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As lilis paper will reach a portion of our subecribcrs bcfore elcction, wo would just remind them that eacli Liberty man s expected to do Ais duty ín every particular. That a all iliat íe required of him. Lct cvery one consider whai it is, and do it, ond he will rcceive. througli ihe Signal, in two or ihree weeks, a mosi encouraging account of ihe rcsult in thc wUoIc S;ate. - Let the preparation and disinbuiion of brillo:.-. be pariicularly attcnded to. Let none be discouraged from acting efilciently because thi course of the Liberty pariy for the past ycar niay not have coineided wi'h their particular vicws. Action, if deemed necessary. may be liad on that matter hereaf ter. Each Liberty man should n-jir once more register his vote to maintain and cnrry ont oor great principie of Opposiüon to thc Slaze Poteer, by the use of the declive Franchise. On tiís point we are all agreed ; and a diflerence of views on other maners cannot excuse our neglcct of duiy in ihis. Let no disappointment of feeling hinder each of us from bearinj? our tesiimony at ibe polis orce more for the overthrow of Slavery. The iüfluence of thf Liberty party has hiiherto been important, valuab'e. and efficiënt : let us6ustain, preserve. an! oug.nent i:, by an unanimous voie lor the cause ' of Liberty.