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JUSTARRIVED 11 Y EXPRESS. TÍJE Moziri Colloction of Sacred Music, br E. ivr.-i Jiri - aonfaining the relebrated Christus nnd Miserere ly Zingarelli v.ïJi Cijg IÍ91 orí.1 j. 'i acUofs uf SIusic wi!l picase cali anJ examino the woik al FlCREV's ílúOKtTir.v.. Octoher 7, J84Ö. á8ü7lf WA.WE55, ai Ferry's L'ookslore, v v f) Toits c!c.'iii CoUfin in.! Lint-u Raga, I Ton íjoerwnac.' and ;!"!') Diillars in ci!i. lor üte Inriiest assartincnt of" Boo'is and Swtrönery ever o.Torcd in iliis Villaje, iiu'l ni Kis usunl nv priö Aun Arour. Uppur Villaje, üct. 7. lc . 2BC-tfMedical rtfoticeTUE undcrgignuJ in cfisring tus orviccsto Wasluenav and the adjoining Cumies, a iluiiiri;opathic physician. would say, thnt after having practiced medicine on ihc principies as taught ni thc oíd 'schoof, and tremed disenso ior the last two ycara aceprding i ihe Jaw oí HumcBDpathy, - (■ curgntur, J t taught in the r.ewjAool of medicine ; having compnrctl theticcessof .ihe tv.-o sysiem, he unhesuatingjy betieves IIorncDopnthy to be the mosi aafe, ct-rtain and succcssful uicthod oí cure. üiseasca. hltlwrto incurable, are now in most clises, perñiahently cradicnted by Honiceopathv. A?T..-ctiiiiiP of thc s)inc, hcad. uterus, stomach, ice. ce. hnvc 11O-.V ihcir certain remedies. Kpilepsy, manía,, Daralyais, r;etft-a1gía, bronchitis, liverand liHfcaees: scariet lever. choloa. black inca ■'. innt sore throüi. crysipelas ■ r black longue. crup. inflammotions of lbo hrain, stomach. bbWels. &c. Ac. nrconly a fcw of ihe many Ufe, thai have been stript of their terrorsby die timet y ajipíicntioii of homocopatLic i : i c Í canienis. Waliont furiher e9ny;"tííO undersinned would Icaveiit' tho aflücu-d tn say. o;i irial'or" tlicremciics, w!et!isr Uomaiopatüy is wuaiit claims lo be or not. Hé vou!i5 state 'b.r.t he has jus t rcturncd (roin Xcw York and PUÜñéeíphia. wiih n comptete nssjrtmcnt of MÉDíCAMEJÍTS, jnst importud from Leipsic, to this place, wherc he wüliitcnd 10 all cafls,nnd fijrnisti tnédieaments, bootis, fee. attlie loWeat priecs. Froni thecloso and exclusive atténtion he is giving to the study and praeiice of Homesopa (hy to be alle to give satiafaction to thosc who niny fnvor h'.m with tiieir patrormge. ('ommunicaiions, post pud, froni p-tionts ut a disiancc, wiil receive prompt aitentibni Thosc who mny v.-ísíi to place ilic:i;pelves undcr h8 treniincm lor nnychronic discase, can obtain lodgingè eithor at Lis house, or ia othfr places. :it low prices, TilOS. BLACKWOO0, M. D. iíaiiiUíop'ithist. Tpsilanti, 20th ?ov. ÍS452o9-lyO YS TEES ƒ O YS TERS ! ! OYSTÉRSÜ ROVvE Co.j ha ving tboroughly complefwJ Ihcir arMngeniéniB. ore how prepared t 't:riü! liiO cilizene of Detroit nnrl viciiuiy with O Y S T ERS! Of a superiorífuaii'y, at iho lowest priecs. They tntend mnUin; a regular business OÍ ir, nnd will reccive Jaltv, by i-.rcs5, nnci l;crp conswntly on hand, SHELL atíd OPENED OY&TERS ol n qunlify t'iat cannot íic öiirpnssed. They will bè put in Cotas or Kcis ihat hold from one quart to iwo guilons. Wadonot wish you to take our word for theabove. bul lo culi and íy us. ET Al! orders !efi ai iho Rnil Road Hotel. or 6ent by rtíail will meet wlili iin.ediaíe attention, ROWR& Co. Buffal Vf'.M. .MATfJoWá, Asi. Deiroil. n. S. Oysúers derfivered to auy pan of tho city freo of chrirc. Detroit. ÍSIG. í?c5-3m AT YPSILANTl! 195 .COOKI:v;G ctPAIILOR STOVES, ■■ &- j i: -s t rcct-iveJ. bv the SubfCiibor, (niost!y from Aiiíany) tnaking a good assortincnt of the latest and cn patt.ern8. which will be sold ■ i! Lr.ic Pticcs'. uot to be undersold tina side Lahe Erie! AIsOj Coj:psr Farniiiirp. C;:iii'on Ee::!es, Hollo.v Wa.-o of uJ S.ZC3, Stovc Pipe, Sheet íroíi, Zink, Sec. TIN WAKE Mnriöfscturët}, nnd conatontiy Iept on hand whioh will also lc so!l vory low. P. S. - Pur.:Ii:sers will do well to cali and examine or lb.ejr.Qwn Bdü&íacúon. J. Al. IÏROWN. YpáUintj, J;u:e20, ISíÜ. 271tB ETTER LA TE TRANNE VER nPHK Suhscriber Iris the picasure of announ- cing to thz Publiq, tliat lm hns just received fr'ópi .New Yu.-!;, mij ojióncda choics oud wcll eslected ossortmcnt of NEW GOODS, cosisting of Dry Goorfs, Groccrics, Crockeni, HardU'arc, Bools and Siocs, v.'hicli lic v:iUc'hii Vciy LjdÊtjjuÉLor R(?ady l'ay in Cash, or Produce. CashótGoops wii! bepaid iwrVVO. L in nny iiuamitieSi f ROBERT DAVIDSON. Ann Arbor. Juml' 10. I ! i. L68 L(}. B URGEIÏ, Dentisï}' FIRST UOO.M OVKB C. M. vi" T. W. HOOT's stouk. cram: & jewktt's elock, 261-tf ANN ARDOR. WOODÜ WOOD ! ! ! SUBSCRIBERS wbo me to priy in Woodwill picase cnll iinmedialclij wiih a fow load at ihe Srriíi! Ollïce. Sept.26, 2S46. " ;.the lis-rty winst rel. OSE HUNDRI.n COI :::-; "f i!io ilfih edf tion of ibis hiuh!y popular w.irK ere for sn!o at the Siumsl office ;.t 50 ceñís iiüfilí1. or $4,50 per dozen. Tersns Cash. Now is :hc time ior Llbcriy clioirS 10 sapply thcmsrlves. TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. THE Subscriher lins conítnntly for salo good assortmeht of heavy WOOLEN CLOTHS, wcll aáapffed i i' e country markèt uhich he will se!l nt wholsale or retejí, vistor lw. Cali and, secthetn at Lhe M iübattaü Stork, . A. RAYMOND. 275-tf Deiroit. öffcËT" rpHE Co pirtnorship hcrotoftire exisiins by X ihenunte of J. A. Twiss á: Co., was dissolvcd by r.iutüc] consent oa .the fiücenih of June last. .1. A. TWISS. " EÍ.I.IAH MOlrNT. Ann Arbor. Sept. 2,-1648. h3wi COUNTY ORDERS. rpilE hiilustpricci'niJ in ciihby G.F. LcwX is, Èxcjjarigei Biokir. opposite ihe Insuriincc Ii;!i!;, Dètroil, for oraers on ony of tho countiftsin tbe'Stntcöf Mithigon; !so for Stm securiticsof all kinds aud unclnrentiunds CaU anti see. Deo 1. 1S45. 24'-tf Clialtcl 12 ortages, JUST primelnndfjr Bale b'. tbi8 vffii ui any quanttty.