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The True Doctrine

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The State Journal, being taken to taak by its brethren for "bolting" the regular Whig ticket, replies,- "The Gazette has strongly contended Coy the same s'.nte reforma as ourselves - the same principies as are embraced in resolutions of our county convention. It regards these reforms as of very great importance to the public welfare ; and yet notwithstanding all this it deliberately Jeclares that it vvill support men who are nol ín favor of these reforms, if such are regularly nominaied ! It strikes us that this is not the best way in the world. Whatdoes your advocacy of reform amount to when you contribute tosend men to the legislalure icho you Jcnoto wül defeat reform ? It looks very like the conduct of the nurse who strangles the child committed to her care. If we should pursue such a course, wliat confidence could the public place in our fidelity ? There is good sensc in this paragraph. Wo hope our neighbor will be moro charitable to antislavery men hcreafter. They are in favor of the Abolition of Slavery ; and "what would their advocacyof" Abolition amount to, if they contributc tosend men to the Legislature or Congress or the Presidential Chair who they know will defeat Abolition ? It strikes them,asit does Mr.Corselius in his case, that "ttiia is not the best way in tlie world!" Henee their refusal to vote for Clay or any other Slaveholder.