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It will be seen by the report on the iirst page, that Dr. Bailey, of the Philnnthropist, is to remove f rom Cincinnati to Washington, and establish a National Anti-Slavery paper. It ts called a "Libcrlif paper by the Committee ; but we suppose it will be disconnected f rom a direct support of the Liberty party, and wi!l bc designed to be a nalional AntiSlavcnj paper. The Doctor, in many respects, is a good man for the situalion. He is not as radical as some of our antislavery writers, by a good deal ; is cautious in his statements; gencrally courteous in language ; and has a deptli of research and extonl ofinvestigation in purcly political malters beyond most of the Liberty editors. That he will make a valuable paper, we doubt not : but j'.idging from the past, we shall not expect from him a vigorous advocacy of the Liberty party or its candidates. On the contrary, he is already out íbr a general co-oporation or union of anlislavery men, irrespective of part}', as we will show in a week or two. We wish Dr. Bailey nbundant success in his difficult and arduousenterprize. ttT The Boston Whig makes the following confession lo the country : " Regard for our slaveholding friends has already given to the Whig party in the Free States that TIMID, TIMESERVING, TEMPORISING, HYPOCRITICAL aspect, which has gone far to lose for il the confidence of u mejorty of the voters in every one of the States." ET Reod Burritt's a ccount of the " Englisl) Nmler, " on tho first pago. It ia a graphic sketch.