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State Agency Fmid. In the report of laat week, an error was made by the Compositor, in stating the eubscription of Centreville, St. Joseph County. It ia correctly stnted as foüovva : Chester Gurney pnid a 3I subscription of 5 dollars, two of Üko amount cach had boen prevtously acknovviedged : andaschairman of the Town Committeo ho nlso paid 18 dollars more, in addition to 13 dollars ninetoen cents previiusly acknowledged : making ilie wholo town eubscription paid $-10,19. In the recapitularon of moHÍea paiil there was also on error In stating the Centrcvilio subscription at 13 dollnrs instcad cf 23 dollars. The foptinr is correctly printed to wit $373j50. Bui in consequonce or" the error, ihe Central Com niittee here reprint the whole recnpitulation of inonies paid. to wit : Previously paid, $284.49 Palmyra, 6,00 Fontonville, 8,00 C. Gurney and Contreviü, 28,00 Constnntine, 5,00 Sturges. 3,00 Burr Oak, 3,94 Kalamrzoo County, 14,00 Schoolcraft, 8,29 Leroy, 28 Galesburgh, 15,00 Mr. Kellogg, 1.00 HiUsdalc, 11,50 Adams, 5,00 Toial paid, $378,50 Subscriplions received sincc last report. Lodi, Wnshtenaw County, Eli Benton, cha'n. $11,50. Salem, 8amo County, J. Pcbbles, cha'n. $5,00. Adrián. Lcnawee county. J. L. Peters cha'n. contributcd by A. Backus., 50 cent and J. Suntuiry, .'2,00. The nbovc 19 wcre paid in to the State Agency fund through Foster and Dell. $'-2,75 paid by Mr. Pcbbles to Mr. Hough in addilion to the ubove was acknowledged in Signnl of Oct. 3d. Rcjwrled hy Henry Bibh. Paw Paw, J. Godfore, $2,00 ColcKvatcr, Mrs. Dr. Wicks, 50 Centreville. cabh, 75 Paw Paw, Chairman of Comminee, 4,00 Oisego, o friend, name forgoltcn, 1.00 do by opponent?, viz : J. Chatman, 04 J. L. Farrs. 50 8!69Armada, Mocomb co. $5 paid by Joseph ?. Foster Cha'n. to C. II. Stewart. Long Lakc, Oakland Co. per D. L. Lntourettc cha'n. the IbHowiug aubscriptions paid to C. H. Stewart. D. L. Latourette, 7.00 D. W. C. Leach, 3.00 N. T. Seymonr, 1,09 J. B. Jameson,. 1,00 M. Odol!. 1f00 W. L. P. Sage, 1 .00 M. L. Lcnch, I00 N. L. Whitmore, I00 G. Peas, J'00 J. Copeland, ]'00 $18,00 RecjiriTuLATioíí.Total reported Ocu 5, $"73,50 Present Report. Per Foeter and Del!, $19.00 Per II. Bibb, 6.69 Armada, f.00 ; Long Lake, 36,00 Total paid, .iJ:iJ,19 Milf'ord. O'ikland Couniy, reporta a subscríption of $C9,á5, per H. Crawíbrd, Clia'n. Tota! subscription, acknowledged Oclobcrruii, IO7.r'J Milford aubacription, Total subacrtbed, .- : OSK 9 i Total paid, $O,1U c. h: stewart, Ciian. State Con. Cum. Detroit, Oct. 12.. 18 US.