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State Agency: Appointments Of Messrs. Plumb And Hough, Of Ut...

State Agency: Appointments Of Messrs. Plumb And Hough, Of Ut... image
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Thcy will spend n this Conniy tho week. commencing on Monday the lilih at De Wu:. to Satürday evening the 24th. De Wilt friends will make the necess3ry appcintments. SHlAWASSEE COUNTY. They will spend in Riiiawassee the following week, commencingon Mondiy theGih at Owasso. and ending on SatunJay evening the Sist. Each Dppoiniment will be at enrly candloüght. except at the Masa Convcntions ai Kalamazoo, Paw " Paw, and De Win, in connection wiih Messrs. Bitb and Trondwcü. These will co:n mencc at 10 o'clock. A. M. (See appoinruientsofB. &T.) Ye again commend tlieso visitors to the care nr.d hospïtality of friends, and request the lauer to forward them on their route. Messrs. Plunib and Houjh. nroalso outborizcd to receive contributions to the State fuml. We have to throw onrselvea on friends to 6ustain our etTort, and we solicit from each hs contrimnion, no matter how smnll. Kvery contribution is reg ularly puhlished in the Signa!, with or wiihoui he dnr.or's name, according to circumsiances. - lt is probable henvover thai soms pait of the eoüections made by these gentlemen cannot be publisbed un'il tfieir return to Detroit.