thronged the Courts of E U ropo with represcntaiivcs of Slavery. Did the Whigs oí 1S4I doolherwi&e? No, ihcy did likewiso il nul worse !Are not these, and thousnndí of other likc ihings true - (lid the opportunity. permit ilien mention? Yes, uil- all are true: hmentably, b'ut undeniably inic. And f so, fricnd3, and fellöw citizens. is it not time to reform our pnrlics, and our Government? Think. you tliai wbile enoriiious salaries, nai overgrown power: a huge systoniof patronnge : acomplicated Government, and feudal laws woo the avaticious, nnil ainbiiou3 lo power, you can eílect a reform 1 - We teil you no ! Wc tdi you in the woids o! Joïin Quincy Adnm3, that our Governmont ú in the hands of nn oligarchy :" tliat an arislocracy, made proud by your ilt of contiuucd oiiice and rich by your labor, rulo the land and rulo you. To them oilico and high pay, and jreat power ere far too sweet, to permit thcni ever to bo rcformers.Henee il is, tliat wliilc tlicro is a cootintfed prntc relonn - ther is no aciion - olil nba ses continue - continue wheiher Whiyd or Den ocrats are in powur, und will sa continue, until you rise ín your inight, and swecping awiy botli parties. plant yourselvea upon t!io principies of '7ö. Their truth and tsimplicity: their recognilion of froeand oqual riglits : will give you a government, simple, chcap and just. You must elear awny aStogether the Aristocracy of our present Government, and for representativo in the Pres dential chair : on tLc fluor of Congrcss and at home. place tho farmer, thcincchatiic, the fice laborer : men who will accoju oflicc for the sake of country, and not of snlary; men who will cut down salary so low that ofTico thenceiorth will culi forth the virtuc of patriotiara, and baniih the epcculntor. Men of Michigan : youth of Michigan : say will you lo thus I Will you the way to tliis glorious reform 7 Will you help to roll back your country on the times und principies of '76, apd taking thence a ncw süirt. will you consign hor to ihe noble destiny these tiiucsand urincipleedesigned her tó nccoinplish ; when in her Constitutio there bhall be no antagonisin : on herescutcheo-i no blot : and wheie'er her flag inny wave, it may honestly tipify "the land of tho frec and the home of the brave" Say willyou do iliis 1 Be your answer in ihc ballot box of .November.