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Life In California

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- Wc shallquire a considerable amount ofsomething besides land, i f the Government take possession of California. A letter from a visitor in California gives the following picturesque view of the social virtues to be found in those waters : " Most of the inhabitants are great scamps ; many not only confess that they steal horses and cattle, but boast of it. 1 bought a horse this morning that a man is to .steal for me in a day or two. You will think this strango conduct, but this same man was not only robbed but beatenby the other ; and there is no law to punish them, so he has to make himself whole in the coin of his opponent. The Spanish portion of the inhabitants are a thieving, cowardly, dancing, lewd people, and generally indolent and faithless."O The B.:!(inoro Visiiur siys that oc n Tempernncc nieeiin in Washington. "Mr. Gco. Snvage. nmong others, adrfrcssed the'nñeottug, 6nd stn'.ed in ihecourso of Ji;s remarks, 'füiat on tlio Ih.-u dny ot'lhe Inte srs-sion uf hoScnato. the Sonóte Ghomber vvas converiel into n mint groggety, and tlmt bul nvo men out .1 1 1 íí 1 1 ï body wcre believcd not to be drunk." Said Mr. S., 'Thcre s a snying in Kngland, 'JJe's as drunk as a Lord.' In the United States ve shall Inve to siy, 'Hv's as diunk ns a Senator.' " Tlunk." said ho, " of a ■;oc!hlc Daniel Webster and your own Senators bcing drunk ! - of thc Baila of the Nntion bcing groggcriee ! " John C. Cnlhoun and Sam. llouston were tlte sober individuals refurrcd to." It ia voiy posible that the Senators gncrally wcrc boozy : but ibero were doubtlcss moro than lwo honorable exccpiiona. Gen. Cass. one of the Micnigan Senators, once had the reputotioii oí inving alwoys bcon a tetotaller.(ET From statements in the Dutroit Fiec Press, t oppcnrsnlnt tho city banks took tho Oakland Connty biüs liocavise they woro scenred by thni Bar.k ngainst losa. Mr. Trucsdfll applicd to the 3 tato to have tito Oaklnnd bilis taken on ihe Rnilrohdi ofloring to give security for their re(icniption, or to redeem tlicni cvery night. - The State ofliccrs refüsed, becniise laking il on ilieroad would extend its circtilation, and subject the pcople lo greaier risks of loss in case of i-i railure. Keon-cyed bankers and shnrpers understand the valuc of securiiy on notes : laborers and farmers are content to take theni without security. and run the risk of loss. Which act the most wisely 1 (tTSeveralarticles arenecesarily posponed.